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Friday, 26 February 2010

Pre War Session - 22/2/2010

09:41 – There is no time to tarry. Stopping the storm is impossible and with an army of horrors likely to begin surging towards them, the group, battered, bleeding, and succumbing to the storm, turn around and run for their lives.

09:41 – 11:10 – A nightmare, headlong run at full speed through the deadly storm, pursued by their unseen enemies. Pushing themselves and the magic of the steeds to their limits, the group make excellent headway, taking advantage of their prior knowledge of the area, and using the distortions of the steeds substance as a rough guide as to the direction of the portal (and therefore, Point Constant relative to it).

As they race through the deadly terrain, leaping over razor ice and gritting their teeth against the deadly bite of the freezing winds, they hear a deep blare from behind them, as if of a great war horn, and feel a deep sense of dread stir within them.

Eventually they lose their monstrous pursuers in the screaming blur, and shortly after break free of the storms' edge.

11:20 – The group, shivering with fright and cold, half unconscious from the wounds they received and almost gibbering with fear, enter Point Constant again.

11:21 – 11:40 – The group give Ezloz and Caspian a quick run down of the situation, and help them complete their battle map of the region beyond the storm. The Ghaerduun is briefly overwhelmed by the magnitude of what they face, but she quickly gathers her wits, and tells the group to rest up, for she fears their trials are far from over.

11:41 – 12:00 – The group get a bit to eat, and are bombarded with questions from the other folks at the station. When they tell the gathered experts and soldiers about the ziggurat, they are met with derision and disbelief from a few, silent shock from the rest.

12:00 – 18:45 – The group rest up, and all except Ormid enjoy a brief succor from the horrors they are tangled with.

Ormid finds his dreams troubled. Old memories of bad times come alive once more, and he feels his anxiety and weariness increasing. Then, he finds himself sitting in a comfortable bar he once knew as a young man, the sun slanting in through paned glass windows, picked out in the pipesmoke that hangs in blue bands in the air. The atmosphere is welcoming, familiar. He feels safe.


He knows this cannot be real. He knows that this very inn burned down when he was in his early twenties; destroyed by the predations of the Gorgoth, its owners and the patrons in there slain in a horrific massacre, and deep within himself he knows that something is very, very wrong.

Then he finds himself eating a gorgeous meal of steak and kidney pie, with roasted vegetables and a delicious onion sauce. The steam curls up, fragrant and rich, and he takes a mouthful of the cold, “Old Beyard's Scrumpy” that sits by his plate.

“Nice to be back isn't it” says a handsome, urbane man across the table, his delicate, manicured fingers parted around a neatly rolled Tabac.

Ormid frowns. Something within him is screaming silently that this man is dangerous, that he is not, cannot, be what he seems. Then, the artificer notices the fingers...there are too four...

The man gives a cold laugh, and his eyes turn empty and cold. The warm sunlight bleeds pale and cold, and the comforting aura of the bar is suddenly masked by a cold, ancient hunger, an ineffable evil that threatens to overwhelm the sleeping artificer and crush his sanity.

“Why can't you mortals just accept that things are as they seem” laments the daemon, “What is this inbuilt need to ruin everything.”

He tuts.

“You owe me artificer, and I think I know a way you can repay your debt and achieve your goals.”

The artificer, against his better sense manages to ask how, his voice appearing in the room without him actually speaking, his throat thick and sore.

“I have only hatred for the Gennamene, and know much about them, their stronghold and their ways. I also have many scores to settle in the physical universe, which in my current, banished state, I cannot attend to.
“I therefore propose a mutually beneficial pact.”

Ormid is revolted, but almost against his will finds himself asking what this would involve.

The daemon smiles, takes a long pull on the tabac, and slowly exhales a long thread of blue smoke. His smile is vile, full of the evil of the pit; the smile of a cat as it closes in on its prey.

“I know the rune sequence for a teleport circle within the ziggurat's heart, close to the gigantic mechanism – a soul engine – that keeps the whole thing afloat. Summon me to the physical plane and let me loose to do my work, and I shall bestow upon you this sequence.
“The Gennamene are not what you think they are. They are ancient, powerful and almost impossible to truly put down. I know how this can be done, and I owe them a debt of vengeance for my long imprisonment within that thing you faced.

Ormid struggles against the dream, trying to wake himself up. He has no intention of making pact with a daemon, knowing full well that daemons are lies made manifest and cannot, must not, be trusted or dealt with. However, his voice floats around him, projected by that destructive part of his being that we all have. 


The daemon's grin widens, his teeth sharp, his eyes now slitted. The comforting pub fades to a ghost image, superimposed over nothingness...

“A scroll with the rituals needed to call me exists, buried in a tomb...”

The daemon never finishes his words, for Ormid suddenly finds his strength, grabbing hold of his revulsion and arcane power and forcing the dream away...forcing the real world into this distortion.

A cold wind howls into the bar, sweeping at the smoke, and tearing at the daemon. The wind grows colder, and the walls and furnishings begin to melt into shadow. Beyond the fabric of the inn, the artificer sees a terrible, hungry void, filled with alien, malign sentience, and he struggles to maintain his sanity as the darkness lurches forwards, trying to pull him back before wakefulness steals him away...

...But it fails, and Ormid, soaked in sweat, panting with panic, jerks awake with the gasp of a drowning man sucking in his first lungful of air.

19:30 – The group meet with Ezloz after freshening up and eating a small breakfast. The Ghaerduun looks exhausted, and sounds bone tired. She informs the group that she has been trying to fathom a way to end the storm and buy their forces a break in the upcoming battles. She also informs the group that there are reports that the soldiers of the two war hosts are getting restless, and that the host commanders are becoming worried that unless they are unleashed soon, they could break free and either charge to their deaths in the storm, or simply seek other game – the city of Uln'Hülder being the nearest sport.

The group discuss various plans with the Ghaerduun, and they conclude that the only feasible way of closing the portal and handicapping the enemy, is to somehow generate a portal of sufficient magnitude within the existing gate to trigger a massive release of energy (according to “Kelter's first Principle”).

The problem is getting a portal open in the right spot, which is deep within the city, as well as how to generate a portal of sufficient power to create a catastrophic release of energy.

Then Ezloz has an idea. She tells the group about an old associate who is obsessed with dimensional magics and portals – one Leskin Holdt. Holdt, she explains, recently sent her an invite to an expedition to Anathar, the Lesser Risen Isle – one of the continents that was lost for the whole 2nd Age, which returned when the planet was reformed at the start of the 3rd Age; a place of ancient magic, where remnants of the progenitor races are found, and where powerful magics beyond reckoning can be found. Holdt was talking about having found hints of an “Settari portal device” and was being supported by the hoary city of Iradesh to seek these out. In his communication he included the rune sequence of a portal he would be using to reach an area close to the site.

Ezloz feels that if the group could persuade Leskin to turn his thoughts towards their problem, he could come up with a solution. She also states that she will communicate a number of mage schools to see if they can help, though she makes it clear that she holds little hope of that.

The group agree to find Leskin, and Ezloz warns them that Leskin can be “difficult” and that “although quite brilliant, he is arrogant, single minded and snobbish”. In order to help introductions, she gives the group a letter.

20:30 – 21:00 – The group prepare for their journey to the tropical coast of Anathar.

21:00 – A portal is opened to Anathar, and the group step through...

21:01 – ...Into a dark chamber of ancient stone, who's cyclopean floor is covered by a thin layer of white sand and piles of dried, dead leaves.

The group take in their surroundings, noting that the rock is an unusual basalt like stone, mottled green and grey, and carved with curling runes and rounded glyphs. The air is uncomfortably warm after their time In the bitter cold of the arctic and the portal, and all the group feel suddenly crushed by its oppressive weight. Large sections of the floor are missing, leaving black spaces from which issues the distant sound of gently surging waters and a soft, salty breeze – a mirror to the distant sounds of breakers whispering from outside.

A single door leads from this place, leading to a sandy, sloped avenue, lined by swaying coconut and green-nut palms. Silhouetted in the doorway, his back to the group, is a male human. He smokes a bundle of twigs, and coughs harshly between inhalations.

The group are silent as they try to weigh him up, and Llewellyn quietly creeps right up behind him, before brightly saying “Hi there!”

The man – a young human in his late teens or early twenties – freaks! He screams, soils himself and generally goes to pieces.

21:02 - Unfortunately, it seems his wailing has attracted the attention of several predators in the nearby jungle; three huge panther like creatures with midnight blue fur, six powerful legs, and growing from each of its shoulder, a flexible tentacle. They shimmer and gleam strangely as they move, and Ormid recognises them as Shift Cats (Displacer Beasts).

At sight of these things, the human goes into shock and falls to the ground sobbing. Llewellyn drags him back into the temple, and the monsters suddenly pounce; moving with terrible speed an agility.

21:03 – 21:05 – The group battle the monsters. One falls into the darkness below the temple as a section of floor gives out an collapses. The other two are somewhat contained by the oily breath of Ferrous. One of the monsters is much larger than the other two, but in truth, the monsters pose little threat to the party, and they are slain quite quickly.

21:05 – Outside the temple, thfree more humans charge towards the scene of the battle, screaming “Leave him alone” in trade.

21:06 – The boy on the floor with the group is dragged to his feet, sobbing, a long thread of gob hanging from his bottom lip. “We haven't hurt him” shouts Ormid, as the warforged begins sawing the head off the largest Shift Cat.

The three skid to a halt outside the temple, their faces a mix of competing emotions; anger, fear, concern, hate. One, a Kai'Yassanian male with strong features, draws a tiny pocket knife, whilst the female – young, with the olive complexion and dark eyes of an Iradeshian – begins to scream at the group to “Let Merlan go!”

21:10 - It takes some effort (especially when Veteran tears the monsters head free in a burst of gore and ripping sounds), but the group eventually convince the four that they mean no harm. The three newcomers are Andrew Northwynn (human male Fey), Yuan Shi (human male, Kai'Yassan) and Cassiopeia Axus (Female Human, Iradesh).

The four agree to take the party to their camp, to talk further (Cassiopeia hugging Merlan and whispering to him in the manner of a concerned lover).

21:12 – 21:30 – At the camp wait two more youngsters; Tanuba Nurai (Male, Human, Dohr'Khustan) and a male Ghaerduun named Hassafar Nemen (from Fey); the former unconscious with Sleeping Ague, the other too afraid to head out.

The group ask the group who they are and they reply that they are students of archaeology and xeno-artifice, who volunteered to accompany a professor at Iradesh on an expedition to uncover some Settari ruins he had seen hinted at in some ancient stelae he uncovered in the athenaeum's artefact repository. When asked, they reveal that the professor's name is Leskin Holdt.

At this point Ardwaine goes to have a look at Tanuba, in order to see if she can help his fever break. Meanwhie the group ask the students where Leskin is.

Their hatred of Holdt is plain to see. They explain that they arrived here (along with another five students) some time ago, and at first enjoyed a good working relationship. However, after the accidental death of one student in the bogs near to this site (Camp A), a schism split the group when Leskin announced he wanted to enter the swamps and look there for the ruins.

Four of his students were happy to accompany him, whilst the remaining six refused and demanded that Leskin send them home.

Leskin scornfully refused.

He then insulted them, took most of their food and fresh water, and told them that when they got hungry or thirsty enough they should come and join him and the four.

That was two weeks ago. The Six have found food nearby and have located a small spring of bitter waters which, whilst unpleasant tasting, are not poisonous. They have experimented with the local flora and found several local plants to be edible, and have been catching and cooking the pale crabs that crawl along the white sand beaches at dusk.

