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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Leukodaemon (Large Fiend) - CR 10

One of Pathfinder's fiends, the Leukodaemon is a pale and vicious servant of the powers of death and decay. Appearing as a painfully thin humanoid with a goatskull for a head, bearing pus sodden wings like those of a raven, they fire diseased arrows the size of javelins into foes, and spread plague wherever they go. My players in the Pick up Game are currently facing these in total darkness, and...things are looking scary for them...

Friday, 4 May 2018

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Daemon, Malrauthin - Huge Fiend (CR 19)

In the Dragonlance books, Raistlin battles the ancient Black Robed Arch-Mage Fistandantilus, and during the course of the battle, daemons and elementals are summoned and sent back to their own dimensions. I have to admit, I always loved reading that fight, as I could so clearly imagine the two potent mages throwing everything they had at each other, the tower collapsing around them in the arcane shockwaves.

In the Dragonlance Bestiary, released for 3.5, the daemon shown in the art above (which is a picture of that epic battle) was detailed - and man, was it mean. A fire daemon that also had more than a little penchant for rotting the souls from the living and turning them into hateful shades. Magic resistant. Physically mighty, and also able to throw many powerful spells. 

Yeah, this was some Balor level shit!

Anyway, I always wanted to convert this to 5e, and now, in (at least one) of my games, there is a chance to use such a horrific monstrosity. 

Obviously, I wanted to share. Why should only my players suffer eh?

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Mihstu - CR 9 (Medium Elemental)

Another horror I too regularly unleashed on my players back in the days of playing AD&D 1st Ed and 2nd Ed, the Mihstu here is converted from the one found in the AD&D 1E Monster Manual II. 

Mihstu's are vaporous elementals of air, that are generally quite eager to avoid trouble. However, when trapped, or magically compelled, they are surprisingly vicious, being both difficult to hurt, and packing quite a punch.

In the version I used as my base, the monster could envelop and drain the life from a victim. I thought this was a bit clunky, especially given its vaporous form, and went for the drain happening with each hit with its tendrils. I also wanted to keep the terrifying feel of it draining constitution, without making the maths too heavy (although I do still use a lot of ability score draining etc in my games).

Wooo! I am 9/10th soap suds, 1/10th pure eeeeeevil!

Friday, 27 April 2018

Ju-Ju Zombie Tiger (Large Undead) - CR 9
Art from:
I used these things last night, and they were tough as nails! This is what happens when you drain all the life energy from a big cat, and use foul necromancy to reanimate it - you get your very own Ju-Ju Zombie Tiger!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Drelb (Medium Monstrosity - CR 2)

Skulking on the pages of the AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual II, I went through a stage, back in my youth, of using these waaaaay too much. Indeed, it got to the point that my players just assumed any wraith was actually a drelb, and laid into it with enchanted silver.

A manifestation of negative energy given hateful consciousness, these bizarre and incredibly rarely encountered entities are a nightmare for those unaware of what they are. Worse, even once their true nature is revealed, they have enough odd abilities and tricks to keep any group on their toes.


Thursday, 19 April 2018


The Thayan's of Faerun and the Draxians of my games have many things in common, and amongst them are some of the spells they favour. I remember reading about Darkenbeasts back in 2nd edition AD&D, whilst reading Red Wizards in 1992, and really liking the idea of them. They have, usually when the groups are dealing with Draxia and its allies, appeared in my games from time to time, and I do believe, at least one character (I suspect either the Lich Gimble Brandersnatch, or the other Lich Memento Mori) got their fleshless fingers on that edition's version of the Create Darkenbeast spell.

Anyway, here we are in 5e, and the PUG are pissing off a group of mages that left Draxia to found their own little pocket of Hell on Arbel in the 2nd Age (around the volcano, that would one day form the foundation for the Port of Scarrathane - which should be familliar to you if you have read any of the Shnecke game reports here). Amongst the many monsters that the group are about to face, are two types of Darkenbeast - the "normal" ones (Shrikes) and an earthbound, melee based version (Drudge). Below are the stats for well as the spell that can be used to make them.


Create Darkenbeast
5th level Trasmutation

Druid, Wizard, Sorcerer

Casting Time: 1 Hour (Ritual)
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: One animal of Intelligence 2 or less
Components: V, S, M (Black pearl worth at least 200gp which is consumed)
Saving Throw: No
Duration: Instant (see below)

This vile spell transforms an animal with an Intelligence score of 2 or less into a Darkenbeast under the caster's conrol. The spell must be completed in an area of near to total darkness, as the monster created is vulnerable to sunlight (see various Darkenbeast statistics for more information).

Once completed, monster is under its creator's telepathic command, as long as it remains within 5 miles of them. The creator can command the creature as a bonus action, and if it is not given a command, it simply attempts to obey the last command given, or does nothing. The caster can, as an action, see through the monster's eyes, gaining the benefits of its sight and senses.

The spell ends if either the monster is transformed by sunlight, it is slain or it moves beyond the master's control. The caster can control one Darkenbeast without any additional efforts. However, if they wish to control more than one at a time, they must use an attunement slot. If they wish to control 5 or more, they must use two. They cannot control more at any one time than their Spellcasting Attribute's bonus, and must still use a bonus action to issue each a command.

At Higher Levels: For each level higher than 5th the spell slot used to cast this spell is, the distance at which the monsters can be cotrolled increases by +1 mile.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Rune Spiral Daemon (Small Fiend) - CR 5

Need a lowish level fiend to harass your players, and want it now? Uncle Dour has you covered! I don't remember when these things first appeared in D&D, but suspect it may have been in late 3.5 or 4e. I used the stats in the 4e Monster Manual 2 as the basis for these stats, and tried to keep the "Artillery" feel for it - nasty at range, but a relative glass cannon.

Get the spray out! It's Runespiral Daemon season agin!

So, here you go, my 5e take on these nasty, insect like daemons...

Friday, 6 April 2018

Screaming Zombie - CR 1 (Small Undead)

Sorry for the lack of updates, real life has been somewhat busy lately, and I have not had chance to sit down and write for a while. Also my desktop is an absolute arse, so half the time getting it to boot up requires sacrifices, invocations of dark power, and of course, the baking of dark cookies.

Anyway, I am running an odd little game for my lads, which is set in a very alternative version of Earth where Queen Victoria never died and spawned a religion, World War 1 was about necromancy and dark technology, and is still going on in the 1940's and...well all sorts. At the moment, they are involved in taking some trenches, and have already battled Zombie Rotters (a la 4e), Gas Zombies (why waste poison gas when you can have it delivered by bloated undead?) and soon, these horrors.


