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Friday, 27 September 2013

Greater Feyr - Level 20 Controller

The Feyr was a horrific and wonderfully weird monster that I seem to recall I first encountered in 2e. I do remember them appearing all the time in my games for a while, until I got distracted by something else, and don't recall using them since...

...Until now that is....

(Stat modifiers do not include the +10 bonus for 1/2 monster's level)

Monday, 23 September 2013

More Ormid Et Al!

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Ormid et al - Session Report

So, my life is on the cusp of MASSIVE changes - with a daughter on the way and a new job about to start - and as a result, I am going to be pushed to find time to fit all my hobbies in as well as attending to my duties. This means that I do not have the time to do write ups for the gaming sessions (although I will continue to publish stats and ideas as these are created as part of my games - and I shall continue gaming in order to delay the inevitable psychotic episode and crowning of myself as the "Sovereign of Devoured Worlds"). However, I plan on verbally describing the sessions, and posting the mp3's up here for you to download. That way, I still have a good record of what has happened, and you get to hear the ongoing tales (and trust me, there is some insane stuff waiting to drop in all my campaigns).

Hopefully, this will be enough! So, here is the last written account before the new format...

16/6/51 - 05:00 - All gather at East Guild Portal after two weeks of preparation for the coming trials. The portal is opened, and beyond they find a shattered chamber filled with ash, smoke and dead warforged. 

Three portals "Administration" "Forge Zone" "Research and Development". Signs have been swapped around, but it's a double bluff. Llewellyn enters a portal, takes a huge amount of damage and is nearly deposited on the surface of the sun, and the group realise that their magics have been tampered with at a microscopic level (magically speaking).

Aided by the Warmages, Ormid untangles the arcane virus that infects the portal glyphs, and the group enter the administration wing, thinking it the R&D department.

Find nothing but several feet of fragments, which were once desks and other things. Ormid enacts a ritual to repair some of the debris, and recovers a desk (with ancient documents within), as well as the frame for an Iron Golem (which he instantly states he wants to keep).
It is at this point that the air grows icy with undead energies, and a voice, ancient and hoary, declares the group's doom. Runes ignite in the floor, and a Glabrezu is wrenched into this dimension. It is a formidable beast, but against the combined might of the group and their allies, it is banished within seconds.

The ghost that activated the ancient defences appears within the protection of a Prismatic Sphere - an ancient mage named Ghashavir - and through the Veteran, he communicates with the party.

He believes the group to be allied with Ebon Eye, and takes more than a little persuasion that they are in fact, his enemies. He explains that the warforged came with an army, and after doing something with the creation forges headed for his true goal - the God Forge.
It appears the God Forge was an experimental forge that the finest minds in the guild had built. It had the ability to imbue an individual with impossible power, literally forging them into a God. It's creation caused a huge uproar in the guild, for many knew it to be something that not only corrupted the natural and immortal order, but which could be used to create a monster beyond words. A vote by the High Arcana (the highest council) decided that it would be banished to a number of different dimensions, forever disjoined, and the epic ritual needed to do this was begun. This was at the height of the opening days of the Guild Wars however, and many believed the forge to be the ultimate weapon - a tool that could be used to overcome the other guilds, and to forge a new future. Lead by a mage named Cydrus Vortheme, the "Pro-Apotheosis" movement made plans to stop the banishment ritual.
The ritual required several days to gather its energies, and Cydrus and his men attacked on the dawn of the final days, when those involved were at their most vulnerable. Alas, the disruption unleashed an apocalypse of wild energies into the guild, and not only was the forge banished (though to planes unknown even to those conducting the rituals), but the guild's safety protocols, woven into its many layered mythal, were awoken. These shut the guild down, and apported its entrances to a remote dimension, removing almost all ways of egress. So, the "withdrawal" of the Eastern Guild from the wars was not intentional, but a result of this catastrophe...And now Ebon Eye seeks to located and use the God Forge.

The group make Ghashvir aware that they shall stop Ebon Eye in whatever he is planning, and withdraw, taking their army with them.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Level Notes - The Money Pit

These are the level notes for the last adventure I ran for Shnecke's Wolves. I haven't included the maps as it's not really a very complex dungeon - just a series of chambers piled on top of each other. The last encounter didn't get used, as it felt one battle too many. However, other than that, the game was run as the notes describe (although player ideas did cause some changes to be made of course). Enjoy!

Set up - The group are approached by hysterical crew men who tell them that a couple of their allies have uncovered a pirate stash. However, they feel into what seems to be nothing more than a pit trap. The group are asked to help / investigate. This dungeon was written with 15th Level characters in mind...

Level 1:  A bed of spikes, with several skeletons impaled on them is evident some 40'  below with a D.C. 15 Perception check. About halfway down, a veil of slender threads is linked to a mechanism that activates a rope cutter. This is far harder to see, being some 20' down, and requiring a D.C. 25 Perception check to locate (this can be disabled with a D.C. 30 Thievery check). If a character descends and passes through the veil, a blade sweeps from the top and severs their rope (if any) [the blade can be found with a D.C. 23 Perception check by a character at the top].

A character falling into the pit suffers falling damage as usual, and is exposed to the following attack

Spike Trap (Level 15; 300 XP); Targets creature falling into it; +20 (+1 per 10' fallen) vs AC; Hit: 4d6+21 piercing damage and target is restrained until escape (D.C. 24). Note: Each escape attempt inflicts 2d6 points of untyped damage to the individual, regardless of success.
It takes five minutes searching, and a D.C. 18 Perception or D.C. 22 Dungeoneering check to realise that there is a space below the pit trap.