However, they are homesick, frightened, and furious with Leskin.

They explain that Holdt and the four headed to the northwest, through the volcanic swamps “where something big and weird waits” and possibly beyond. They mention that the area is often shaken by earthquakes, and that a pall of smoke is visible a little further north, though its source is not.

They also make it clear that they hope Leskin is dead.

21:30 – 22:00 – Ormid thanks the students, and as reward, uses the ancient teleport circle in the temple to open a portal to Lorehaven, allowing the students to at least reach civilisation.

22:00 – 22:20 – The group search the camp for any useful items, and uncover some alchemical torches, a few flasks of strong acid, and a couple of curious unstable “blast patches”; alchemical traps.

22:21 – The group head northwest from the camp, and into the swamps beyond.

22:21 – 00:00 – The group ride spectral steeds summoned by Ormids rituals. With these fabulous mounts they are able to fly through the deadly morass, and monster haunted waters of the bogs.

As they head further northwest, they encounter increasing signs of subterranean volcanic activity; bogs with boiling mud, geysers and areas of mangrove thick with the stink of sulphur and clouds of fetid steam. At one point they spot something massive and tentacled swimming through the slime-wreathed waters of a deep lake. They get a hint of a wide mouth filled with teeth, and three massive eyes set on a single stalk...but outrun it before they are forced to get a closer look. The group also notice (and indeed, were warned by the students) that the amphibians in the swamp hunt in packs, and bear unnatural fangs. Even the lowliest frogs sport sharp teeth and a base cunning.

29/1/50 (on Anathar; heavy tropical rains and thunder through morning, clear and chill evening)

00:00 – 00:10 – The group leave the vile stinking swamps behind and guide their shining mounts through dense and dark jungle that grows on the steep sides of the great bowl in which the swamp rests.

00:11 – The jungle begins to thin out and the group can see ahead an open area of ruins, overgrown with sharp-grass and other weeds, and illuminated with alchemical torches. In the distance the massive form of a slumbering volcano fumes and rumbles, and the group can see plumes of steam rising from several distant points scattered around the site – volcanic vents.

00:11 – 00:20 – The group cautiously move towards the edge of the ruins, and are suddenly surrounded by brilliant magical light. Voices are raised in the distance, and the party prepare to either fight or to use diplomacy, depending on how they are received.

00:21 – Five figures move carefully forwards; four younger people and a confident looking man with wiry, curly hair, a shaggy beard, and a large, black, oiled shotgun pointed at the party – Leskin Holdt.

00:22 – 00:25 – After some initial mistrust, the group manages to convince Leskin to read the letter of introduction from Ezloz. Frowning, the Upper Malgorothian grudgingly invites the party into the camp, to talk.

00:26 – 00:35 – The group are lead from the jungle across an open area, towards several tents. Within the open area stands a vast monument (it seems) of impossible age; a number of glyph inscribed triangles of flinty stone, set at various, apparently random points around a central structure that looks like two of the triangles set together at right-angles.

Closer examination reveals that each triangle is set upon a circular ring of separate stone, each ring (almost totally hidden by the weeds that scrabble over them) bearing fragments of vast runes. Ormid realises that if the triangles were aligned, so too would these vast runes be properly aligned. His artificers soul senses that this mechanism harbours a terrible, destructive potential, and he is simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by it.

As if sensing the artificers interest, Leskin asks him what he thinks the structure is. Ormid replies that he feels it has something to do with opening portals, and Leskin, slightly impressed, explains that he theorises it is actually a weapon capable of projecting and then collapsing a portal at any teleport circle the activator knows the rune sequence for. He surmises that it could devastate a huge area, though with growing frustration he explains that activating the device would require a ritual of some kind – currently lost – and for it to be powered up properly - not possible due to a lack of Settari energy crystals.

00:36 – 01:20 – The group explain to Leskin about the portal over the Grey Sea, the ziggurat city, and the need to collapse the portal. The Upper Malgorothian seems highly amused, and clearly does not believe a word of it. However, he tells the group that if they help him reactivate the (possibly) Settari weapon, his first target will be a teleport circle within the ziggurat.

“If everything is as you describe it, the appearance of this weapons projection within the event horizon of a portal of that magnitude would create an almost unimaginable release of energy through Kelter's First Principle – possibly enough to destroy it in one fell swoop.”

Ormid and Veteran both share an uneasy glance, suddenly fully grasping the epic power of this thing...if it truly is what Leskin feels it to be. Ormid also realises that they do not have the rune sequence for a teleport circle within the Gennamene stronghold, and that the only avenue open to getting one would be...


But they have no choice.

Even after Leskin explains that the ritual needed to activate the device will be somewhere within the main ruins – currently buried under the volcano – and that he would like them to recover it, they feel obliged to agree, trying to ignore the omens as the fiery peak rumbles and an earth tremor shakes the area with a voice like buried thunder.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Just a quick heads up!

Next session report should land tonight - tomorrow morning at the latest. I have been a bit distracted by the Secret Armoury of General Knoxx, and so have not been writing things up.

By midnight tonight, you should...maybe...have it!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Post War Session - 16/2/2010 (Part 3)

23:00 – The group get some sleep after discussing the revelations and planning what to do (the group plan to go to the trade district to purchase a mount for Emmiven whilst they wait for instructions from Archevult).

10/4/1472 (Bright and clear. Cold in the evening. Light frost)

07:00 – A mysterious messenger, dressed in the shifting, spectral robes and mirrored face mask of a Merriel'Shaavite arrives in the main taproom of the Skyfishers Lodge and asks to speak with the group.

07:15 – The party come down, and the thing silently passes them a scroll bearing the seal of the Unified Order, written on their unique parchment. Opening the scroll (after a quick check for any traps), it is apparently sent by a representative of the Order named Rubus. He writes that he has been authorized to deal with “their little problem”, and asks that it be brought to his home – a tower at the edges of the temple plaza where the Unified Order headquarters is located – at noon this day.

07:18 – 08:30 – The messenger bows silently and departs, and the group sit down to discuss their plans in light of this.

It is decided, that whilst Grigori, Schnecke and Emmiven venture out into the mercantile district in order to try and find the Warlord a mount and to sell some of the enchanted items the group have accumulated over their adventures, Varracuda, Seren and Jaeger will meet with the mysterious Rubus Orellio. The group feel that it would be foolish to take the vial along with them (the assassin doubly so after the warnings issued by Archevult), and so it is given to the priest to guard whilst they shop.

08:30 – 10:00 – The group spend some time resting up before their busy day, and Seren thanks Jaegar for his part in getting her promoted, the assassin explaining who Archevult is, and passing on the Archmages warning about elements within the Order wanting the vial for their own dark purposes.

During this time Jaegar visits Adrielle, and asks her what has happened to the blade. He learns to his horror that the sword was taken to the Merriel'Shaavite temple at first light by several of her allies. This horror only increases when he learns that they have taken the most direct route, and that despite leaving over an hour ago, the men have not returned.

10:00 – Grigori, Emmiven and Schnecke leave the inn to visit the market district.

11:00 – Seren, Jaegar and Varracuda leave to find Rubus' tower.


10:20 – The three adventurers arrive in the bustling market district, taking in its sights and sounds, pleasant and not so pleasant. They spend some time arguing over prices with the various hawkers and merchants, getting some reasonable prices for the items they have, before heading over to a hot and stinking sector where numerous merchant sell a wide variety of animals – both mundane and more unusual.

11:30 - Whilst haggling with one farrier, the group are approached by a dark skinned woman, who whispers to them that “cheaper and better horses” “aelwyn horses captured during the wars” are being sold on the sly by merchants operating out of a tannery in the industrial spires. She offers to show the group where this is.

Emmiven however – not trusting this woman and her apparent desire to get their group into unfamiliar ground - pretends not to speak Trade, instantly offending her as she had just witnessed him speaking to the merchant. She leaves, spitting a few choice words at the group as she goes.

12:05 – After finishing their business in the markets (Emmiven fails to find a mount worthy of him), the three head back to the Skyfishers Lodge to await the return of their allies.

12:10 – As they move through one of the subways that link the various spire districts, they are approached by a squad of figures dressed in Merriel'Shaavite vestments, their faces hidden behind mirrored masks, the only identifiable symbol being a rune flickering in front of each masks middle – the rune of Rubus Orellio.

As the figures approach the group one hails them in the mechanical voice of a Warforged. When they reply no more words are exchanged. The figures draw weapons or shimmer as they draw magic into themselves...and attack!!!


11:40 – The three arrive at the perimeter of Rubus' home. Gleaming walls of rune carved stone reach upwards, framing a luminous gate of pale metal, watched over by two robed humanoids bearing glowing staves of power. They show the guardians the scroll, and the gate fades open.

11:42 – 11:50 – The group move through beautifully manicured gardens filled with exotic plants and strange sculptures charged with elemental energies; statues that weep tears of fire that become water then ice, sculptures rendered in mist and lightning, and more mundane carvings made from rare varieties of marble or other semi-precious stones. The tower itself is a soaring thing of white stone, heavily carved with leering gargoyles and grotesques. Flying buttresses, carved with massive support runes arc up to dizzying heights, and the whole thing shimmers with a hundred warding spells, the air around it almost glowing with power.

11:51 – 11:53 – The three enter the front door of the tower, and find themselves in a large, ornate reception chamber. The floor is polished marble; Brudd's Milk marble from the four lost western kingdoms and another variety that is shot through with golden swirls.

At the far end of the chamber waits the open door to a highly decorated lift. Two hulking warforged, plated in grey and gold and bearing Rubus' glyph, wait either side, and bid the party enter the lift.

11:53 – 11:54 – Magic flickers through control runes as the lift silently shoots upwards. The doors open, and the group see a long corridor (much too long to physically exist within the boundaries of the tower they just entered) ahead, flanked by ornate alcoves and carpeted with rich grey and gold.

In two of the alcoves tower massive, white stone statues of naked, athletic men in the style of ancient Iradesh. Seren realises with a jolt that they are golems of some kind – almost certainly powerful opponents that would have cost a fortune.

11:55 – The group move down the corridor and reach a jewelled door at the far end. As the approach it, it slides silently open revealing an opulent chamber beyond, in which waits the towers owner.

The chamber beyond is also far too large to fit within the tower. The walls are white marble, and the ceiling is made from arched panes of glass, through which blue skies and racing white clouds can be seen. The grey and gold carpet continues along the middle of the room, ending at the foot of a large, ornate desk of Greywood, which stands atop a low dais of white marble. Either side of the room, flanking the carpets length, curl elaborate looped relief, engraved with thrumming runes of power (Seren recognizes that within each of the six curls lurks a dormant portal).

On the desk (which bears an elaborate glyph on the panel facing the group; a blending of the Crown of Merriel symbol and Rubus' personal glyph) are neat piles of books, and a curious bell jar of a shimmering, glassy material, sat atop a runed plate of lead.

“Welcome my friends” booms a man as he rises from his carved throne behind the desk, “I am Rubus Orellio”.

He is in his late 30's, and is a slightly rotund man with a gleaming bald spot barely hidden by a comb-over. He wears simple robes of red and gold, and seems to bear only a single golden ring set with a winking onyx. He smiles and bids the group sit in the elegant darkwood chairs he has set around the desk, before asking them where the alleged vial is.

11:56 – 12:00 – Things do not go well. The man shows signs of barely restrained frustration when he learns the group have not brought the vial, and when Jaeger mentions Archevult's awareness of its presence in the city, he looses it. Rubus drops onto his throne, which immediately vanishes into a chute beneath. At the same time one of the portals flares to life, and a wave of dizzying evil, thick and choking pours in. A warding glyph flares up on the doors at the opposite end of the room, as a massive decayed thing – a bloated being that appears as an angel gone down into rancid, effervescent deliquescence – crawls, mewling into the chamber, filthy fluids and toxic gasses billowing out from it.

