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Monday, 31 August 2009

Last Session Report (yes, I am bad at getting these up)

Beyond lies a small chamber with another door (sealed by a psychic lock). Suspecting a trap, the Vyrleen skilfully leaps across towards the far door.

02:56 – When nothing nasty happens, the Warforged steps in as well – triggering the trap!!!

It turns out that the ceiling around the edge of the chamber is a crusher, activated when two or more individuals step below it. The central area is a safe zone, and the Warforged leaps into this, avoiding the smashing stone.

Llewellyn is not so lucky, and is knocked flat and seriously bloodied by the trap

The Vyrleen crawls into the safe zone, barely avoiding the next slam of the ceiling as it continues to violently hammer up and down.

02:57 – Noting the timing of the slamming roof, Ormid leaps in and scrabbles over the Warforged to get to the ceiling where he has spotted something that could be an access panel.

03:00 – Balancing precariously on the Warforged's shoulders, swaying like a drunkard, the artificer repeatedly crosses the wrong wires and actually speeds the trap up with his fumbled attempts at disarming it!

03:01 – Noting the human's general lack of dexterity, Llewellyn screams at him to get down and let him scramble up. Ormid, irritated at his companions continued lack of faith in his skills (and somehow oblivious to the fact that he is unable to safely disable the trap whilst wildly swaying atop the warriors shoulders) initially refuses, but is forced to step down with a tug from the Warforged.

03:02 – By far the more dexterous of the two, the Vyrleen leaps up and swiftly disables the trap, leaving Ormid flustered and blustering.

03:03 – Determined to show the rest of the group, the Artificer quickly surges forwards and grabs the bulb that puts him in contact with the psychic locks awareness.

Suddenly engaged in a psychic game of asteroids, the artificer quickly works out that in order to open the lock he must actually lose the contest of wills.

03:05 – The doors open wide – but immediately begin to close again!!!!!

The group leap through, all of them cursing as they realise that they are being forced to go on without being given the luxury of ensuring their safety.

The party find themselves in a long corridor, heavily decorated with alien carvings. There is no apparent exit, and a moment after they enter, the wall at the far end begins to slide with terrible inexorable momentum towards them.

Llewellyn, convinced that the parties weight on the floor is triggering the trap leaps on the wall, whilst Brundorson and the Warforged move to try and slow down the walls crushing advance.

The wall presses on, initially pushing the warriors back, and reducing the space in the corridor by about half. At first no one is able to find any way out of the trap. But then Gyllithed notices something hidden amongst the carvings; some kind of mechanism

Ormid attempts to join in with the warriors (with no success), whilst the Vyrleen disables the mechanism.

Oh. Despite the mechanism being clearly disabled,the wall continues to press forwards, though now with less force.

Another control box is spotted just in front of where the wall is. With a grunt the warriors push the wall back a little way, and Llewellyn disables another section of the mechanism....but still the wall advances...

03:07 – The warriors force the wall back with some difficulty, and reveal a third control box. This is disabled, but the wall, significantly weakened, rolls on...

03:08 – A fourth box is revealed as the wall is pushed back, and as it is disabled, the wall stops advancing, rolls back, and slides into the roof, revealing an ironbound door.

03:10 – After another psychic lock is disarmed, the door is opened...

A vast chamber, flanked by three great ironbound, runestruck doors is revealed, its ceiling lost in darkness. A huge iron Statue bearing a massive sword covered in runes stands across from the group, flanked by two intricately carved skulls of lead and flickering green fire.

The group launch an attack on the skulls before they can activate, as Ormid recognises them for what they are; Flameskull guardians, and the statue, and Iron Golem...

Unfortunately, as the guardians activate a trap is triggered, and all the air from the chamber begins to be blasted out!

03:11 – Gyllithed calls upon ancient spirits to hold the Flameskulls and the Iron Golem in place as the group move in. The Flameskulls are quickly taken down but...

...the battle with the Iron Golem is a different matter. The massively potent construct deals horrible damage with its blade and arcane toxins, and it is only thanks to several expert blows from Brundorson (AT FRIKKIN LAST), that the thing is brought down before it can slay the whole group.

With the air rapidly thinning, the group launch into searching the vaults for the missing items (grabbing a couple for themselves in the process).

All the group are weakened by the decompressing chambers fleeting atmosphere, but they are able to find the items they need, and to get back to the portal chamber without passing out.

The portal is activated, but all the group look rather worriedly at the shimmering and unstable nature of the Gate...what is going on?

Realising that death by suffocation is rapidly approaching, the leap through anyway...