Friday, 23 March 2018

Nurgling - Small Fiend (CR 3)

Of all the warhammer Chaos Gods, Nurgle is my absolute favourite. It's probably because I have a natural interest in and love for all kinds of fungi and bugs, and Papa Nurgle loves them too, for they are a manifestation of his nature and essence.

Nurgle, like all the Chaos Gods, has daemons that are manifestations of their power, and amongst these, his most beloved and numerous are the Nurglings; bloated, rotting, infected bundles of energetic filth, that cavort and dance and giggle as they spread their Father's greatest gifts amongst the clean and ignorant.

Here is my take on the Nurgling for 5e. I hope you like 'em! Enjoy!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Haagathga - CR 1 (Medium Ooze)

This one is from 2nd Edition's Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium, and is a black slime blob covered in hooked feeding barbs, which allow to drop onto unsuspecting victims and drain their sweet, sweet bloods. Although my Discord characters are currently on a planet, they will soon be back in space, and may well find these things waiting for them...

Friday, 16 March 2018

*Sniff* Not Been too Well...

Just a quick note to apologise for the lack of content. I got hit by a remarkably vicious virus recently, and even now, nearly a week later, I'm still not really 100%. Plan on posting some new stuff as soon as I can get my aching head together enough to prepare it, including new monsters, some cool magic items, and - once some of the aspects are fully playtested - my homebrew Spelljammer rules!

 Until then, I need a Paracetamol...

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Vryx's Elixir - Unique Potion (Alcoholic Drink)

Vyrx Avvertham is a ghaerduun alchemist come brewer who lives in Saltabar in the mid to late middle 2nd Age (Born 13534 – Died 13646).

He was notable for several reasons. Firstly, he was involved in an accident when he was young, which saw a large fin of blown glass become impaled in his left cheek. Rather than remove it however, at the behest of his voices, he left it in place, and indeed, from that moment on regularly cut himself with glass, and used the various mordant substances he worked with to burn himself.

Secondly, his love of alchemy and love of brewing increasingly began to merge, and by the time he became the proprietor of The Alembic, his (in)famous adventurer’s bar in Saltabar’s Dye and Paint Bazaar, he had already crafted a number of strange and potentially dangerous brews.

However, his most famous brew was his unpredictable elixir – a strong alcoholic brew tinged with wild alchemical notes, which had unpredictable effects on those that drank it. In truth, its creation was an accident; a byproduct of Vryx’ poor cleaning procedures, for his first batch (and indeed, subsequent batches) came to be when he rinsed his alchemical apparatus in the alcohol, seeking to clean it, and then decided to sell the alcohol instead of dispose of it.

Art From:
* more*
Vryx’s Elixir (Unique Potion – Alcoholic Drink) No two glasses of this stuff look the same, for all bear streaks and clouds of colour, particles, clumps and crystals and other clearly alchemical contaminations. The taste, whilst universally held to be horrific, is also highly variable, though the most common description lies somewhere between “It tastes like cat’s piss smells” and “It tastes like a mouthful of old coppers and vinegar”.

However, the elixir is very potent (5d4 intoxication dice if using those rules), and forces the one consuming it to make a D.C. 3d10 Constitution save, failure meaning they experience one of a variety of effects (roll on the table below).


01-25: The drink is especially potent; +5d4 intoxication die

26-30: Drinker experiences a physical mutation of some kind. This lasts for 3d12 hours, and it is up to the DM what form this mutation takes.

31-35: Drinker loses their voice (as if silenced) for 1d8 hours

36-40: Drinker becomes incontinent over the next 2d12 hours. There is a 1d6% cumulative chance per round of combat that they become distracted by this, and suffer Disadvantage on all rolls requiring focus or concentration until their either soil themselves or seek relief.

41-54: All the Drinker’s hair falls out. If they are hairless, they instead grow thick, wildly curly hair which falls out after 1d6 hours.

55-60: Drinker’s speech becomes scrambled. No one can understand a word they say for the next 1d8 hours without the use of magic or other translating abilities.

61-65: Drinker falls unconscious for 2d12 hours. They cannot be woken for more than a minute without the use of a Lesser Restoration or similar

66-70: Drinker gains 19 (3d12) temporary hit points

71-75: Drinker gains a +2 bonus to one of their statistics (chosen at random) for the next 24 hours.

76-80: Drinker may, once before their next long rest, add +5 (1d10) to a single attack roll, saving throw, skill or ability check.

81-85: Drinker gains Darkvision 60ft or +30ft if they have it already.

86-90: Drinker gains Resistance to one form of damage (as a Potion of Resistance) for 1d10 hours.

91: Drinker’s total hit points are reduced by 11 (2d10) for 3d12 hours

92: Drinker gains a natural +2 bonus to their AC for 3d12 hours

93: Drinker is blinded for 3d12 hours

94: Drinker gains Advantage on all D20 rolls for the next 3d12 hours

95: Drinker cannot attune to any magical items for the next 3d12 hours, and loses attunement to all items they are currently attuned to.

96: Drinker gains a +20ft increase to their speed for 3d12 hours

97: Drinker becomes violent and begins to attack all nearby creatures. They fight until calmed somehow or until taken down. This rage passes after 1d4 hours.

98: Drinker gains the benefits of a long rest

99: Drinker is reduced to 0 hit points and is dying

00: Drinker must fail +1 death saves to die until they next die.

Vryx sells a shot of his elixir for 50gp (200gps if his voices tell him to).

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Flamespiker - CR 7 (Medium Elemental)

This monster is a 4e beastie that I have converted to use in my PUG game. I particularly love it because it uses a number of 4e mechanics that I actually really liked. In that edition, these monsters were "Soldiers" - creatures designed to tank the party, and to free up the squishier monsters so they could do their thing. I have tried to keep this role in their 5e incarnation, designing them to serve as effective front line fighters that have a few surprises up their flaming sleeves.

Flamespikers were a common sight during the Guild Wars of the early 2nd Age, being summoned en masse to fight for this mage or that order. They are also commonly called by mages fighting in 2nd Age Upper Malgoroth's internecine and endless wars. In later ages, they tended to be seen in those places where one would encounter other elementals of fire, though after the Sundering, many of these monsters were dragged into certain realms within the Physical Plane, and remained there afterwards. 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Revisiting Green Slime... The Deadliest Denizen of All!

This could be the last thing your character sees before their eyes turn to slime...

In 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition D&D, few fates were as terrible as the one faced by a victim of Green Slime; that lurking nightmare of deep, dark places, which would fall without warning onto your character and quickly reduce them to a puddle of goo.

4e hugely reduced the deadliness of Green Slime, and in truth, 5e's take isn't much scarier (Dungeon Masters Guide, p. 105). So, here are my revised versions of this horror. All are lethal, and in truth, all could exist somewhere in your world... Waiting...

All of these variants share the traits described in the DMG except as noted below...