Staggering with horror, the trio draw weapons and summon their powers realising that they are trapped within the lair of a potent wizard, surrounded by his minions and wards, without any healers or front line fighters...

Friday, 19 February 2010

Post War Session - 16/2/2010 (Part 2)

18:35 – The group hire rooms at the Skyfishers Lodge; a pleasant inn owned by a slightly absent minded Ghaerduun (clearly distracted by the voices in his head) named Athex Xericomb, who gets so into telling the party about his youthful flights as a dirigible pilot that he forgets to ask for payment for their rooms. Much of the inn is built over the edge of the bridge city, and hangs over the precipitous drop into the white waters so very far below.

19:00 – 21:00 - After the group settle in, Seren, Adrielle and a little before Jaegar, leave to visit the Unified Order headquarters in the city, positioned in the eastern spire cities temple district.

The Assassin – in truth a well paid killer in the employ of the Unified Order – reports to Arch-Magus Archevult – Hero of the Unified Order, expert on strange and unusual magics and collector of people with strange talents. As always the Arch-Magus wears a full mask of intricately worked darksteel, and full robes of black, gold and silver. He sits on an ornate throne carved with runes of power and warding (which can be activated with a thought to protect him and his guards and to blast apart enemies), and is flanked by two deadly allies – the feared human psi-assassin Amanita, and the shimmering form of a chaotic spell caster he bound several years before.

Jaeger is paid for the skull plates from Quicksilver and Athame, and informed that there are other individuals that need “a visit”. The assassin then gives a full account of what he has seen whilst travelling with the party.

He speaks highly of Seren, and asks that Varracuda be given some slack (Archevult agrees to this, as long as Jaeger is willing to vouch for him, and to face the consequences should he prove dangerous). He also informs Archevult of Adrielle making it known to the group that he was a killer working for the Unified Order – a serious breach of protocol.

Archevult states that he will personally support Seren's promotion to the rank of Wizard, and assures Jaegar that Adrielle will be made aware of the impact of her actions.

Then the assassin tells him about the vial.

Archevult – usually the epitome of control – springs forwards in his seat, and his dark eyes seem to gleam with power from behind the slits in his mask. He very carefully asks Jaeger to be more specific, and when the assassin described the vial, its runes and then speaks of what they feel it to be (backed up by the attack on Greenford and the reanimation of the Gorgoth on the way here).

Archevult seems stunned. He then asks Jaeger to be very, very, very careful with the vial, and to the assassin's surprise, asks him not to bring it to the Unified Order or the church of Merriel'Shaava for destruction, stating that “there are those within these organisations who might just be tempted to seek power through its use, and I cannot risk that”. He tells the assassin that “I will send help, and when it arrives you will know. Until then, keep a lid on the vial and don't loose sight of it”.

He then dismisses the assassin after informing him that he will not be in Peregrine for much longer, but will be headed to Irin.


...Seren has reported to the Unified Order to register for her application for the rank of Wizard. She is therefore more than a little surprised when a servitor golem presents her with a scroll (bearing the black arcane seal of the Order, its paper shimmering with the flickering magical watermark that their official stationary carries), which informs her that she has already been granted the rank, and represented for it by non other than Archevult.

A little dazed, and unsure if this is a cruel (and very well played joke) she spots Adrielle moving through the foyer. She rushes up to her and shows her the scroll beaming. Adrielle snatches the scroll off her, and unfurls it. Anger plays over her face, and is then replaced with shock as she notes the signature at the bottom.
Paler than a ghost, Adrielle stalks from the headquarters and out into the night.

21:00 – 22:00 - On his way back to the Skyfishers Lodge, Jaeger stops off and speaks to some associates in the local underworld, and gets the low down on the current situation within the city. He learns that like all the cities in Fey, Peregrine is severely undermanned, as many of its soldiers are either dead, or are overseas, fighting the Vaesuurians. A large force of Warforged are stationed there however; the 19th Veteran Vanguard, the 52nd and 70th Adamant and the mages of the 8th Arcane Sentinel. There are four Warforged Titans there (“Vires”, “Infragilis Loricatus”, “Vigilo Proeliator“ and “Victum Rabies”), and numerous representatives of the Unified Order.

The Order are the de facto rulers of Peregrine at the moment, the Falcon Council being too fearful / grateful to them to deny them anything they ask, and there has recently been a strong push to “Reveal hidden workers of dark magics”. Paranoia about “Aelwyn sympathisers” is running high, and the Order have worked hard to get the general populace to equate unregistered magic users with those who would support the departed Fey. Each day at noon public executions of “witches” and “traitors” occur in front of the temple tower of Merriel'Shaava in the middle city (its temple spire), usually by burning at the stake, or crushing under weights. A rare few are beheaded by rune blades, their souls being flayed before the horrified crowds. These events are popular amongst the population, and gives them some illusion of control. Vendors of all manner of grisly souvenirs ply their trade there, and the polished skulls of past victims – struck with warding runes to keep their souls from returning and wreaking havoc – are displayed in grim stacks around the execution grounds.

This Order fed fanaticism has also spawned increasing mistrust of all non-humans / non-dundorin, with even Vyrleen and Ghaerduun finding themselves being held under suspicion (the Unified Order do not condone this racism, but appreciate the fact that it keeps the people vigilant for anyone possibly using magic against their orders or strictures).

A “human power” group calling itself the “Sons of the New Creed” has recently begun to stage protests against non-human businesses and even the Warforged, calling for them to be driven from “Human lands”, and made to stay apart. At present they are seen as a rabble, but there is power behind them. The Order are currently making plans to bring these folks to justice, as they recognise their potential to bring harm to their own plans.

There has been little news of the war so far away in the south, and the general population are starting to grow angry about their menfolk being so far away for so long. Rumours of gathering masses of greenskins and the spread of new and alien plagues is only fuelling this anger, and there have been a number of riots of late. To try and quell this simmering anger, the Falcon Council have staged a number of processions where the Falcon Knights swoop over the city in a show of arms, and the Warforged Titans are regularly sent out with large bands of Warforged and mercenaries to hunt down and crush any enemies in the local region.

There are stories of a great scarlet Dracani being spotted over the eastern reaches of the Southguard Mountains, and some believe this terrible beast is the one marshalling the greenskin hoards.

Jaeger also learns that an old, old nemesis of his – a wererat named Skythiss – is back in the city, and is up to his old tricks (the assassin cut off his tale in an epic battle five years ago, after hunting him down for his part in promoting the vile religion of Skeer'Tesh, an aspect of the Sarrax'Thag'Naestra).

Jaegar makes a mental note to visit him at some future point.

23:00 – The group get some sleep after discussing the revelations.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Post War Session - 16/2/2010 (Part 1)

5/4/1472 (Bright initially, then clouds over. Cold rain by nightfall whilst temperatures continue to fall)

12:00 – Thane Arundunas is lain to rest in the Royal vaults beneath the throne room, besides his two uncorrupted sons.

6/4/1472 (Cold drizzle and later some sleet)

09:30 – 12:00 - The Geldorag'Drudge grudge bearer's - a frightening band of spike armoured, scarred dundorin bearing the standard of their clan and the dour, stylized dundorin face symbol of Baldorgar (Dundiir God of Vows, Honour, Debts and Grudges) – arrive outside the northern fortifications of Karrag'Durzal, and their leader (a more soberly attired Dundorin who's quiet voice carries over the distance with lethal calm and authority) immediately demands the head of Thane Arundunas and of his two eldest sons. He then reels off the many charges against the Thane, the most serious being the cowardly method he chose to try and remove their Thane, and the use of religiously “forbidden poisons” - toxins that are deigned unholy due to the Dundorin's lack of resistance to them.

Ásbjorn, flanked by several grim faced Durzal guards (for the group, being non-Dundiir must stay out of sight, or risk making the negotiations more difficult) addresses the gathered grudge bearer's and informs them of the Thanes death, as well as the deaths of all three of his sons. He tells them of the sorry state of the Durzal clan, and of the affliction that is even now killing them. He tells them of Thane Arundunas' madness, and of the daemonic influences of his youngest son, and asks them to be merciful; both for the sake of Clan Durzal, and their own clan, should the grudge bearers become exposed to the disease.

Initially anger and disbelief hammer the walls, thrown by the gathered Geldorag'Drudge. Accusations of deceit and cowardice ring forth, and threats of a great war are presented with grim credibility. However, after a short while, the leader of the grudge bearers becomes animated, and makes a proposal to the Durzal Dundorin.

He suggests that they, being without a true Thane, are now no longer a true clan, adding that in their supposedly weakened state that there is actually nothing to stop the Geldorag'Drudge or indeed, any other passing force, from taking the Karrag and slaying all within. He gives Ásbjorn and his cousins a choice – become a vassal clan of the Geldorag'Drudge or be annihilated.

It is not a hard decision to make. By highsun, the Dundorin of Clan Durzal are accepted as vassals of Clan Geldorag'Drudge; bound by honour (and soon, once the ague has been driven from their halls, by blood oath) to serve their parent clan, to make regular offerings of money and other riches to them, and in return to enjoy their protection, support and the rejuvenation of their womenfolk and new trade bonds.

A ragged, hollow cheer rings through the empty halls of Karrag Durzal, echoed by the angry mutterings and reluctant cheers of the gathered grudge bearers.

12:00 – 07:00 7/4/1472

With the issue of the grudge bearer's solved with rather more alacrity and a lot less violence than expected, the group spend a last day with the Durzal Dundorin before resting up and leaving the next morning.

07:35 – 09:00 - The group arrive at the gathering place where Aramyn's caravan waits. They are greeted warmly, and Aramyn informs the party that he wishes to make way for Peregrine without any further delay. However, before they leave, the party find themselves involved in an argument and then discussion with Adrielle and her company, who have pulled in with the wagon in which the evil sword is kept. The group are a little peeved when they find out that Brynn – who had refused to join them on their journey – is now travelling with their rivals, having been persuaded that he is serving Greenford better by ensuring the destruction of the sword than by staying in the village.

For his part, Brynn seems utterly unaware of the groups irritation, and greets them warmly.

Adrielle and her troupe (except Brynn) are all pale, and have shadowed, haunted eyes as if they have not slept well for some time. The wizard demands that the party travel with her group and the sword, and makes passing reference to being followed by “shadows” and to the sword whispering “with words that hurt to hear”. However, Emmiven and Grigori, offended by her assumption of their parties role as subordinates, demand to know why they should do her any favours when, in truth, they are borderline enemies, triggering an escalating line of insults and threats.

Adrielle makes vague threats about reporting the groups part in the arrival of the undead at Greenford to the Unified Order, only to have Grigori suggest that they will do as she asks for a price. Adrielle counters by stating that her price is not following through with her threats (whilst several members of her company exchange insults with the party), and the extra protections that both groups will enjoy against the unseen enemies she seems to think pursue them; “for be assured, what ever follows us will seek you out too”.

The party however continue to resist her demands, and Adrielle suddenly tells her company to pack up and to prepare to return to Greenford, leaving the sentient blade here. Aramyn's ears prick up, and sensing the dire nature of the blade being mentioned, he suddenly demands to know what is going on, and what “this blade you speak of is”.

Pleased with her apparent victory, Adrielle turns away from the group, her comrades smiling at the angry Dundorin merchant as he firmly tells the group that he will not put his cousins in danger by carrying an item of evil power.