As soon as the group enter the portal they realise something is very wrong. Violent unseen energies lash at them, and they will feel themselves being pulled in all directions at once. For a brief instant they materialise on the deck of a ship, somewhere within the docks of the Neogi vessel, amidst a thronging hoard of savage looking men, all geared up for battle and bearing the symbol of a black wolves skull against an eclipsed sun. Several of these men spot the group, and one of them begins to undergo a horrific transformation, his features shifting into that of a hybrid man-wolf with dagger like teeth, long curving claws, and powerful, wiry muscles!

However, before anyone can attack, the group are surrounded by a flickering aura of dimensional disruption, and they vanish, re-appearing somewhere else – a dark place, crawling with horrific energies. It is pitch black, but the group manage to glimpse several colossal somethings , crouched in the darkness, surrounded by a dim purple aura, and connected to vast snaking cables and pipes...

...Another teleportation and the group arrive in their final destination...though it is not the one they were planning on!

The group arrive in a plush chamber, hung about with gossamer veils which are delicately and complexly decorated with raised patterns (Dwaer'Syth tapestries), a number of deep bean bags, and all manner of other soft furnishing. A huge hookah packed with some whitish substance, a large crystalline sphere set in an ornate bronze stand and more cushions fill a circular, stepped depression in the middle of the room. Several large tanks stand free around the sunken area, filled with albino salamanders. Several other jars on stands contain what appear to be living brains. A half-eaten brain lies glistening on a small polished marble table next to one of the beanbags.

As soon as the group enter the chamber they sense a powerful sense of surprise, and a psychic exclamation aimed their way of “what?”. This is Oozulg they realise...

Oh dear - next game is tomorrow!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

You may not be familliar...

...with the monsters of the D&D game, so here are some links to help out!

Illithid (Mind Flayer) - actually an unnamed race in my games, though many just call them "squid heads" or "brain eaters". Ancient alien species that have incredible mental powers, and consider most other species food...just food...or slaves....actually....

Amusing Illithid Toon

Neogi - Nasty little buggers. About the size of a small dog, but always accompanied by much tougher brutes who do the killing for them. Venomous and not without their own mental powers, these horrors are consumate slavers and psychopaths...not nice!

Sorry it's Late - last Session report

Next game is tonight....forgot to get this posted...apologies!

20:42 - Catching their breath as the lift descends, the suddenly find themselves facing a human male and an illithid – Marix and his ally perhaps?

After a few tense moments, Llewellyn introduces himself and breaks the ice – though Ormid remains highly suspicious.

Marix, apparently as eager to make peace with the group as (some of) them, quickly grows alarmed, realising that a patrol is surely about to arrive.

20:45 - He ushers the group into a side room (a workshop of some kind), and noting their wounds and generally weary state, asks the illithid to drain some fluid from one of the stasis tanks.

The glutinous, green goo is given to the group, and they are told that is will allow them to gain the benefits of a full nights sleep in only a couple.

20:55 - Ormid is still wary, and waits until other party members have taken some before finally – and grudgingly – doing the same

From the main corridor come raised voices, and Marix's own voice; “I haven't seen anyone slave. Go now, and search elsewhere” - all this accompanied by a subtle psychic pressure.

The group rest...


01:25 – 01:45 - After the group have awoken, fed, and explored the workshop a little, they are met by Marix and Mulgey (the illithid).

Marix explains that he and Mulgey are charged with maintaining the vessels hibernation suites, the artifice peripheral engines and a whole bunch of other mechanical systems on the ship.

Mulgey is a spawn mate of Oozulg – the Illitihid who dwells in the foredecks with the three Neogi slavers who run this vessel, keeping the slaves obedient through the use of a Psychic Control device, and overseeing the sedation of the massive creatures – Gigorim of some kind – used a living fuel cells for the vessels life-leecher engines.

Marix has had enough of this place and seeks escape. Mulgey also seeks escape – though it also wants to feed on the salty brain fluids and dying dread of its spawn mate, who it feels betrayed it.

To this end, they want to help the group escape...

With regards to the slaves – as explained they are all “plugged in” to the ships enslavement matrix; a psychic relay that allows control and also communication.

Neither Marix or Mulgey (or the Gear Gorgryn) are connected to this, as it hugely impedes the ability to think for themselves, problem solving ability and general lucidity – fine for menial or violent tasks done by expendable biffs, not so good for someone fixing your engines or life support!

As the doors are mostly warded with psychic locks, and the mental “passwords” are relayed to those that need them via the psychic network, Marix and Mulgey have been given special “keys” which allow them to both open many doors, and to command slaves linked to the enslavement matrix.