This stuff is the same as the Green Slime in the DMG with one very important change - the damage increases by +5 (+1d10) per round, to a maximum of 27 (5d10). A creature reduced to 0 hit points by this damage is dead, their body gone and turned to Green Slime.


As above, except the damage is Bane Acid damage...

- Captain Obvious


This version is utterly lethal and requires a fair bit of book keeping. At the start of each of the victims turns, the Slime corrodes them so severely that their Constitution score is lowered by 3 (1d6) points. This continues until they are either reduced to 0 Constitution (when they die and become a puddle of Green Slime), or the Slime is removed.

Lost Constitution can only be regained through the use of magic, and the character always bears horrific scars as a result


This is the same as the Inimical slime. However, whenever the victim suffers 2 points of Constitution damage, they also lose 1 point of Charisma as their flesh is permanently scarred and rotted. Again, only magic can undo this.


This version is a modified variety of any type. Its defining feature is its ability to spread from person to person, squirting droplets of its deadly form at other possible hosts even as it consumes the host it has.

When a living creature starts its turn within 5ft of a creature covered in Contagious slime, they must make a D.C 13 Constitution saving throw or become contaminated themselves.

We're asking for 400gp to be taken off the asking price after seeing the state of the cellar...

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Chedean Eye Tower (Huge Aberration) - CR 26

The Veteran and the gang are now inside a Xareth'Chelde (Beholder) hive, having struck a bargain with a Green Dracane (Dragon) and its Ssethrek (Lizardfolk) armies to work together to overthrow the Hive Mother, Blebb. However, getting into the structure required more than a little misdirection, powerful druidic spells, and an underwater battle with an Eye of the Deep and its mutated crocodile pets..

..They also came close to encountering one of these...

A construct molded from aberrant flesh and diseased solidified nightmares, these things tower some 40ft high, and are large enough to protect multiple Beholders, Squads of Lensmen and other Cheldean troops.

Art from:

The towers are hulking masses of boiling, warped flesh, studded with huge, alien eyes. Some are stalked, others are flush with the diseased surface. From the bottom of the tower extend thick tentacles of flesh and thorny chitin, and many have drooling, slit like mouths, lined with rows and rows of sharp, inward curved teeth and rippling with peristalsis on the lower parts of their bodies, though these are rarely coodinated enough to bite or cause harm...

Friday, 19 January 2018

Herons Bane Lily - CR 3 (Huge Plant)

On Eathoran there is a species of water lily that flourishes in the most acidic and lifeless of waters, covering the surface with its huge shimmering leaves and beautiful, multicoloured flowers. However, its serene beauty hides a deadly secret, for many of the leaves are actually traps that lure, secure and digest prey...

This is something I cooked up to add colour to the area my epic players are in, and for them, is pretty much zero threat. However, you might appreciate it.

Image From:
Aftermath of the 23rd annual meeting of Eathoranian Aquatic Botanists swimming competition.

I am not convinced I have worded everything in the clearest way possible. I hope it makes sense...bah!

Yeah, I know I should not have used an apostrophe. No, I am not going to upload an amended version...probably not...maybe...I probably will....ugh.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Gothniir Defender - CR 12 (Large Construct)

As you have probably guessed, I really like Iron Defenders, and have used countless variants in my own games to challenge a variety of groups. The Gothniir Defender is a variant plated in the super-hard form of Gold found in my world known as both Gothnir and Vothniir (depending on what kind of dundiir you are) though the Dwaerdorin call it Suth...anyway.

These are big, heavy things, plated in the hard metal and imbued with the ability to discharge a beam of blinding, blazing light. I had prepped them for use in a dungeon that is no longer needed, as the PUG decided not to go with the great Auction House caper, and got rich singing in a pub instead.

Too cute, but the closest I could find...

So, I thought I would share the stats, so perhaps this monstrosity can rip the life from some characters in another universe and place.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Force Golems - Large to Gargantuan Constructs (CR 2 - 27)

I first saw the Force Golem in Monster Manual V, and used them very briefly in a 3.5 game I was running at the time. Since then, I have not had any chance to use them...until a few weeks ago. In my Discord game, the group had to search for a downed spelljammer, which had crashed in a magical academy. When they got there, they quickly found that these sentient constructs were patrolling and apparently protecting the site...and tangled with them frequently.

The original Force Golem was a fairly straight forwards beastie, and is represented by the CR 2 conversion below. However, I knew I wanted some variants, which is how the Ogre sized Guardian and Gargantuan Titan's came to be born.

Yes, the 5th level group did face a Titan - though it was the backdrop for a skill challenge to get to cover before it turned them to mist with its force pulse.

So, here are three new sentient constructs for your campaign. Enjoy!

Force Golem (CR 2)

Force Golem Guardian (CR 11)

Force Golem Titan (CR 27)


Saturday, 30 December 2017

Veteran's Solo Adventure

So, I've been off sick following an elective operation (and indeed, currently am still off, as the damn wounds is being stubborn), and I have been lucky enough to be able to run D&D daily through Discord with the Veteran. At the end of the last Ormid et al game, the warforged activated a dormant part of his brain, and became aware of multiple ancient distress beacons across the plane that belonged, he felt, to warforged. Sensing one close by, the left immediately to track its source.

Wanting to get on with the main quest in the next face to face session, we played the adventure over Discord...what follows, is that game. I apologise if its hard to follow. I have tidied it up a bit to make it easier to follow...

We use the incredible Avrae Bot for dice rolls, in game rule clarification etc. Can't recommend it enough!

*   *   *

Lorehaven, Evening, 4/11/53 (Third Age)

"No plan. Just heading straight there on foot at the fastest pace I can sustain."

As you approach the main southern gates, the guards tense, wondering what the hell is going on. However, when they see you, they back down, one of them calling for the gates to be opened.
Beyond, the familiar roads yawn before you, the frozen waters of Deep Pool reaching off into the distance, it's edges studded with the lights of the many settlements it holds close. You pause to get a sense of where you are going, and then head West, towards the beacon.
As a warforged you do not get exhausted, and so can go through the night. You should reach your destination by dawn....

You push on, ignoring the biting cold, ploughing, steam pouring from you, through the snows. The night deepens and were it not for the clarion call of the beacon, you would likely struggle to find your way. Trulls and bandits mark your passing with dread, slinking deeper into their lairs, and more than a few guests at a wayside Inn are shaken awake by your thunderous passing...

Still, as the southwestern skies are starting to show the first hints of the coming dawn, you come across Altersweir, a small town, little more than a village with delusions of grandeur, nestled by a narrow channel that leads to the open waters of Deep Pool. From the slight rise upon which you stand, you see that it comprises a dozen sturdy stone homes, built around a central plaza, a temple, and what seems to be a cluster of businesses by the channel. Two small fishing vessels lie, redundant, in dry dock by the channel.