Then Jaeger whispers something to Seren, who gives a cold smile, and addresses Adrielle.

“That would be a serious dereliction of duty would it not wizard Adrielle?”

The wizard stops and swings round. For a brief moment the party feel terrible power rise within her, and she can be seen to be almost physically fighting down her fury. Then, in a low, dangerous voice she begins to berate Seren, reminding her that she is her main hope for a sponsor for the rank of wizard, and that by angering her she is only hurting herself.

Grigori turns peacemaker, and suggests that this sponsorship be Adrielle's payment to the group for their support of her troupes journey to Peregrine. Realising that she has just been given a way to save face and to get what she wants, she accepts.

A grudging truce is called, and both groups hunker down to eat and to share their tales.

The group tell Adrielle of their adventures under and within Karrag'Durzal, and the wizard and her group show something akin to genuine respect when the story of the plague daemon and the ensuing battle is told.

She then tells the group of her own groups' trials since leaving Greenford. She describes a battle with surprisingly resilient Gorgoth Zombies a couple of days before, and the peace between the two groups is almost shattered as Emmiven and the Dundorin rogue Urdoin (who still hates the warlord from their argument in the taproom of the Kingfisher two weeks before) begin winding each other up with insults as to each parties ability to manage their battles to completion, for it rapidly becomes apparent that these undead were the corpses of the same greenskins slain in the ambush eight days past.

Adrielle then begins to talk about the unholy runesword they carry. She described how after a few days on the road it began to whisper to itself in some alien and foul language who's words and intonation were of such toxicity that is seemed to taint and twist the mind of anyone exposed to it. She then describes how for the last few days their nights have been plagued by lupine shadows, which have come to their camp, always out of direct sight, but close enough that their foul presence disturbs sleep. She speaks of horrific nightmares, and the group realise that she is not putting on an act; she is genuinely scared.

Aramyn is not happy either. He once more begins to bluster about the blade, and demands to be allowed to see it. He warns the party that he is not willing to put his, or his cousins lives on the line, and sternly states that he will abandon the party if their actions or lack of actions bring harm to them. Luckily, he is convinced that the sword poses no threat to them, bound as it is within circles of power and surrounded by mighty warriors aware of its tricks.

09:20 - With everyone finally willing to work along side each other, they can all return to their journey west.

09:20 7/4/1472 – 23:30 8/4/1472 (crisp, clear day, followed by cold, clear night)

The group make good progress along the trade routes towards Peregrine. After the first day they turn more to the north and begin to move up into the peaks of the Southguard Mountains.

Relations within the group are strained, but everyone focuses on the task at hand and no more problems erupt. By late afternoon on the 8th, the caravans are winding their way through small hamlets and trade villages, built along the main trade routes to capture passing trade, and the snow covered peaks of the mountains begin to dominate the skyline ahead.

As the suns set, the group make camp in the shadow of a great cliff, and lots are drawn to see who gets the displeasure of guarding the runesword through the night. Emmiven actually volunteers for this, his watch beginning at 23:30.

During his watch, the warlord engages the foul weapon in insults and mockery. The blade does not rise to these however, instead trying to win the shapeshifter over. This fails, and both leave each other under a pall of frustration – though the warlord does take great pleasure in reminding the blade that it only has a couple of days at most left to exist.

9/4/1472 (Warmer, though light snow dusts the land briefly in the afternoon. Clear and cold by nightfall).

14:40 – 14:45 – A couple of hours from Peregrine and the city can be seen to the northwest, rising above the Middle Pass Valley from the Peregrine Cliffs.

It is mid afternoon and the group have just passed through the town of Hawks Shadow when they become aware of a distant thumping sound, accompanied by a tremor through the ground. The further along they move, the louder this becomes, and noticing the lack of panic in the locals, they approach one, and learn that the thumping is coming from a war-machine assigned to patrol the lands under Peregrine's shadow.

They thank the farmer, and move through the town, after a short while spotting the monstrous engine of destruction the local desciribed - the Warforged Titan Vigilo Proeliator – The Vigilant Warrior. [Some Images from the web of these things - #1 #2 #3 #4]

The titan is a towering thing of metal, wood, stone and magic, hung about with banners bearing kill tallies. Runes of magical power gleam across its heavy armour, and each footfall thumps through the ground like a mini-earthquake.

Warforged range around this thing in two loose columns, their glowing eyes scanning the area for any trouble, whilst a troupe of Dundorin warriors tromp on up ahead under a banner bearing the symbol of a Hammer, a stylized mountain and a rune; the standard of the Thraeg'Hiemmer Dundorin (Mountain Hammers – a clan of warrior merchants and master blacksmiths who's Karrag is located in the northern reaches of the Clouded Hills).

Several humans bearing the Hawk and Tower symbol of Peregrine, and dressed in the cities colours (white, blue, silver and gold), ride white warhorses, both men and beasts clad in gleaming plate, whilst a single human knight, dressed in the heavy black-enamelled armour and flowing green and gold cloak of a Holy Guide, rides at the front.

14:46 – 14:56 - Realising that these souls can give them much information, they group hail the Knight – Sir Arran Keth'Cellinthar – and from him hear tales of gathering greenskin armies to the north, a “human power” group calling themselves the “Sons of the True Creed” who have been making trouble for all non-humans in the city (including the Warforged and Dundorin who so recently helped drive off the Aelwyn, and who even now fight for their revenge half a world away).

The knight warns them to be on their guard, as well as on their best behaviour, before calling his troops back into formation (the Dundorin, spotting Aramyn's caravan, have broken ranks during this conversation in order to buy produce from him).

14:57 – 15:00 - It is at this point that Gorthias breaks the news to the party that he is not coming to Peregrine, but intends to spend the night in Hawks Shadow before seeking passage back to Greenford. The group are openly upset about this, but when the warden explains that he simply cannot stomach the thoughts of being inside a true metropolis like Peregrine, the group accept his decision, wishing him luck and safe journeys.

Gorthias leaves the party.

15:00 – 17:45 - It takes about two and a half hours for the party to wind their way along the precipitous roads that lead along the western face of the Peregrine Cliffs. As they climb, the party get an incresingly clear view of the city proper. They can see it consists of two massive collections of spires and towers nestled amongst the living stone of the mountains either side of the precipitous Peregrine Gap, which are linked by an incredible “bridge”, several miles across, which supports the main bulk of the city proper. They marvel at the vast, rune scribed supports which bear this sectors weight, and tie it to the solid rock of the mountains either side, and wonder out loud what would happen were they to fail.

As they near the cities main gates, the roadside becomes crowded with gibbets bearing all manner of grim occupants; the bodies of Gorgoth, highwaymen, murderers and anarchists, along with strange stakes of runed wood upon which are impaled rune scribed skulls. The runes carved into the skulls are identified by Seren as binding runes, and suggest that they belonged to former mages – almost certainly executed by the Unified Order for being “renegades”.

Varracuda grows very quiet at this point, trying his best to look harmless, small and most importantly, non magical!

The suns are already lost behind the western peaks of the Southguards, where they rise above the shadowy spray and flow of the Neversea by the time the group arrive at the front gates of the city, and the lights of the city already gleam and flicker across the bridge and through the spires.

The front gates of the city bear the scars of their resistance during the siege*, and thousands of polished and enamelled Aelwyn skulls crowd the mouldings above them, each carved with a binding rune.

17:45 – 17:50 - The guards take the parties details, growing significantly more respectful when they realise that members of the Unified Order are amongst them, and the group move into the city without incident.

* Peregrine resisted the Aelwyn during the wars, and paid the price. It was besieged for over a year, and saw vicious battle almost every single day of that time. Given the same choice as Lorehaven to either allow the Aelwyn to take it over (and thus secure total control of the North Republic), or to “die in futile token of resistance”, they chose the latter – and prevented the total sacking of the North, and slowed the Aelwyn down enough that the Unified Order and their allies could enact their plan for victory.

Once a city of proud towers, and soaring bridges of fantastic design, famous for it gigantic hunting birds and their skilled riders, it now bears the scars of its long tribulation. Many of the legendary towers remain smashed at this time, hidden within vast networks of scaffolding, as do many of the bridges. Huge craters, overgrown with weeds, mar the land before its cliffs, and some of the roads that climb up the Peregrine Cliffs are bridged with temporary constructs, set in place until they can be repaired.

Last Session Report...

...Will be posted over several posts as it was a long session that was pure roleplay, and will take me a while to write up properly. Hope that's cool, 'cos if it's not...tough!

Friday, 12 February 2010

To Make Up...

...for the lack of a game this week (and so, no report) I present the entire Time Line for a solo game I ran (using 3.5) for Craig and his monk Ipokken. It's a massive thing that starts simple, but gets progressively more detailed, and has some nice world info in it. I hope this will tide you over until the next active game. Enjoy!

*   *   *

- Inn Keeper - Baelios

21/7/1467 – Leaves Havenport with adventurers in search of ruins and plant monsters

22/7/1467 – 03:30: Fights Sebbatti and Hyenas in jungles
08:00: move on…
16:00: arrive at ruins
16:10: meet with other questors, obtain items
16:30: About to enter tunnel under Eastern Tower
Start face to face session
22:45: Meet the ghost of Khembrynn Athas’tar (Architect of the original keep. Mini quest to locate his journal and re-build keep).

23/7/1467 (Aradeus catches Filth Fever, incubation ends 24/7/1467)
10:00: Get going
10:25 After battle in gulley
10:50 After Lesser Algoid battle – Aradeus gets Know Stone.
11:05 After negotiating pit trap and fighting Twig Blights.
11.35 Mendle memorises additional spells
11:55 After Kampfults and Block Trap
13:00 After finding false trap and arrow trap
13:20 After Algoid battle in lake cave
13:30 returned to pit trap site to rest.
23:30 Group rested and Prepared

24/7/1467 Aradeus becomes ill at 16:00
01:45 Get across lake
01:50 Enter Crystal Cavern
01:55 Battle with Advanced Hivenest Crysmal
Discover psychic door (opens with a touch from Aradeus to reveal floating crystalline lift)
02:25 Exit False Dungeon
02:45 Return to camp
12:00 After nights' sleep
16:05 Meet Abatu's caravan. Ipokken helps with the shattered wheel.
16:10 Abatu gives Ipokken 1 use of Dust of Appearance. Encourages him to seek his shop at Three-Cliffs.
17:00 Attacked (By Abatu's comrades)
19:15 Having waited for a patrol.
19:35 After battle on cliff top and after Denambi agrees (under intimidation) to show secret way through cliffs with potion cache.
20:10 Arrive at entrance to secret way. Two guards on duty.
20:20 Encounter Embi (+3 guards) in cache room. Calvoreth on floor prone.
20:25 After battle (Embi fled), discover delivery note in chest of potions.
01:20 After Calvoreth and Ipokken have collected 450 gps trade note (bounty for Denambi)
01:50 Back at Inn
Meets Baelios the Inn Keep (organiser of the Finders Guild)
11:25 Wakes up
12:00 Arrives at temple
14:15 Meets with master
20:00 first monk battles Jyakim and is turned to stone. Ipokken agrees not to fight.