Marix gives this to the group – a triangle of faintly luminous translucent crystal, shot through with what appear to be nerves, slices of tissue and pulsing crystals, that is disconcertingly warm to the touch

With regards to the crew held in stasis – all the command crew of both the Wanderer and the Jack of Swords are in stasis here, as well as several powerful Gorgoth and pirates – all destined for the slave markets of Dal'Shen.

Something else is also in stasis, sealed away in a specially sealed container. Neither Mulgey or Marix know – or want to know – what this is.

Marix explains that the crew will take a few hours to “defrost” (as he calls it), and states that they will be very groggy and weak at first. He suggests that their escape will trigger a ship wide alert, and that the group will have to fight their way back to the docks and escape.

To prevent a massacre therefore, he suggest that the group try to breach the
Neogi's treasure vaults; a heavily warded place accessed through a portal.

Marix warns that although the key will get the group to the gate room via a number of access ports and repair ducts (bypassing the numerous Golems and traps that ward the “proper” way), it will not allow for safe passage through the portal leading to the vaults, or within the vaults. He also warns that a theft from the vaults will almost certainly alert Oozulg (at least) to their activities.

The group mull all they have been told over. They consider trying to fly the Wanderer by themselves, but realise that this is not possible.

Eventually they decide to get the slumbering individuals gear, and to take one of the ships with them to crew it – too bad for all the other crew enslaved by the psi matrix.

Marix gives each party member a healing balm and they head off...

01:50 – 02:25 – The group use the psionic key to work their way towards the portal room, commanding enslaved Umber Hulks to open vast doors, commanding imposing rune-struck Clay Golems to ignore them, and opening doors that would be impossible to safely breach otherwise.

Eventually, guided as much by the building sense of psychical as well as physical “pressure” the group come to the gate chamber...and Ormid almost cries with professional passion and joy at the sheer complexity and genius of the psi-arcane portal; a living construct that utilizes thought energy and artifice to maintain a dimensional link to a distant locale – almost certainly on a planet somewhere!

02:25 – 02:35 - Llewellyn and Ormid work together and an alarm set on the gate is disabled.

With no other dangers apparent, the group pass through the shadowy maw of the portal...


02:36 – A small chamber; the floor carved with a teleport circle, the only exit a set of heavy stone and metal doors, inscribed with the likeness of a Neogi face. In front of it; a small glass tube set in the floor bearing a bulb at its end. Within the bulb a tiny, perfectly formed brain floats within a clear fluid, its spinal nerves hanging down the length of the tube.

Llewellyn, fearless as always grabs hold of the brain bulb...

...And is suddenly in some other place...a shining being of mental energy strides towards him, and lashes out with pseudopods of glowing psychic power. Acting on reflex, the Vyrleen dodges, realising that actions “here” are purely mental. The shimmering mass of emotions and thoughts attacks again, and the Vyrleen conjures up a weapon of mental energy, and strikes back wounding it....

meanwhile, back in the chamber, the group see the rogue suddenly stiffen as he touches the bulb, the colour draining from his face. Eyes glazed, he twitches and grunts softly, suddenly bleeding from his nose as...

...The beams of energy rip into him, erasing parts of his mental self (and he senses doing more real damage). Still far from hurt, the Vyrleen prepares to launch a counter attack, having seriously wounded the entity only...suddenly....

Fearing for his life and sanity, the group pull Llewellyn away, breaking the link with the psychic lock, and hurting him as mental trauma tears through his brain.

02:40 – Feeling he has a better chance that the Vyrleen, Ormid takes hold of the bulb...

Ormid faces (in his psi-scape) a great robot of artifice, and is nearly killed by it (ironically doing far worse, despite much higher stats, than the Vyrleen rogue), before he finally manages to put it down!

02:41 – The doors open revealing a truly vast chamber of black crystalline metal, carved here and there with neogi glyphs.

02:42 - Across from the entrance another identical door stands...fearing a trap, the group are cautious. Ormid a little dazed from his encounter with the psyche of the lock summons his Onyx Hound and sets it to wander across the chamber and to nuzzle the far door.

Meanwhile, Llewellyn search the chamber, missing the true exit (by about 5 points; the exact penalty he got for doing a ”general sweep of the whole chamber”, rather than a focused search)

02:43 – The summoned creature nuzzles the door...and all hell is let loose!

Several Fire Elemental Archons are summoned, as well as a searing cloud of fiery gasses...battle commences, and the group painfully, and slowly make headway against their weird foes (though yet again, a shame faced Brundorson proves a most ineffective ally).

02:50 – The group catch their breath after the battle. All are badly wounded.

02:55 – Llewelly find the real exit.