Smoke rises from most homes, and you realise that the call is coming from beneath the ornate fountain that dominates the plaza.

"I'll head to the temple. Best give someone a heads up I'm about to smash their fountain and start digging. I'll offer enough gold to cover a replacement fountain. But this isn't a negotiation, Veteran is filled with righteous purpose."

You storm down towards the town, and find several terrified town folks waiting for you, drawn from their beds by the rumble of your approach. On seeing you, they panic, running screaming back to their homes....


Hahahaha. Make a Persuasion roll. What language are you using?

"Will likely have to be trade."

Cool. Go for it. About half the people with understand...

"Persuasion check"

@Veteran game_die
Result: 1d20 (3)
Total: 3

People, half sleep and afraid panic. They scream for mercy, and either run into their homes or out, barely clad, into the night.

By this time you notice that the door of the temple (which has the crashing wave symbol of Swaervar'Tritul on one half and Quaine'Ar on the right) has opened, and two men - one older, half asleep and half terrified (obese and thin haired with wide, pale eyes), the other in his mid twenties, dressed in neat robes of palest blues and silver, and bearing a faintly glowing spear - emerge.
Both baulk a little at sight of you, the older man gripping his holy symbol and stumbling back toward the doorway, eyes fixed on you. However the younger man grits his teeth, and demonstrates either remarkable bravery or a poor grasp of reality as he announces in a clear voice "Who sent you Golem? By the Lenient Force, I shall not let you harm these goodly folks."

"I am no golem, priest. As I said I am The Veteran and I am here to investigate strange signals emanating from beneath your towns fountain".

Both men seem quite taken aback when you speak, and the older man stammers. "Th- the Veteran that saved the North? Ormid's Son?"

"Son. Error. Discoverer. Correct. I am here seeking others of my kind. Warforged. Your fountain holds information I seek."

Both men look at each other with puzzled expressions. Snow begins to silently drift down from the slowly lightening sky, and a slight, frozen breeze breathes across the town. The younger man speaks. "The fountain? I know the statue on it is relatively new, a few decades old. The foundations though, run deep. I also know that the water that flows from it comes from my Lord's realm, and not some hidden place in this one"

"Could it be," wonders the older man out loud, "There is a space beneath it?"

(It is now about 5am on the 5/11/53)

A few townsfolk have crept out now, and you notice a couple of menfolk have longbows and swords with them - though non make even the slightest hostile gesture, seeming awed and terrified of you.

"Thank you priests. I apologise in advance for any damage cause. I will replace any part of the fountain that is destroyed during my investigation".

I will immediately set to examine the fountain. If I can remove the statue I'll do that first.

They look at you and then realise what you are saying. The younger man moves to say something, but the older priest stops him with a stare and a sharp shake of the head...

The Fountain:

So, the statue depicts a human, dundorin and Lir'Aelwyn all stood, side by side, looking southwestwards - no doubt some comment on the alleged unity of the three major races locally. It must weigh many tons. A wide, circular, shallow bowl holds the central carving, currently filled with ice. Icicles cluster around the mouths of the carved figures, and you guesse they normally spout water.

Make an Investigation check. And describe what exactly you are doing.

"I'll check the base first and then move to the statues themselves."

@Veteran game_die
Result: 1d20 (18) + 1
Total: 19

Oooh hero point on that roll.

@Veteran game_die
Result: 1d6 (1)
Total: 1

"Investigation 20"

You look over the statue, and notice that, just as the cleric said, the statue is much, much newer than the base. You smash the ice, removing the heavy chunks, and looking at the bottom of the basin, realise that it is designed to fold downwards, forming spiral stairs. How it works however?

The beacon seems to scream louder...

"I'll use my once per day +10"

Make an Athletics check

"Can the statue be turned?"

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (14) + 28
Total: 42

Hahahahaha! Using your +10 I take it?


You grip the statue, and begin to apply pressure, activating the arcane circuits that grant you a momentary, substantial burst of strength. Within seconds, you hear the stone supports within the base of the statue fragment, and you are suddenly carrying the full weight of the thing, which is starting to get really heavy...
Dropping it?

You did not feel there was any "give" in the statue or its base as you turned it.

You hear a collective gasp of shock and disbelief from the half dozen or so villagers who are watching you, and hear them scrambling to get away as you turn, holding the 2 tonne statue in your hands, you unnatural strength now waning...

(2 tonnes = 4409.25 lbs). Not sure what your drag weight is, but...

"Ha ha oops can I move the fountain to the side and see if I can see if I can see the route down."

Yeah, sure. You dump the statue, which immediately breaks in half on the floor, and stomp towards the exposed stump of the old fountain. At once you feel an odd rush of nostalgia, for the decoration on this part, though hugely worn away by time, is that so commonly seen during the ages of the great Guilds.

Make another Investigation check.
(What's your strength?)

"Strength 25 without the temporary boost"

"Investigation check"

@Veteran game_die
Result: 1d20 (9) + 1
Total: 10

Holy crap, so your lift limit is 1,500 lbs... Or 1.5 tonnes


You look over the stump of the fountain, and notice that the core is some kind of dull metal. Other than that, you notice nothing more, and suddenly wish you had the Vyrleen's keen eyes or Ormid's artificer expertise to call on.

The snow falls a little heavier.
The crowd has grown larger...

"Ha I just checked in Google and Veteran could pick up and throw my car! I'm the Incredible Hulk"

"Okay let's make the assumption I'm not going to find any well crafted secret, and let's go with my main 'strength', brute force!"

What's the plan?

"I'm thinking of activating my Belt of the Umber Hulk and dig down to where the stairs woukd emerge if I were able to activate them. Or I'll just excavate the whole area one 9ft level at a time."

Hahahaha. You will the belt to life, and at once begin to chew into the stone. The villagers are silent as they watch you begin to rip their fountain apart. However, as you dig a foot down, there is a sudden crack and at once you detect the presence of a cocktail of noxious gasses, mostly associated with decomposition, suddenly hissing from a dark space below.
Almost at once the nearest villagers start to cry out and retch, their eyes watering. As the Carrion stink spreads, they fly, vomiting and gagging, back to their homes. A few more moments pass, and you clear a hole big enough to fit through. Beneath it, is utter darkness - a vast, stinking space....

Do you have Darkvision?

"Nope but I have a light spell attachment for my head."

You unleash your headlamp, and the beam stabs into the gulf beneath the fountain. There is a drop of about 40ft, into a vast cavern, too large to see much of from your current spot. However, the ground... The ground seems to be covered in hundreds of ancient, rusted, decaying warforged....

These are the source of the vile stink.


"Can I try to climb down?"

Sure. You can Tie a rope to the statue base, and easily lower yourself down. You'll need about 60ft rope.