10:00 Jyakim beats final monk and takes schools seal
One day will pass until monks from the school can hunt for Jyakim and attempt to recover the seal. Only monks that have sought and gained permission from the master can do so without penalty.
12:00 The “Dracani's Roar” thunder blast rumbles over Havenport (this is an especially violent eruption of elemental energy emerging from a magical front that has swept over the city since the arrival of the Setari)
The petrified monk collapses, his soul devoured by the Scion of Adathraine.
16:00 leaves temple
16:15 Wererat battle (Sees Jyakim in werewolf hybrid form)
16:20 battle ends. Ipokken is told by Jyakim that he is a pure soul, and hears from the Solumite crusaders (that save him from the wererats) that “they are gathering souls for the scion”.
16:40 Back at the temple. Tells them that Jyakim is a werewolf.
17:10 Leave temple
17:30 Meets with Calvoreth
18:30 Bed

11:00 arrive at Oerdainite shrine atop the cliffs to the northwest of the main western gate (long climb up thin steps cut into the rock, lined with tiny shrines and alcoves to the goddess).
Speaks with Sister Marrianne and Brother Cadias about lycanthropy.
Given 3 amulets that (after 24 hours attunement) allow their wearers to strike as if wielding silver weapons (these are on loan, and will be made available that night / following morning).
Ipokken sells bands of the blazing arc

get amulets

head off
08:30 wererat battle
08:35 over
08:40 Urgorgori Zombies!!!
08:45 Finished
09:20 after pit trap, search of upstairs and shop front.
09:40 after skeleton, meat and illusion covered pit room
09:45 Trapped door – Ipokken has strength lowered.
10:00 having almost battered the door down. Portal opening behind group (satyrs)
10:02 Fight ends, corridor of faces
10:15 end of corridor
10:30 about to enter encounter trap
10:32 After encounter trap
12:00 After leaving the dungeon


10:00 receive message about missing clerics (Sister Marianne and Sir Gultold)
Ipokken gives Sir Gultold the dust he was given by Dohr'Khustans.
Attacked by street rogues
Ipokken takes them to authorities
13:30 introduced to Tobiel


0:20 – Re-enter the ruined butchers...
0:30 – Ghast fight
Calvoreth and Mendle contract Ghoul fever (D.C. 15). 1 day incubation
mendle sickened for 10 minutes
Aradeus sickened for 6 minutes
Calvoreth sickened for 6 minutes
0:50 – Fight Azanday and Demonic Elementals
0:51 – Aradeus shuts portal, Azanday flees. Calvoreth is killed in round before.
13:15 – Group emerge after destroying portal
14:00 – at shrine
16:00 – fully healed, taint removed.


Calvoreth's memorial is completed and set in garden of rest (NW of Havenport, on top of cliffs, behind Oerdainite shrine)


09:00 – About to head off to the ruins again.
19:00 – Arrive at ruins. Totally overgrown
21:00 – Group settle down to sleep
23:30 – Sebbati attack
08:30 – Enter the ruins proper
08:40 – Make it to tree
08:42 – Use wand. Triggers Kampfult attack
08:42 – Aradeus casts light. Lasts until 09:22
08:43 – Party turn their attention to the dungeon entrance, and the cloud of yellow “smoke” rising from below.
08:53 – Posion Spore Trap!
Algoid battle
Mendle casts Bull's Strength of Ipokken – expires at 09:00
09:02 – Aradeus disables spore trap
09:10 – After speaking with Plant Folk monk
23:30 – Arrive back at Havenport


08:00 – Arrive at questors inn to speak with Baelios about the truth behind the plant ruins mission
08:05 – Get barred from Inn
11:00 – Leave Havenport for Three-Cliffs (4 days away on foot)
20:00 – Set up camp


08:30 – Break camp
21:00 – Arrive at Ruined Tower Inn


00:40 – Fight with guys after Merrem
01:00 – back to bed after throwing thugs into portal to Castle Armun
08:10 – Leave Inn. Tobiel leaves mount at Inn. Enter mountains
13:15 – ROCK SLIDE
17:21 – Living feeblemind attack
- Mendle is feebleminded
21:30 – Arrive at top of mountain trail in sheltered saddle (East-Cliff Pass)
22:30 – Group go to sleep


04:23 – Lightning Bolt Infused Hyenas attack
06:37 – Non-combatant living Blast of Force spell appears. Group attack. It retaliates.
08:00 – Leave camp
12:00 – lunch
13:00 – Break camp
18:10 – Make it to ground level. See columns of smoke rising from Three-Cliffs.
18:50 – Encounter first pox zombie
19:25 – Meet with Cellinthites. Hear about the town. Western quarter burned this morning. Zombies been about since day before. Agree to meet with Sir Balaem.
19:40 – Arrive at Cellinthite camp. Meet with Balaem. Meet Lucas, townsman (ex-guard)
Discuss rescuing knights – Jail is in inner ward.
Ancient pipes being used by city as sewage pipes may be accessible from nearby ruins.
Jail has no connecting pipes
Balaem offers knights for help (Cellinthite reinforcements due by 20/8/1467 from Stonewall).
Group talk to Alzak. Alzak believes that there are pipes that exit into the jungle ½ day to the north.
Group decide too long.
20:40 – Mendle is healed.
22:00 retires to bed


07:10 – Meet Sir Mathiel and Brother Ternver
07:30 – Meet Sir Raithis (Pentacle knight)
07:45 – Leave planning session
07:55 – Distraction is triggered on Southern Side of Three-Cliffs (Rathis et al triggering warning gongs)
08:15 – Group enter township (Ternver casts Hide from Undead – expires 09:55
08:40 – Zombie battle. Tobiel casts Bulls Strength on Ipokken (expires at 08:47)
08:55 – Ipokken gains access to outer prison. Meets Sebastian, Jailer apprentice (after Captain Faldas is taken out).
09:00 – Group Enter Outer Jail
09:15 – Encounter Demons in Main Jail Upper Vault
Mathiel protected by prot from evil until 09:25
Tobiel uses smite
09:16 – Fight over – group beaten up!!!!!

10:00 – Aradeus and Mathiel dead by time the Solumites are rescued.

16:00 – Group meet with knights. Discuss next steps. Ipokken decides to leave.
21:30 – Mendle leaves with Tyzanfer to work for Unified Order during the war
21:40 – Sir Balaem and Sir Raithis.


05:30 – Wakes.
05:45 – leaves camp after talking to townsfolks.
06:45 - arrives at base of eastern peak
07:40 – Encounter – Rockslide (CR 9)
08:00 – Spots Cloaked Aelwyn ship headed NE
10:15 – Arrive back at Ruined Tower
10:30 – Meet with Gordoth – after initial unpleasantness, get on famously
11:00 – Bed
Nightmare with dream projection of Dark Born


02:00 – Wakes after nightmare.
02:10 – 04:00 – talking with questors in tap room. (Banturnite – Ralkathar)
Ipokken returns to bed

08:30 – woken up by Gordoth.
09:30 – leave for Havenport

14:40 – Meets Abatu
14:40.010 – knocks him out
15:00 – ties men to fake caravan – heads off to seek out Embi
15:40 – Arrive at cave complex
15:45 – Abatu killed by summoned lightning as he tries to tell group about Embi's plan
15:47 – Enter caves – Air Elemental Fight!
14:48 – cave entrance is collapsed
15:57 – Discover chamber with monks faces in it, and Adathrainite fetishes.
16:00 – Ipoken collects severed faces of brothers. Head for deep exit
16:05 – Find Daemonori door.
16:07 – Enter Daemonori dungeon
16:09 – At bottom of spike pit, in Daemonori Sonic Spike Pit
16:39 – After searching pit bottom
16:40 – Ipokken breaks spike


03:00 – After spiking wall using spikes from trap. 80' up; 120' shy of top.
15:30 – Wake up after sleeping
16:45 – After crafting a grapple from spike.
15:56 – After Ipokken has climbed to top of spike array
16:30 – After getting out of spike trap
16:40 – After first examination of Door to Golem Chamber
16:45 – About to enter Golem chamber! (D.C. 18 will save Vs Confusion)
19:00 – After eating and having a bite to eat
23:30 – Find secret door to Valiel's Hand's tomb


01:00 – Having found a barrel of gunpowder near original blast site, brought it in, and set it up to destroy secret door.
03:35 – Ipokken has evil dream about parents.
10:00 – After waking and preparing.
10:15 – Ipokken picks up Valiel's Left Hand
11:45 – Back outside the cave. Ipokken bears the hand. Gordoth goes up a level.


10:30 – Arrive back at Havenport.
Gordoth gets rooms at “The Wayward Soul”
11:30 – Meets Sister Marianne. Arranges to bury Aradeus next to Calvoreth that evening
12:35 – Leave for shenkiro do temple
13:00 – Arrive back at temple
13:10 – In the temple
Finds out the master has been in meditation for 9 days
Ipokken notices that temple, without master and head monks (who are dead remember) is a bit messy.
Meets with Chenzu Ikari – second monk in charge (minor psion) – reveals that Ipokken is technically joint head monk.
Gives him faces of three slain brothers
learns there are two more, and that the master is “joined” with them??
13:25 - Master is discovered; naked and half dead, in horrified trance. Smeared in own excrement “there is so much blood here. It is so dark” (still linked with other two brothers who are being held for sacrifice in Eastpoint)

13:40 – Master in comfy room, in trance. Soothed by the hand of Valiel.
Ipokken arranges care for him with Chenzu.
Chenzu agrees to have a message sent to Shenkiro Do schools in Outer Kai'Yassan, to seek help of sorcerer. (is accomplished by noon next day)
15:30 – Meeting with all the monks. All are updated of situation. Met with disciplined determination.
Ipokken declares state of war. No monks to be on own at any time. All monks to report anything strange. Be suspicious at all times.
16:30 – Meets with Gordoth. Gives her 200gps to pay for info on Jyakim's movements. Gordoth agrees to help him out.
18:00 – Aradeus is buried. Ipokken stands with Sister Marianne watching night fall over the city (nice metaphor), and silently vows to make things right.

22/8/1467 -
10:00 – Gordoth tells Ipokken what she has “found out”
Arranges to meet with Gordoth by the docks at 13:00 (meets her at “Wayward Soul” - nice building (three smaller ones knocked together – sign depicts tri-corner hat wearing devil grinning up with a pint)
13:45 – Meet Agarzat on board the ship (also sees Justin Irascur – First Mate)
14:15 – At “Black Hawk Inn” - (little more than big, empty warehouse, with free standing bar, no fires (illusory ones behind bar), and random, broken furniture. Sign is a tarred albatross mummy type thing, hung by chains. All painted black inside. Very dingy. Big pyramid of barrels behind bar.)
14:25 – Ipokken runs into Ulthas and agrees to fight in place of sailors.
Ipokken meets the Mongrel Dundorin (Mul) Amon.
20:30 – Sand Howler fight
- Gordoth is killed by Sand Howler after being paralysed
20:31 – Ulthas' thugs enter arena to finish the monk off...
20:40 – After Ipokken beats one of the thugs, the others lose heart. Ulthas enters the arena, and Ipokken gives a warning that no more innocent blood is to be spilled. The crowd mostly mock him, as does Ulthas, but non try to stop him leaving. Ipoken dimension doors out with Gordoth's body – much to Ulthas' fury.
21:25 – Arrives back at monastary with Gordoth's corpse.
21:40 – 22:30 – Prepares Gordoth's body for burial
Ipokken asks Chenzu to arrange for Gordoth to be properly lain to rest.


05:00 – Ipokken wakes
06:10 – Arrives at STT, to see Captain.
06:25 – Meets with Justin (irritated) on the deck. Has a terse word, then leaves.
06:45 – Arrives back at Monastary.
rest of day spent in meditation etc.
teaches younger monks some of his skills

24/8/1467 – Armourer finishes Gordoth Daemonori Helm [+2 bonus on intimidate checks] – The Skookum TumTum leaves at 08:00
07:00 – arrives on board. Agarzat greets him and offers him free return journey, and thanks him for his efforts. Julian looks abashed.
07:05 – shown to room at aft of ship, near captains quarters.


13:30 Arrives at Eastpoint
13:50 – Arrives at Rithuen'Ardanite temple (universal Tongues spell within). Meets the mongrel Aelwyn Priest Alaedori (Cl. 5). Asks about Jyakim.
14:00 Meets Brother Galyn (who can cast Find the path to locate “Jyakim's Lair”). Brother Galyn is Human Cleric lvl 15
Settari Crystal Charms (¼ Lb costs 10 gp, ½ Lb 25gp, 1 Lb 75gp)
Ipokken gives Know Stone of Animalistic Power for extended Find the Path spell.
14:10 - Extended Find The Path spell is cast on him (expires at 17:55)
Leaves the temple to find Jyakim's lair (carries 4 Lbs Settari Crystal).
14;11 – as leaving meets Kedestarr – won't join with him.
14:13 – encounters guardian constructs – they warn that region he is entering is tainted, and that he will not be allowed back in if polluted (each carry combination pistol / polearms).
Jungle is stagnant, dark and despite the weather, barely moving in its stillness.
14:35 – encounters 3 tainted Shamblers
After fight moves away from lake and rests...
14:55 – Ready to move again
14:58 – Comes to sunken temple (within highly tainted area – accumulate 1D2 corruption per hour unless D.C. 15 +1 per subsequent hour Fort save is made) – Taint Elemental in Moat (first taint save made at D.C. 15)
Ipokken realises that the elemental is merely one part of the lakes overall tainted energy
Ipokken uses abundant step to teleport to larger towers roof.
14:59 – alerts guards (makes first taint save for interior – next save D.C. 20)
15:04 – Guards and Ghouls attack!!!
- Ipokken flees
15:10 find a tree, climbs it, rests
16:20 – returns to Eastpoint
16:40 – Arrives at Rithuen'Ardanite Temple (Observed by Aelwyn at Rithuen'Ardanite temple)
17:25 – Leaves temple
17:40 – Arrives at the Krakens Roar
- Decides not to stay after seeing refugees, and not feeling too happy with staying in a plush place when they are so wretched outside.
17:50 – Arrives at the “Lights-A-Dancing Inn” - Smaller, homelier. Ships windows set into front (as in the front windows are actually ones taken from a galleon). Sign is an actual anchor with the sign hung on it. Sign depicts five flames in a circle above a whirlpool.
Nice, snug, rough but pleasant questors inn
Speak with owner Mervix Ardesson – Human Expert 3 (Feyan Expat). 34 in 1467.
Gets Mervix to Agree (for 50gp) to feed the poor for a week (+1 Shenkiro'Do affiliation points)
Mervix talks to him about the rumours he has heard about the war. He has family on Fey and hopes to meet someone who can ship them over to safety.

29/8/1467 – 1/9/1467 – Ipokken Rests. Organises to meet with local merchants to hammer out a deal to buy tents and food for the refugees.

1/9/1467 (bright, breezy)

10:00 – Ipokken meets with Gulvordyn Kuroth'Kebb; Dundorin Merchant – mining and adventuring supplies. Dundorin Expert 8.
Ipokken pays to get tents and supplies handed out as well
15:00 - Word reaches the council. They are pissed off that someone is encouraging the refugees. Word spreads amongst the town that a “holy man” has been donating to them.

The poor and pious of Eastpoint are inspired by this act. More donations follow from other individuals.

2/9/1467 (warm and breezy in morning, heavy thunderstorms in afternoon, increasing in intensity towards midnight)

People in the settlement begin to be polarised; those that want to help the refugees, and those that think they are parasites, and should not be encouraged to come to the township. Most of the council are of the latter persuasion.
08:00 – Ipokken Arrives at Rithuen'Ardanite temple
Ipokken is looking for a priest and fighter to accompany him (13th lvl)
12:00 – A council contact identifies Ipokken as the source of the last days events.
12:30 – Has met with new allies – Negotiates 3-way split of all treasures. Unusable items sold, and profits split 3-ways.
major Gillespie Trandark and “Andras”
13:00 – leave again
14:35 – Arrive by tainted lake – everyone makes saves Vs taint (except Snot Wing)
Andras casts Fly on Ipokken and Gilespie. (lasts until 14:43 – Andras' lasts for +1 minutes)
land on smaller tower.Andras casts Detect Traps
Finds Curse trap – destroy Door – Advanced ghouls and Rat demon footsoldier.
Defeat monsters – Use Fly Spell to descend into heart of tower.
14:36 – Arrive in Gate Caves at bottom of tower.
Ipokken destroys the taint removing fungus and they land on an island
Group make D.C. 18 save Vs taint (Ipokken fails)
14:37 – Search for way out.
Snot Wing uses Detect Magic and locates portal to Cavern Complex (and the fake death chamber holding the Quth'Maren and cursed treasure)
14:39 Group go through portal
Surprised by Undead. Sir Gillespie is affected by undead's fear gaze = cowers
beginning of round 3 Oculus Demon comes after them through gate.
Ipokken fails phobia check and is shaken
Session ends at end of round 4, as illusory wall drops to reveal advancing rat demon footsoldiers and an advanced example swarming to join the battle.
Gillespie, Ipokken, and Andras both Shaken until 15:39
Gillespie and Ipokken flee battle under the effects of magical fear. Andras is knocked unconscious for 3 hours
14:40 – Ipokken and Gillespie meet in ruined tower after panic subsides.
14:41 – Occulus demon comes through portal to attack them both
Gillespie rendered unconscious for 1 hour
Ipokken flees with Dimension Door to jungle with Gillespie and Andras...breaks his heart crying
Jyakim flies into rage when he hears they have managed to escape, and commands Three-Fold Talon forces to rip Eastpoint apart looking for them...
15:41 – Gillespie regains consciousness
16:00 – Group arrive to “escort” him to meet with them. Find he has gone and ensure that the Eastpoint Boys know to tell him to meet with them as soon as he reuturns on pain of imprisonment.
17:41 – Andras recovers (Heavy storms)
19:15 – arrive back at Eastpoint
Guardian at gate informs Ipokken that he must attend the Kraken's Roar and speak at once with Councillor Aspes regarding his “illegal” activities.
19:20 – attacked by Aelwyn.(Start with surprise round to Aelwyn)
19:30 – Arrive at kraken's roar after fleeing Aelwyn
The Krakens Roar has a huge stuffed kraken along the main bar
Downstairs is a gambling area (sub-level holds dog / cock fighting arena)
Upstairs balcony overlooks main bar area. Boothed (curtained off) areas for meetings
Ipokken agrees to encourage refugees to undertake tasks for the local merchants etc – 100 by 11/9/1467
Aspes also arranges for Ipokken to stay for free at the Lights-A-Dancing
Aspes will get list of jobs to Ipokken by end of 4/9/1467
19:40 – Meeting ends
Ipokken leaves to try and rally refugees
21:10 - Learns of the Three spokesmen for the refugees – Kaltharte (human commoner 3), Albus Dorring (Human Expert – Locksmith – 3) and Randuin Dorr (Dundorin Warrior 4)
A meeting will be arranged for the next morning – At the Rithuen'Ardanite Temple at 10:00.
21:25 – Returns to LaD and has a drink with Andras (talk of frontier nature of area, and gem filled mountains to the southwest of Eastpoint)
22:30 – Finishes talk with Andras. Pays for several more days in room (despite town leaders picking up the bill soon) Goes to bed

3/9/1467 (storms ease by morning, persistent driving rain. Afternoon thunderstorms)
03:00 – Visited by the Occulus demon – Demon thanks him for “freeing” him
09:00 – gets up
10:05 – Arrives at temple to meet with refugee leaders.
They agree to Ipokkens plan
High Priest Citraithus Oth'Rithuen (Human Cleric 26) agrees to train up to 30 in combat etc. (severe haircut, well built, 5' 3”) after overhearing them talking (he takes them to a private room). Priests to be dispatched to seek them out.
Randuin reveals that there are 800 – 1000 refugees in the city, and that many have gone into the sewers beneath Eastpoint.
There is also a ship in the harbour holding 60 diseased people
Citriathus mentions that some folks disease has reacted with energy from tainted areas to ill effect. Several have had to be destroyed.
Ipokken tries to arrange meet with elected representatives of the numerous factions of refugees spread through the city. They are to present themselves each morning at 09:00 at the Rithuenite temple (main lobby) – starting tomorrow morning.
Citraithus also raises concerns about those refugees dwelling in the sewers, as the tunnels are unexplored and possible home to dangerous monsters and energies.
The three leaders agree to spread the word.
12:00 – adjourn meeting until next morning
Ipokken spends time canvasing around local taverns for jobs for refugees,
Met with a lot of suspicion, but gets a fair few takers (24)
17:00 – returns to tavern
Meets with Gillespie and Andras
The Knight tells them both of a business opportunity; Carlina Vale (Human Expert 6) is looking for experienced warriors to command a retinue of soldiers accompanying a prospecting mission into the “Grey Serpent Mountains”, two weeks to the southwest of Eastpoint. Leaves on 12/9/1467
20:00 retires to bed

4/9/1467 – (Thundery into afternoon, then overcast, humid and windy)
09:00 – Arrives at temple – packed out with representatives. Aspes is there
09:15 – Taken by Citriathus into the Sword Slingers Inn; an adventurers inn within the temple grounds.
09:15-13:00 – Meeting gets intense. Aspes storms out with disgust at the unwillingness of the refugees to do something for themselves. Even Randuin gets pissed off. Citriathus tells them that they should encourage their ilk to come to the temple through the day and sign up for work.
Randuin tells Ipokken that he is going on the mission with Carlina.
13:10 – Ipokken speaks with Citriathus about possibility of clearing areas of jungle to grow crops...and the problems associated.
Ipokken spends afternoon trying to find out about lands to the north of Eastpoint (supposedly higher coastal regions, less tainted and less jungled – after regions of boggy valleys thick with taint and dangerous monsters)
18:00 – Returns to Inn

5th - 7th – Ipokken's plan goes quite well. A pleased Aspes comes to him to thank him. Aspes reveals that some of the refugees are fleeing...(he is unaware of the true number, but also, that the Draxians are here). Daily meetings are productive.