You secure the rope and drop down into the cavern. As you descend, your sensors alert you to the toxic nature of the atmosphere, and you realise that had your companions joined you, they would be in trouble.

Soon you are standing on the piled, scummy bodies of your...
... The pile trembles beneath your feet. Gasses vent from several spots around you...

A low rumble fills the air, and then you become aware of a sussurus of squeaks and groans, as if the bodies are... Oh shit...

"I'll start talking in machine cant. "I come in peace brothers!"

You desperately cry out in the machine cant of your kind, a sick realisation setting in as, across the floor of the vast chamber, numerous sets of pale green eyes, undead woeforged eyes, start to shine. At your feet, at least a dozen of the ancient dead begin to stir, rattling and groaning to animation.
Worse, something rumbles and thrums beneath the piled dead... Something huge, though currently buried by the massed cadavers...


"What is this blasphemy! Brothers what fate has befallen you? What nightmare denies you your eternal sleep?"

As one, at least a hundred of the corpses begin to Shamble brokenly to their feet, the air filled with wheezing mechanisms and squealing, atrophied joints. Beneath your feet, where older, far more damaged warforged bodies lie mixed with ancient rubble and bone fragments, the unknown something rumbles with increasing strength...

"Humanoid emotions are interfering with Veterans OS."

Roll Initiative. They have no such issues... And you are surrounded...

"Settling himself to his usual operating procedures, he draws The Annihilator and plants the dragonscale tower shield and (almost sadly) prepares himself for his calling.... WAR"

Woeforged Junkers...

@Sefotron game_die
Result: 1d20 (17) - 1
Total: 16

@Veteran game_die
Result: 1d20 (20) + 2
Total: 22
Critical Hit!

OK, you go first. You are surrounded by at least thirty of the dead things, though only 8 can reach you at once. They press in on you, talons extended, empty, dripping faces emitting choked, snarling code.

"I'll activate my Unyielding Avalanche stance. Then 4 attacks on the nearest ones to either side.

Hit ACs of:

Four hits...each blow takes out three of the undead, smashing them to bits...

... However, a wall of undead closes in on you..
Anything else you wanna do?

"Brace for impact!"

"At the start of their turn all enemies within reach take 1d12+11+4d6 from Unyielding Avalanche stance."

So, another 16 undead are instantly shredded, their decrepit parts flying back. However, the press of undead stumbles in... 8 attack (all are flanking)

" Yikes!"

(28 slain so far)

(I make 8 attacks with advantage, and get some great rolls)

All missed?

"Yes, but a few too close for comfort!"

They lash out at you, your heavy plating just managing to deflect their strikes... The ground heaves again, and more blasts of gas shriek into the air.

Your go!

"Same as before 4 attacks vs those within 10ft reach."

The Annihilatior weaves a deadly net around you, slashing, blasting and burning them instantly. As the ones next to you fall, your whirling blades slice into the others, and another 24 fall...

(48 slain so far)

Even more Shamble past your blades to strike.

(I roll another 8 attacks with advantage. All miss except for the last one....)

@Sefotron game_die
Result: 2d20kh1 (20, 20) + 5
Total: 25
Critical Hit!

Roll.your Fortification

"Double crit .... nasty!"

@Veteran game_die
Result: 1d100 (85)
Total: 85


!r 2d10+3

@Sefotron game_die
Result: 2d10 (1, 10) + 3
Total: 14

After your DR, 5 slashing damage...

At the end of the round, make a Dexterity save as the ground rises and falls as if something vast is pushing up from beneath...

@Veteran game_die
Result: 1d20 (3) + 8
Total: 11

You manage, just, to keep your feet...

The undead stumble and fall, allowing you a view of the chamber. It is litten by a foxfire glow, emanating from whatever is trying to burst through from below. The beacon screams louder, but now its message is changed; gurgling and exultant.

From below, a huge, pitted scythe rips upwards, slicing multiple woeforged in half...

What you doing?

""I think you'll find it is you trapped in here with me abomination!"*

*copyright Rorschach"

"No time like present. Let's bring it on you big Windows Vista running MF!"

The owner of the pitted scythe emerges from below, the woeforged tumbling off it like leaves. It clambers, wheezing and bellowing to its full height, flourishing its scythe on one arm, and a huge filth bleeding hammer on the other....

It's a woeforged titan...

(it rolls initiative 7)

You charge towards the pestilential thing, and feel a sick, suffocating energy envelop you as you draw close...

You charging straight in?

"It's probably a bad idea but yes"

OK, you charge in, barely coming to the horrors' knee, the Annihilatior blazing. The air around this thing is dead, rotten with necrotic energy, and you can feel it corroding you even as you enter it...

OK, attacking?

"4 attacks vs Rotten Juuuuustice."

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (7) + 17
Total: 24

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (8) + 17
Total: 25

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (4) + 17
Total: 21

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (19) + 17
Total: 36

"So ACs of:
36 (crit)"

Three hits. Fortification Vs the Crit... (it has 75% Fortification)

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d100 (71)
Total: 71

Crit is a normal hit

"Oh for good fortification :sob:"

So, it has resistance vs Fire and Thunder.

Roll thy damage (halving fire and thunder)

"I'll make the fire bane"

AvraeBOT - Today at 2:58 PM
@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 3d12 (11, 8, 9) + 15
Total: 43

"Okay didn't type the command correctly. That should be 73 damage. Metaline if that makes a difference."

Now for energy damage

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 9d6 (2, 6, 4, 1, 2, 1, 6, 6, 4)
Total: 32

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 3d6 (2, 4, 1)
Total: 7

"So a further 32 lightning and bane fire damage and 3 thunder damage."

Whoosh. 108 damage (you do notice the blade reconfigures, becoming Adamantium) The titan reels, your blows ripping into the bloated, rusty armour of its lower abdomen...

Titan uses a Legendary Action...

The hammer swings at you...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (4) + 16
Total: 20


The huge, filthy, rot imbued hammer, dripping black sizzling slime swings at you. However, you easily parry the blow...

8 more of the Zombie like woeforged rise and Shamble to attack, the titan able to reach over them...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (7, 11) + 5
Total: 16
@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (17, 5) + 5
Total: 22
@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (4, 2) + 5
Total: 9
@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (18, 11) + 5
Total: 23
@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (15, 11) + 5
Total: 20
@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (20, 14) + 5
Total: 25
Critical Hit!
@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (19, 19) + 5
Total: 24
@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (13, 13) + 5
Total: 18
Sefotron - Today at 3:23 PM

Roll fortification vs Crit.

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d100 (46)
Total: 46


A just realised, at the end of your turn, make a Con save vs Necrotic
Crit damage...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d10 (1, 9) + 3
Total: 13

So, after you DR, a mere 4 slashing damage from the minion.