7/9/1467 (high winds, heavy rain)
20:00 – Met by Arli Velindari (16 years old, human female, south feyan)
Arli tells him of Draxian slavers stealing refugees from the docks.
Ipokken decides to take steps.
20:25 – leaves for Rithuen'Ardanite temple
20:29 – surprises Ubir Tesh'Maskim on his way to give slavers all clear
knocks him out, drags to Sword Slingers Arms
Meets Brother Derek Oth'Banturn
Kedestarr (recognising Ubir) offers services but merely irritates Gillespie, Derek and Ipokken
20:49 – Kedestarr (disguised as Citriathus) arrives at room. Persuades Ipokken and Gillespie to leave him to “question” the boy. Dimension Doors away with him as soon as they leave.
21:04 – Gillespie and Ipokken leave temple. Spot Citriathus on way out. Realise that the boy has been stolen
Citriathus (the real one) agrees to have word sent about the monsters presence and escape to the Warders.
(Slavers do not arrive as no word)
Ipokken and Gillespie go to Merriel'Shaavite temple to get Andras
21:07 – Ipokken arrives at front of temple
Is let in after meeting with guard and his trained licing spells
enters entry portal – finds way into the main orrery room of Vista Arcani (Aelwyn magical disruption causes malfunction)
Custodians meet him. Apologise and open portal to Eastpojnt temple.
Finds self in main worship hall (luminous crystalline. Five altars with magical flames burning on them round huge black, egyptian style idol of Merriel'Shaava.
Meets with Belcarius, Unified Order Rep, who calls for Andras.
21:30 – Andras, dishevelled but sober appears. Gillespie arrives.
21:50 – Leave temple, head for docks.
22:00 – Arrive at docks. Report to Captain Barrek (Human Male, Fighter 10)
Full sweep of docks in progress. Barrek reports odd happenings over last few nights.
Ipokken reports on possibility of Adathrainite activity in city.
No sign of slavers found
22:15 finishes speaking with Barrek. Head back to Merriel'Shaavite temple to see if anyone can divine the Ubir's location from his dagger (will locate true owner, his father)
22:25 – Arrive at temple.
22:30 – Priestess agrees to cast Divination spells to locate wererat and uncover the powers of Insidious. Ipokken donates two potions, and agrees to return with Wererat hair and 1 pint of its blood for spell components / payment
22:45 – Priestess emerges. States the boy is in the jungle, to the southwest of the Rithuen'Ardanite temples outer walls.
(Kedestarr has poisoned him and left him – this will infuriate his father, and form a rift between the local underworld and the Three-Fold Talon)
Ipokken tears off to seek the boy, leaving the mage and knight to catch up.
22:50 – Arrives at settlements walls. Climbs over and drops into the jingle.
22:55 – Ipokken finds Ubir, at bottom of waterlogged shaft (35' deep)
He descends it to rescue boy, and Kedestarr collapses the well with a lightning bolt. Then he legs it into jungle, enacts an invisibility spell, and hides.
Ipokken uses Abundant Step to take boy (battered, bleeding and nearly dead from the falling debris and poison) into the nearby Rithuen'Ardanite temple.
Priest of Rithuen'Ardana heals the poisoning.
22:56 – Boy taken to holding cell within temple to await the guard.
23:20 – Eastpoint boys and city guards arrive to take him to jail for questioning (he is taken then by wardens)
23:40 – Arrives back at Inn.

8/9/1467 (winds picking up. Reaching sub-hurricane levels. Driving rain, flooding)
02:20 – Andras wakes Ipokken to swear at him for allowing him and Gillespie to tromp around in the darkness looking for him and the wererat.
10:00 – Meets with the boys to plan wanderings next day
12:30 - Goes to Rithuenite temple to get Insidious examined. Advised to see Berolius at the Sword Slingers Arms (told he might get a discount).
12:35 – meets Berolius (male human Wizard 25; obese, lots of hair. Big beard. Smells strongly of scented oils. Flatuent due to past potion mishap. Grey-green eyes)
Berolius asks Ipokken to find him 10 Orchid Flowers. Gives Ipokken a small phial to keep them in. In return will Identify Insidious (immediately identifies it as being of Dwaer'Syth origins)
13:10 – Ipokken leaves for Wardens Spire.
13:30 – Arrives at tower. Meets with advanced force Golem Sentinels (silver swords and very powerfully enchanted gun spears)
Ipokken requests entry, but is denied
13:45 – 14:45 Has a spot of lunch in “Alnric's Pantry” - small eatery between tower and rithuen'ardaanite temple
15:00 – returns to temple
15:05 – meets with Beloriu. He identifies the Dagger. Recommends speaking to a True Bard staying at the Kraken's Roar.
15:30 – Heads to Kraken's Roar
15:50 – arrives at Kraken's Roar. Informed Daryyn Oth'Tremilla (Hum bard 17) is downstairs watching the dog fighting. Tunnels lead eastwards to back rooms / kennels.
16:00 – Daryyn seen surrounded by women, pissed as a newt (red hair, bright green eyes, plays the lute)
four active Fighting pits below the main bar. Ipokken draws some attention.
Ipokken meets Daryyn, and decides he is a cock and does not want to deal with him
16:10 – As he leaves he is approached by the Dundorin Mungoryn Utar'Duun. He's lost his Basilisk (shipped in for a fight. Presumed lost in the sewers. Wants it killing – genuinely worried about the families in the sewers. Offers to use the monsters parts to enchant and item as a reward)
Ipokken asks him to find work for up to 50 refugees. Mungoryn tells him the best he may be able to do is get five.
Ipokken agrees to job.
Mungoryn tells him to start search in upper harbour (the north most). Ipokken tells him he does NOT want his name associated with the job. Mungoryn agrees as long as his name and acts are also kept quiet.
18:15 – has collected the boys, and arrived at Sewer Outlet into harbour at the upper harbour.
Andras casts Fly on self and Gillespie (expires at 18:24)
Enter Sewer
Group wait for stomachs to settle after initially making save Vs stench
18:21 – move on. Andras casts daylight (lasts until 19:51)
18:50 – Encounter Greater Enhanced Abyssal Basilisk – quick victory
19:15 – Having gathered parts from corpse for Mungoryn to use in enhancing armour or weapons etc.
Push corpse into storm drain to be swept out to sea.
22:00 – Meets Mungoryn and gives him the bits and pieces. Mungoryn agrees to try and get a ring enchanted with the bits and pieces.
Ipokken is to meet Mungoryn at Kraken's Roar in 5 days (13th – IPOKKEN IS THINKING OF NOT GOING WITH CARLINA VALE).
23:00 Back at the Lights-A-Dancing

9/9/1467 (storm force winds and rain all day)
- 08:00 – Leave Eastpoint, headed for Nystar's Dig, accompanied by Gillespie, Andras and “Beltar Striker” (Human Fighter 9 / Divine Mind of Banturn 5)
- 08:40 – Arrive at Rithuen'Ardanite temple to look for Fly scrolls.
08:42 - Andras meets with Urias; heavily tainted wizard. He will ask group to recover something for him in return for teleports to and from Nystar's dig. He will collect on his side of the bargain after they return. (Urias is actually one of the Wardens and is willing to sponsor Ipokken as a prospect for their order – his mission will be a test).
He spins tale of taint curing crystals and portals and stuff
Ipokken agrees. Then begins to doubt wisdom of going. Then decides to adventure within Eastpoint instead.
Decide not to help Urias after all. Urias asks him why, and he explains why.
Ipokken learns that supply of Settari Crystal is dwindling.
Head for the “Roaring Rift”, a deep fissure in the foundations of the city in the outer northern sector of the city.
09:30 – Arrive at boundary wall near Roaring Rift. Beyond drainage ditch, over a stone bridge.
Given standard caveat about tainted area by Eastpoint Boy guarding heavy stone and metal doorway into tainted zone.
09:31 Beltar nearly falls into rift.
09:32 Andras casts Fly on Gillespie and himself. Expires at 09:41
09:37 Beltar arrives at bottom (roughly 100' down)
Andras casts Daylight (expires 10:57)
09:43 – Andras casts Fly on party – expires at 09:52
09:44- Cross Ravine
09:47 – Venom Spore Trap
7 Greenspore Minions attack!
09:48 – Group rests
search for treasure – Gillespie gets +3 Aelwyn Aberration Bane Longsword
other items; Ring of Antivenom (6 charges), Boots of Swift Stealth, and a Veil of Allure (MiC, Pp. 145)
11:00 – ready to move on. Ipokken to move ahead of group to trigger any more Greenspore venom traps safely. Andras casts Daylight(Expires at 12:40)
11;15 – come to far side of cavern. Huge tunnel 60' up with thick vines spilling out. Ridge of tree Ferns (20% miss 10+' up to 20', beyond that 50% miss). 9 Greenspore Minions attack.
Andras casts Bear's Endurance – expires at 11:25
As last minion falls, a roar is heard from the tunnel above...the group decide to rest to Andras can adjust the spells he has access to.
20:30 – The group are ready to roll (no encounters through the day)
Andras casts Delay Poison on Himself, Gillespie and Beltar. Expires at 06:30.
20:46 – Beltar arrives a top cavern. Andras casts Fly on himself and Gillespie. Fly expires at 20:56.
20:52 – Final Fight
Beltar is killed (Katana falls down crack made by Core's psionic stomp)
Andras casts Fly on Ipokken (expires at 21:02)
Andras teleports to Rithuen'Ardanite Temple
Ipokken dimension doors with Gillespie into jungle above caverns.
21:30: arrive back at Eastpoint
22:00 arrive at Merriel'Shaavite Temple
22:20 arrive at Rithuen'Ardanite Temple
22:30 – Sir Ahktar arrests Gillespie with five other knights
up to...

...10/9/1467 (full blown tropical storms all day)

02:45 – After Ahktar has finished explaining about Cavus and the crimes of Sir Gillespie.
Both Ipokken and Andras get rooms at the temple
06:30 – Gillespie tells Ipokken of his quest. (he was guided by an “angel” to seek out a certain tome kept in the last fortresses archives. In the tome, he read of sympathetic energies, and was guided by the “angel” to enter this version of Arbel'Verdaniss – the plane of the Burning King's origin – to seek out a number of items connected to his innocence as a child. Apparently, these can be used to seal the world from the Burning King; preventing him ravaging this plane, and also weakening him in that one. Gillespie though, has no idea where to start...or what he's looking for...or what he will do with the items once he has them...
07:00 – Gillespie leaves. Ipokken must decide what to do next...

10/9/1467 – 12/9/1467 – group get healed and seek access to Mind Blank spell.
12:00 - Ipokken meets with Azkazir Aem'Asheb – Representative of the Great House Consortium Azkazir will pay for Mind Blank spells, as long as he can send an observer. .
offers preliminary offer of 40% (and warns that the council will likely want 10%)
Ipokken enters into a verbal contract to the above (which will leave him with 50% of the profits).
Also agrees to talk council into lending an Eastside Boy for the mission
Will have Mind Blank Elixirs delivered to the Lights-A-Dancing at 07:00 on the 12th.
15:30 – Ipokken meets with the Anvil Mages at the Shrine of Dumordoin
They tell him of the Dundorin's disappearance.

11/9/1467 – Daemonori Core explode at 19:00

12/9/1467 - Portal to Dylor Completed – The monks are moved through it at 20:44 into the Dark Scions hidden stronghold. Forces begin to gather (under Jyakim's leadership), in the alleys and dark places of Havenport. Carlina cancels her mission
05:30 – Woken by Inn keeper swearing as flood waters pour into inn
07:30 – Andras arrives at Inn
10:00 Councillor Aspes and Azkazir arrive at Lights-A-Dancing
Meet “Burr”(Eastside Boy)
Group drink Mind Blank Potions
Andras casts Neutralise Poisons on self (expires at 11:50)
10:10 – Teleport into lair
Almost instantly kill the minions!
10:40 – After gathering treasures, and exploring further – Discover Source Gate
10:50 – Teleport back to top – rest of day spent with councillor and merchant exploring caverns and making plans.
Aspes and Azkazir are both amazed, and realising the potential make plans to get to work straight away. Aspes asks Ipokken to take post as “Councillor in charge of agriculture” (Has to clear with council first, will take until after the celebrations)
Final agreement drawn up; 40% profits for Great House Consotium, 20% for the council, 30% for Ipokken, 10% for Andras
Azkazir predicts that work will begin in the spring. Ipokken warns that there may be common knowledge of the place, and urges that security is placed in (a couple of Eastpoint Boys).
Aspes agrees (5 Eastpoint Boys in place), and Azkazir states that he will arrange for mercenaries to be brought in as guards.
18:00 – Taproom of Lights-A-Dancing flooded.
Ipokken and Andras plan to head to the Adathrainite Lair.

13/9/1467 (Weather continues to be unnaturally vile) [introduce new rules regarding feat and ability score increase acquisition]

08:00 – Meet with Merrielites to get items identified. They take two items as payment.
Andras begins scribing Scroll of Wall of Force

14/9/1467 – Andras completes scribing;

15/9/1467 – EASTPOINT – Celebrations of the final seal being closed begin
07:30 – Ipokken and Andras leave for the Sunken Fane
Andras casts Magic Circle Vs Evil on self (Expires at 09:10)
07:32 Ghoul Fight
07:33 – Kydraxi, Rat Demon and Retch Hound fight
07:35 – Encounter Plague Knight + Rat Demons
- Takes Plague Knights Sickle.
Ipokken and Andras discuss tactics, and upon sensing arrival of more monsters through teleport circle back at crossroads, decide to head back and mop up!
Encounter Abragrotha and three Ghoul warriors. The Xareth'Chelde gives the monk one more chance to join the dark scion, and then, when he point blankly refuses, launches a full attack against him.
Ipokken tricked by Abragortha into thinking it has surrendered.
Andras paralysed by Ghoul until 07:39
Ipokken uses Abundant step to 'port back to starting chamber (behind iron wall by capped gate) until Andras is free to move.
07:39 – Andras comes free of paralyses. Ipokken discusses resting back in city and returning next day, and Andras points out that the Xareth'Chelde made reference to another portal, as well as to the significance of the Autumn Equinox in supernatural terms, the next day.
They also discuss the disadvantages of giving the cult time to strengthen their defences.
They vote to heal up and press on.
07:41 – Enter teleport circle and then enter the final gate chamber
Ipokken and Andras defeated.
Ipokken taken to House of Beasts, and the Fist of Adathraine placed on his arm.
Ipokken recalls who he is (a sleeper agent for Adathraine)
Andras is kept in stasis. He will be reunited with Ipokken with his dark side awoken.

Missing Shenkiro'Do monks are sacrificed at midnight by Ipokken. He fails to resist the Talon of Adathraine, and though some spark of light still remains within him, he is a fallen thing of evil...
At same time as the sacrifices are being conducted, a full scale attack is launched on Havenport's Shenkiro Do monastery by Lycanthropes, Demons and undead. Unless aid is forthcoming, this attack sees the temple destroyed.
ALSO; on this day, the Settari enters one of the ancient incantation shines, and works the first of the epic spells needed to unlock the dimensions where his kin are trapped. As midday arrives, and the magics gather, so the storms grow even worse. Eastpoint is swamped by near tsunami sized waves, and a number of ships are deposited inland. Many die. Then, at one minute past midday, the storms suddenly seem to weaken, returning to the levels they should be at this time of year. By late afternoon, the sun is shining through the clouds, and the only hint that anything is amiss, is a faint feeling of energy that hangs on the air.

17/9/1467 – The Settari seals the incantation shrine, and leaves for one further inland. After activating that one on the winter solstice, it heads for the next. All in all, there are seven shrines on Eathoran that need to be activated, and unless it is stopped, the Settari will do this by the Spring Equinox of 1469

19/9/1467 – Ipokken is given the Mask of Deception, which will allow him to appear as a holy monk to all and sundry (20th lvl). He is instructed to gather souls for the Dark Scion, in whatever manner he thinks appropriate.
05:00 - Ipokken decides to return to Havenport. Seeks out Sister Marianne.
05:30 – Ipokken arrives at the Healing Shrine.
He gets Marianne to recount the story of the fall of the Shenkiro'Do Temple
Marianne asks him to stay a while – he does.
She also gives him a gift from Mendle – (3x 14th lvl Potions of Stoneskin)
07:30 – Marianne and Ipokken leave the shrine to “visit the ruins of the shrine.
07:50 – Ipokken attacks her; mutilates and rapes her. Is uninterrupted. She is killed The good part of Ipokken tries to stop him but fails (Next save will be D.C. 34).
09:20 – Finishes
10:30 – After hiding the body
15:00 – meets with Andras to discuss plans. Decide to go to Irin to establish a shrine to Adathraine (Irin is close enough to one of the war fronts that its people are losing hope, and may buy into the faith).
16:30 Teleport back to House of Beasts

20-30/9/1467 – Ipokken tortures Embi, whilst Andras scribes several scrolls. Andras is given a Scroll of Disintegrate by the Threefold Talon to scribe as well – a weapon to be wielded in Adathraine's name.

31/9/1467 (Near Irin – Initially frosty and foggy, then clear but cold. Later remains clear and heavy frost)

08:00 – Andras and Ipokken appear 18 miles to the southeast of Irin, close to a recently shattered refugee camp, currently overseen by the Priestess Alarian Saeth'Namaea and her acolytes (Human Priestess Namaea'Isaala 15).
- Meet Gelduin and isaac (Dundorin and human mercenaries)
A couple of Mercenaries present. Priestess is looking for someone to travel south and track / destroy the Vulgol'Gigori that recently attacked the camp and stole away a number of refugees, as well as several holy items.
Ipokken and Andras accept mission to track down Vulgol'Gigori
08:40 – Come across dropped corpse in trees.
10:00 – Come to the ravine valley where the Gigori are lairing
10:25 – Come to end where the lair entrance is. Lots of crows. One Guard.
More Gigori appear. During this fight Ipokken reverts to hit uncorrupted self
Afterwards, fails save to stop corrupted Ipokken re-appearing (sets D.C. by making a Will save, then must overcome with second save vs that number. e.g gets an initial Will save of 23, must equal or beat that with second save to stay in current mode)
10:30 – Enter cave after searching bodies.
10:32 – Battle three leading Vulgol'Gigori. One is taken down, but group flee to valley due to being badly beaten. One follows, and Ipokken uses one charge of Third Eye.
10:35 – Re-enter cave. Female is hiding by entry, ready to smack firs tone who enters (it's Ipokken).
She is slaughtered!
10:36 – Andras' Fly spell ends
Ipokken and Andras search cavern
13:00 – Sit and discuss what to do next
14:20 – Return to Refugee Camp
Alarian gives them two healing potions each, and asks them to stay whilst she has a letter of recommendation written for them to present to Irin's forces.
18:00 – Letter arrives. Alarian recommends the group speak to Sir Tavis Oth'Cellinthar, an important commander in Irin organising the defence of the city.
Ipokken and Andras decide to stay the night
Funeral rituals go on into the night

1/10/1467 (Heavy morning frost + fog. Clears towards noon. Late afternoon fogs return leading to freezing fog by midnight)

06:00 – Leave camp for Irin
14:00 – Encounter Patrol from Irin. Meeting is peaceful, and on seeing the letter of recommendation, the two are shown the way to Irin, and told how to present themselves. Given pass phrase to safely bypass other patrols
14:30 – Encounter Warforged Patrol
15:00 – Arrive at Irin
Andras reports Gigorim attack on camps.
Andras reports to Unified Order / Merriel'Shaavite Church. Is cleared for use of new spells, and gets items recovered from Gigori identified. Is given permission to scribe scrolls.
Andras informed that he will be sent to front in 14 days, to bolster the forces there.
Andras speaks with High Priest about “a friend”, and tells them about Ipokken. The High Priest speaks of certain restraining items that might help the monk to stabilise his shifting personalities, though he is unsure of where such an item would be found.

2/10/1467 – 3/10/1467 – Andras scribes Prismatic Spray. Items identified.
16:00 – Andras meets with Ipokken

4/10/1467 – Ipokken bumps into Mendle

5/10/1467 (Thick freezing fog that remains all day)
03:00 – Ipokken slips out of Irin and wanders southwest, in an attempt to remove himself from any situation where he could bring harm to others.
07:00 – After getting lost, arrives back at Irin. Remembers compass.
07:30 – Andras discovers that Ipokken is missing
08:00 – After checking with Mendle, and realising that Ipokken is indeed missing, Andras sends word to his superiors in the church, requesting that the Unified Order not be informed for now.
09:45 – Andras meets with High Priest (Velluriel Salanathas – Cleric of Merriel 22 / Wizard 16), and tells them of Ipokken's exit. Confesses to “friends” identity. Velluriel offers to allow Andras to seek out Ipoken in order that he can be brought back and an item fashioned to lock away his evil half – though there will be a price.
10:20 – Ipokken is scried wandering in the forests...Andras teleports and asks him to wait a few more days whilst he researches an item that can restrain “Moiety” - an item he feels may be found in magic shrouded Laertraine.
Ipokken agrees, and gives Andras Bracelet of Friends.
Andras states he will find Ipokken when he knows more.

6/10/1467 (Thick freezing fog all day)
09:00 – Ipokken woken by voices.
10:20 – Ipokken heads off
12:00 – Ipokken sense bandit ambush. Chases them to their lair
12:30 -Ipokken hides outside sepulchre lair, and waits for bandits to emerge
16:50 – Bandits emerge
Ipokken moves to enter lair whilst they are distracted by their pissing
Activates door closing mechanism, and encounters bandit on steps leading deeper into the tomb
Ipokken disables several bandits before calling for peace
Bandit leader (Sorcerer Ardentius) appears to speak with Ipokken
Ipokken is enraged by bandits lifestyles, and barely holds moiety in check
Ipokken fails to negotiate with Bandit leader. In the ensuing battle, he uses quivering palm and strikes him down. Moiety resurfaces. [QUIVERING PALM UNAVAILABLE UNTIL 16:50 ON 11/10/1467]
16:55 – Moiety spends some time playing with the mages remains
Wears mages face as mask, and then skins two unconscious men
16:35 – Spends his time skinning to men, and sticking their skins to the walls with their fluids
Mercs in panic break into level two, and release the undead
16:38 – Ipokken encounters Overghast; quickly dispatched.
Ipokken prepares to drag corpses back to “shrine”, when two more arrive to attack...
Ipokken is paralysed and dimension doors to stairs
encounters another undead, kills it
opens doors and scares off bandits outside
17;19 – Three more of the monsters arrive and attack!
Tough fight (final one, CR 13, spits necromantic acid; 7D6, D.C. 21)
17:20 fight ends
18:20 – Ipokken waits to catch breath (8 Undead Killed in total by him, traps in dungeon and bandits / 9 remain + Zungus and Minions)
18:40 – Ipokken patrols outer corridor.
18:50 – Second (middle) corridors searched. Moves onto innermost corridor circuit (see tunnels heading to hole down to level two)
18:51 - Ipokken searches sorcerers chamber – finds three arcane scrolls (to detail)
18:55 – Ipokken discovers Spoils room (and crumbled petrified overghasts)
Destroys Encounter trap on door
19:15 – Finishes searching store room
Ipokken about to explore next level...
19:17 enters level 2 tunnels
Explores one tunnel
19:22 Begins to explore another – the one leading to the Jailor.
19:26 Spots the Guardian – brief Ghoul fight – then backs off
19:41 Enters Zungus' chamber
Slays minions with Wand
Zungus teleports two acid spitting monsters
Moiety slaughters acid spitting Overghasts and final minions – Zungus Appears
Zungus engages the monk; Necrotic Aura seriously injures him. Moiety is barely able to wound the foul thing
Zungus paralyses Moiety. The monk uses last action points to activate Abundant Step, and returns to upper level by exit
19:45 – Ipokken emerges. Leaves tomb to rest.
20:00 – Ipokken find shelter for the night.
7/10/1467 Thick freezing fog – Sunny but the light and heat is swallowed by the cold vapour.

09:00 – Ipokken wakes.
Decided to return to the tombs to destroy Zungus
10:30 – After Ipokken spends time examining his cursed amulet...and hurting himself in the process.

15/10/1467 – Andras sent to the front???