The titan goes next...

Veteran - Today at 3:39 PM
Saves vs necrotic (rolls 26, a save)

So, as you landed your final blow, the dolorous aura bleeding from the ancient warrior begins to corrode your body.

AvraeBOT - Today at 3:43 PM
@Sefotron :game_die:

Necrotic: 6d8 (6, 4, 7, 4, 3, 3) / 2
Total: 13

13 Necrotic (before your reduction)

A horrific space opens in the things chest, revealing a pulsing throat like tube. At once, the air around you begins to resonate violently, every single woeforged minion exploding into grotesque globules of rot and rust.

And now....another Constitution saving throw (Vs Thunder) please, as the Thunder Cannon of the titan speaks...

Result: 1d20 (20) + 12
Total: 32

The pressure wave hits you like a physical blow, and you almost bow under the sheer weight. Countless alerts blaze across your auspex as multiple systems are hit. However, you are made of tougher stuff, and you resist the main brunt of the blast. Any resistances or reductions Vs Thunder?

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 20d8 (1, 5, 4, 7, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 2, 4, 8, 7, 4, 2, 1, 5, 4)
Total: 73

So, 37 thunder damage....before you apply any resistances / reductions etc.(edited)

How you looking?

I have resistance vs fire/lightning/thunder and reduction 6 vs necrotic.
Currently on 247 hit points following that round.

nice, so you only took 7 Necrotic, and 18 Thunder then!

On then into ROUND TWO!!!

Vetters! You have started your round in the aura of death that surrounds the titan. You feel its mouldering power leaking into you, not just physically, but psychically...

What you doing?
"I'll use 4 more attacks vs the titan and then hero point to activate the Thundersong Gorget at the titan and as many woeforged as I can catch. I know titan has restance to thunder but need to break out the big guns."

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (13) + 17
Total: 30

Result: 1d20 (19) + 17
Total: 36

Result: 1d20 (5) + 17
Total: 22

Result: 1d20 (15) + 17
Total: 32

Three hits!

And is it a CON save vs the Gorget?

As I got a crit with 19 I get another attack (should have last round as well but forgot - doh!).

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (8) + 17
Total: 25

Another hit. Chance to reduce additional damage from the crit...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d10 (10)
Total: 10

Reduced to a normal hit.
Hang on...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d100 (53)
Total: 53

Yep, normal damage from the crit due to Fortification.

"DC 20 Con save for half vs the Thundersong Gorget. Thunder damage"

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 30d6 (6, 3, 2, 3, 6, 1, 6, 6, 1, 5, 5, 6, 2, 4, 5, 5, 3, 4, 1, 2, 5, 6, 6, 2, 4, 4, 4, 2, 5, 2)
Total: 116

Roll weapon damage as separate attacks, as you may inflict enough damage to trigger something

Con save vs Gorget

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (13, 1) + 16
Total: 29

The blast rips into the titan, sending it back on its heels. However, built for war involving magic, it takes the massive strike easily, its armour denting under the blast.

29 Thunder damage then.

"Any smaller woeforged caught in the blast?"

All of those nearby were evaporated when the titan unleashed its blast. It will be a round or two before any more can attack...

Individual weapon damage

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d12 (11) + 15 + 3d6 (4, 2, 2) + 1d6kl1 (6)
Total: 40

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d12 (3) + 15 + 3d6 (3, 6, 4) + 1d6 (4)
Total: 35

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d12 (8) + 15 + 3d6 (2, 5, 2) + 1d6 (1)
Total: 33

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d12 (7) + 15 + 3d6 (5, 5, 5) + 1d6 (4)
Total: 41

"Okay the actual damage from 4 hits is 142"

The first two blows strike true, carving through the bubbling, rotted armour of the titan. However, as the third and fourth strikes land, so a disgusting mist of rotten fluids erupt from within, the titan roaring in pain... Two Dexterity saving throws Vs Necrotic please.

Also, a CON save vs Necrotic for the end of your turn...

Dex saves

@Sefotron :game_die:
kh1+9: 2d20 (19, 1)
Total: 20

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (4, 16) + 9
Total: 25

One save, one fail...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 5d4 (3, 1, 3, 4, 1)
Total: 12

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 5d4 (2, 3, 1, 4, 2)
Total: 12

"Con save"

So, 3 damage

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (10, 20) + 12
Total: 32


@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 6d8 (5, 1, 4, 3, 7, 7)
Total: 27

So no damage from the aura either...

Titan goes. First a legendary action, then it's go...

Legendary Action... Hammer...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (8) + 16
Total: 24


Now it has its go

Thunder Cannon recharge

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d6 (4)
Total: 4


"Does it still take the weapon damage from my hits after it's gooey counterattack?"


It's looking pretty fucked...

"Good. I do not want to hit by tgat hammer I reckon!"

Your second two blows carve deep into its belly, swollen loaves of corrupted meat and septic haemolymph flooding out with each blow. The titan stumbles back, roaring like a wounded animal...

Two melee attacks...

Hammer then Scythe...


@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (3) + 16
Total: 19


@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (16) + 16
Total: 32



@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 6d6 (1, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4) + 9
Total: 29

29 Magical Slashing damage, and you are immune to the secondary effect...

The titan slams the hammer down, keening and shrieking in insane fury, but you dodge the stinking blow. However, the scythe manages to catch you, it's keen edge slicing in through your plating, and cutting into the flesh beneath. Flakes of the sickly, damp rust that covers the blade break off in your wound, but the tiny daemons of plague they carry find no home in your machine form...
At the end of the round, more of the shambling minions. Begin to rise in the near distance...


Your go!

"Okay rust bucket time to go to silicon heaven."

4 attacks vs titan.

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (2) + 17
Total: 19

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (9) + 17
Total: 26

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (12) + 17
Total: 29

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (3) + 17
Total: 20

"2 hits 2 misses I reckon."

So it has resistance vs the thunder
Otherwise roll the lot

"Hero point for another attack for good measure."

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (13) + 17
Total: 30

Yeah Three hits, so three Dex saves

"Are all dex saves vs necrotic?"

Indeed they are!


@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d12 (2) + 15 + 3d6 (2, 1, 2) + 1d6 (2)
Total: 24

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d12 (11) + 15 + 3d6 (6, 4, 3) + 1d6 (3)
Total: 42

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d12 (10) + 15 + 3d6 (6, 4, 6) + 1d6 (3)
Total: 44

110 damage!

"So that's 105 due to thunder resistance"

Dex saves

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (18, 15) + 9
Total: 27

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (20, 9) + 9
Total: 29

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (14, 9) + 9
Total: 23

You avoid all the Necrotic spray. Constitution save at the end of your turn please, Vs Necrotic

Your blows crack the chest of the titan wide open, and the polluted, corrupted horror of its foul existence is laid bare. It bellows and gasps, but remains animate. Fluids surge from it covering the ground....

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (17, 11) + 12
Total: 29

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 6d8 (7, 6, 2, 6, 7, 3)
Total: 31

4 Necrotic damage after reduction

Legendary Action then attacks...


@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (14) + 16
Total: 30

Hit! Con save Vs Necrotic please!

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 4d8 (5, 1, 3, 5) + 9 + 5d6 (2, 6, 2, 5, 2) - 9
Total: 31

So, the hammer strikes hard, smashing into you. You suffer 23 magical Bludgeoning and (after reduction) 8 Necrotic

And that CON save vs Necrotic

"Con save"

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (5, 18) + 12
Total: 30

You feel a filthy "slime" of necrotic power slop onto you from the hammer, though it gutters and dies before doing you any harm....

Attacks now...


@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (9) + 16
Total: 25

Sefotron - Last Thursday at 10:42 PM


@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (10) + 16
Total: 26


Another Con save vs Necrotic please...

Hammer damage...

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 2d20kh1 (16, 15) + 12
Total: 28

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 4d8 (4, 1, 3, 5) + 9 + 5d6 (6, 1, 5, 4, 1) - 9
Total: 30

30 damage (with necrotic reduction applied) and you once again resist the Necrotic energy that seeks to infest you...

Scythe damage...

@Sefotron :game_die:
Result: 6d6 (4, 5, 1, 1, 1, 2) + 9
Total: 23

23 Slashing damage...
The titan roars in exultant rage...

"Do not fear titan, you will soon return to the base metals that spawned you and I will spend my life laughing at Ebon Eyes inability to trap nothing but rancid air".

So, it is your go dude...


The titan shudders and steams, frothing flows of filthy fluids, mutated organic components and corrupted artifice slumping and swinging from its eviscerated form. It stumbles back, ebony sparks of necrotic corposant forming a halo of inverse light around its swinging, screaming, skull like head...

"Time to prepare for the 'true death titan. Denied you by your false prophet, but brought now with furious vengeance".

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (14) + 17
Total: 31

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (9) + 17
Total: 26

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (19) + 17
Total: 36

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (3) + 17
Total: 20

Extra attack from the crit

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (5) + 17
Total: 22

Three hits...

Roll that there damage

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 3d12 (9, 6, 10) + 45
Total: 70

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 9d6 (2, 1, 3, 3, 4, 5, 4, 1, 5)
Total: 28

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 3d6 (5, 3, 3)
Total: 11

"So 103 damage total with thunder resistance taken off."

And that good sir, is that.

You rip the Annihilator deep into the stinking chasm of the Titan's form, getting utterly drenched in its repugnant fluids, and strike at the stuttering,inflamed heart of the thing. The blade bites deep, and, with a final, horrible ululation, it slowly tips forwards and slams - dead - to the ground...

As the titan collapses, you sense a brief return to sanity before it dies, and, in a voice devoid of hate though heavy with regret it gasps....

"He is as much a victim as we. The Shadow that Rises controls him. Beware his traps... He has... H…-he hasssssss.....a parad... Para.... Ngine...."

As the titan falls,so the beacon fades. The animating force within the other undead flees, and the only movement is the soft fall of snow drifting from above.

The other beacons silently scream all around...

What now?

"Can I see if there is some way to collapse the cavern (perhaps with the Belt of the Umber Hulk) so I can lay my brothers to rest?"

You look around and spot several areas where there are marked weaknesses. Make an Intelligence check.

"Oh dear. This is why I travel with Ormid."

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (3) + 1
Total: 4

I rest my case.

Yeah, no problems collapsing this chamber...The only exit us your rope of course...
You can hear distant, frightened voices echoing from the town above. Folks are clearly wondering what evil has been unleashed....

"Brute force is always best. I will collapse the cavern (on top of myself if neccesary) and dig out. Follow up with the daily energy blast from the Annihilator to melt the remains.
"I'll speak to the brave cleric to inform him that the evil has been vanquished but to post a guard until I return."

So, as a result of your battle you have earned the following epic boon...

Knight's Valour

Prerequisite: Fighter, Paladin
Description: As a bonus action you can spend a number of hit dice equal to your proficiency bonus. You not only heal the appropriate amount, but enemies have disadvantage on attack rolls against you until the start of your next turn. Once you have used this power, you cannot use it again until you complete a short rest. You cannot use this ability if you have no hit dice.

"I will then head off back to the city to go to the temple of Namaea. I need to speak with the reverend mother about sanctifying the area and also what she may know of The Shadow That Rises."

You begin to dig at the edge of the chamber seeking to bring it down. Sure enough, within minutes there is a very deep, very ominous rumble that suggests the cave is about to....
Make a Dexterity save please...

"Knights Valor boon - sweet! :grinning: :thumbsup:"

"Dex save"

@Veteran :game_die:
Result: 1d20 (12) + 9
Total: 21

Collapse damage....

@Sefotron :game_die:
bludgeoning: 20d10 (8, 9, 2, 2, 7, 7, 8, 9, 6, 10, 3, 6, 9, 3, 10, 8, 2, 2, 3, 5)
Total: 119


With an apocalyptic roar you are slammed to the floor and buried. Above the people scream as the entire central plaza, including a couple of homes, slump down into the sudden sinkhole that now yawns there, a mushroom cloud of dust and grime surging into the sky...

"Err oops!"

"Crap looks like my rebuilding bill just got bigger...
Can I dig myself out? Or am I gonna have to wait for an artificer to dig me out in a few hundred years? "

Hahahaha. As it is loose soil and dirt you can dig yourself out. Are you heading up, or at an angle? Basically, are you facing the wrath of the town, or slinking off lol

"I'll face the wrath of the insignificant meat sacks .... er I mean townsfolk."

So, you take a moment to register the damage you have sustained, and then activate the belt. Fortunately (you can only dig through solid stone 1/day) the collapse is loose enough to push aside, and you emerge a short while later, rising from the collapse like the ancient war machine you are...

Result: 1d20 (15) + 3
Total: 18

Result: 1d20 (16) + 3
Total: 19

Result: 1d20 (16) + 3
Total: 19

As you emerge, three well placed arrows strike you, though non penetrate your plating and you realise the menfolk must be there with their bows...

Snow drifts through the dirty air, and people fall back in fear as you rise to your full height.

What you doing?

"The evil is vanquished. Return to your homes. Those houses damaged will be rebuilt. Cleric post a guard here until the ground can be sanctified. I will be back shortly".

"Then I'm heading off back to the city at full speed."

You are vaguely aware of a tumult of angry and terrified voices, the younger priest chief among them. However no one tries to stop you leaving...

Random Encounter check...

Result: 1d30 (14)
Total: 14

By the time you reach Lorehaven, the sun has already set, and the snows are falling in earnest.

This is where we will pick up on Tuesday night...

Current date 5/11/53

Monday, 25 December 2017

Happy Christmas / Yule / Dark Season

There is no Christmas as such on Arbel'Verdaniss, though many societies recognise the shortest and darkest days of the year. However, here, in this dimension and world, many do celebrate this day - either because they feel it is the day a deity was physically manifested in this plane, or because, like me, its a nice day to chill out, eat too much, and enjoy your family...

Either way - HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, 22 December 2017

Epic Boon - Energy Negator

Bonus entry, as I am currently off work after some elective surgery and so am getting chance to do a butt load of writing - an Epic Boon you may like...

Energy Negator

Chose one of the following energy types – Acid, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Psychic, Thunder, Radiant. When you would take damage from that energy type, there is a 10% chance that it is entirely negated.

You may choose this boon multiple times, each time either choosing another energy type, or increasing your current chance to negate damage from an energy type by +10%.

Art from:

Agarat - Medium Undead (CR2)

The Agarat comes from original D&D, and is a ghoul like undead that lacks (in its lesser form anyway) the paralysing claws of that other undead, but which possesses a far more fearsome ability. Often found leading packs of ghouls, these filthy things can quickly weaken enemies with their unearthly howls, rendering them unable to act, and even, if exposed for too long, killing them.

Agarat's are one of those monsters that come out as a low CR, but which have proper TPK potential if not dealt with quickly (and of course, this can be complicated by its immunity to non-magical weapons that are not forged of Cold Iron - or Adamantium if you don't have that as a house rule). Of course, with its low AC and hpts, even low level characters shouldn't struggle too much if they focus their attacks on them. However, these should definitely be used with care.

Have fun!!!

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Earthquake Beetle - Jishin Mushi (Huge Beast - CR 5)

"We expected to face an elemental of some kind, or a powerful druid. We certainly did not expect to be fighting against a hulking, shimmer-shelled beetle the size of a small warship!"

- Allegro Sontante, Adventurer, Bard and Lover.

The Jishin Mishu is a monstrous beetle that I first found on page 123 of  AD&D 1st edition's Oriental Adventures, though it has subsequently made many more appearances. A typical specimen of this monstrous creature is huge, having an iridescent shell, shimmering compound eyes, and vast curved mandibles. They live in thick forests, moving freely among the trees in spite of their immense size, and seem uncommonly drawn to cattle.

In my world, although most often thought of as natives to Kai'Yassan and other lands linked to it, they actually crop up all over the world, being found most commonly in the thick forests of Low Dark on Calsor, in the jungles of the Storm Shroud Peninsula, and after the sundering, in any place where the right habitat exists.

Anyway, here you go.

Click to make it as large as the beetle it describes....

Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Quick Note About the Older Content

So, you may know that Photobucket pulled a major asshole move earlier this year, and made it so that older links for non-paying customers went dead. I have no intent of paying Photobucket, and unfortunately, a huge amount of the older 4th Edition stuff was held there. This means that if you go to those pages, you are likely to find a Photobucket splash page rather than the stats you wanted. 

I really don't have time to go through all the pages and to sort out those that are broken from those that aren't and so, have got rid of the indexes for the older stuff. You can still access it via the links on the right, but the main index page is no more. 

Obviously, if you go there and find something you like but cannot see, drop me a DM, and I'll find the missing thing and send it to you!

Saturday, 9 December 2017


Ello ugly! Iz been asked te tawk about ‘ow Gorgy weapons iz da bestest, an’ to show you lot, ooh makes da bestest wepuns! So, ‘fore I start, any quest….”
- Yongob’s first and last lecture about Gorgoth Weapons

Please note: Although a cost is given for each weapon, it is rare in the extreme that anyone sells or wants to buy them. Most that come into use by adventurers are taken from the corpses of the greenskins they kill. However, its an infinite universe out there, and its better to have the costs and not need them, than need them and not have them!'s+Orc+Shield.jpg
Yongobb was unavaiable for further inquiries...

Gorgoth Stabba’ - Martial Weapon
Little more than a heavy, long, sharp tipped piece of steel, crudely drawn into a blade, and attached to a poorly balanced handle, this thing is still capable of dealing some serious damage in the right hands.

Cost: 2sp
Damage: 1d8 piercing
Weight: 8lbs
Properties: Brutal 1, Heavy

Gorgoth Bow – Martial Weapon

This bow appears crude and unwieldy, with its thick bowstring and patchwork construction. However, with practice and a strong arm, it proves to be an effective, if relatively short range bow weapon.

Damage: 1d10 piercing
Range: 100/220
Weight: 5lbs
Properties: Ammunition, Brutal 1, Heavy, Two-Handed

Gorgoth Massive Bow – Martial Weapon

This bow is stupidly heavy, making even heavy crossbows look light in comparison.

Cost: 35gp
Damage: 2d6 Piercing
Range: 150/450
Weight: 25lbs
Properties: Ammunition, Brutal 1, Heavy, Two-Handed, Unwieldy (Str 16)

Gorgoth Spiky Fists – Simple Weapon

Imagine heavy gauntlets of the crudest manufacture and a cestus had a baby. That horrible offspring is what these are – heavy curved plates of steel, with nails and burrs protruding along their leading edges…

Cost: 1gp
Damage: Unarmed +1d6 piercing
Weight: 4lbs
Properties: Heavy, Unwieldy (Str 14)

Some Notes on Gorgoth Ammunition

Bum Arrers: Gorgoth sometimes smear faeces on their ammunition, forcing those wounded by them to make a D.C. 13 Constitution saving throw. Failure indicates they contract Sewer Plague (or another disease at the GM’s wish).

Poisoned Arrers: Gorgoth witch doctors brew a number of poisons. One of the most common is applied to ammunition, and forces the target to make a D.C. 13 Constitution saving throw, failure indicating that they suffer an immediate 3 (1d6) poison damage, and, at the start of their next turn, another 3 (1d6) poison damage.

Another common poison they use is what they call Mad Biter; a sticky resinous poison that smells faintly of spilled beer, and which forces those hit by it to make a D.C. 14 Constitution saving throw. If they fail this, they become Poisoned for 1d6 rounds, and whilst poisoned, attack the nearest creatures to them each turn with crazed abandon. Creatures under the effects of this poison always use melee attacks, and attack until either taken down, there is no one else left to kill, or until the poison wears off. Those recovering from the effects of this poison after suffering its effects for their full duration accumulate +1 level of Exhaustion.

New Weapon Property

Unwieldy: Characters who’s strength is less than the specified amount suffer Disadvantage when making attacks with these weapons, due to their poor balance and great weight.