Level 2:
Two chests sit, mouldering, on a floor of mud. A crop of slimy mushrooms has sprouted in the clammy pit (if eaten, the individual doing so must make a D.C. 15 Endurance check to avoid getting diarrhea for 24 hours, which means they  suffer a -1 penalty to speed, AC, Reflex and all Dexterity related attacks, damage, ability and skill checks). A D.C. 17 Nature check allows them to be identified as mildly poisonous.

One of the chests bears an old but still effective trap;

Poisoned Blade Trap (Level 15; 300 XP); Target an individual opening the chest without the correct key, or who fails to disable the trap; +20 vs AC; Hit: 3d6+19 slashing and poison damage plus Ongoing 15 poison damage (save ends). Miss: Half damage.

Locate: Perception: D.C. 26; Disable: Three successful D.C. 28 Thievery checks before three fails.
This chest contains a few small trinkets; 32 gold pieces, 44 silver pieces, 112 copper pieces, a crudely cut ruby worth 450 gps, and a +1 Dagger. There is also a note, written in  Meridianeese that says "Thanks for the treasure. I left you some dregs!"

Once again, the floor is false (See above).

Level 3:  A single chest lies half sunken into the mould covered mud of this level, and the air stinks of rotting fish and clay. The chest bears two traps. The first is false. It is easily found (D.C. 10), and appears to be linked to spikes set into the base of the chest. It is easily removed (D.C. 10) and characters gains 10 xp each for doing so.

The real trap lies within the lid, and can only be found with a second, closer check (D.C. 28 Perception). This trap will spray a mist of Green Slime if the chest is opened.

Green Slime Trap (Level 15 Elite; 1,200 XP); Trigger: The chest is opened,  an attempt to disable it fails over all, or a single check fails by 5+; Close burst 2; +20 vs Reflex; Hit: Target is covered in Green Slime and begins to lose a cumulative 1 healing surge each round. If they have no healing surges, they suffer untyped damage equal to their level. This continues until they spend a standard action to remove the slime (D.C. 22 Dexterity check, +1 per previous failed attempt) - though this will destroy whatever is used (unless it is glass), or until someone else makes a check for them (this is a standard action). Miss: No effect.

Locate: Perception: D.C. 28; Disable: Four successful D.C. 30 Thievery, or D.C. 35 Intelligence checks before three fails.
The chest is empty.

The floor can be detected as being above a lower space once more.

Level 4: This is a vast space. Crops of luminous mushrooms cast a dismal light below, over a pool of slimy water. The reek of old mud and death is strong here, as is a vague sense of unease (A D.C. 25 Religion check will allow someone to detect that unquiet spirits reside here).

40' below Level 3, Suspended 30' above the water,  is a moldering platform upon which stands a heavy stone chest. This is filled with lead shot, and as soon as anyone stands on the platform it falls into the water below (3d10 bludgeoning, target is knocked prone). As it falls, so two heavy plugs set in the wall come free, and filthy water begins to pour into the chamber. This rises by 5' per level (the green square represents this), the chamber filling in 14 rounds.

Worse, at the same time, two undead crocodiles slip into the muddy water, whilst the spirits of three individuals who lost their lives in this place manifest as Frightful Wraiths (See DDI Compendium - though mine were modified to make them more awesome), sweeping in to attack.

The water is turbulent as it fills, and a D.C. 22 Athletics check is needed to move through it. Visibility below the water is reduced to 2 squares.

40' below the original surface of the water, marked by a human skull impaled on a spike of rusted iron (D.C. 20 Perception to find), is a heavy oak and steel chest, within which the real treasure can be found. Those trying to swim with it must make a D.C. 38 Athletics check to move it, a fail meaning thy are pulled 6 squares towards the bottom.

The chest is locked (D.C. 25 Strength check, or D.C. 22 Thievery to open). Within are the following;

500 pps, 773 gps, 855 sps,
An emerald, ruby and gold medallion (3,760 gps)
An antique bronze and electrum spyglass (350 gps)
A set of Kai'Yassanian tea cups from the early 2nd Age (12,600 gps)
Gems (3 x 50 gps, 3 x 250 gps, 2 x 500 gps, 1 x 1,000 gps, 1 x 2,300 gps)
A Level 15 Elixir of Treasure Finding
A Level 16 Pair of Ghostride Boots
A Horn of Blasting
A Stone of Storms
2 x Elixir of Remove Affliction (level 18).
Returning to the Surface: The rising water will cause the bottom chamber to collapse after 20 minutes. Anyone within the pit at this time is dead. Getting out will either require the group to climb out (Climb D.C. 26) or to find another way out.

However, all is not over, for the jealous souls of the pirates that dug this pit have reanimated their old bones, and awoken to attack. Once these undead have been laid to rest, the dungeon is complete, and each character earns 500 XP. A search of one of the skeletons shows it to be carrying what appears to be a +4 Flaming Scimitar. However, it is a Cursed -4 Scimitar (level 16 Item).

(As always, add 1/2 the monster's level to the ability mods to get the right bonus)


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Yaaargeth - The Pirate Beholder Awaits!!!

So, to give the players chance to try out their shiny level 22 characters (for my Stag Game), I have set up a test battle on Roll20. Whilst thinking of what to put them against, I came across THIS fabulous bit of art....and Yaaargeth was born. I won't post the stats until after the battle, but thought I would share a quick screenie of the battlefield (well, some of it). Full map and scenario stats to follow!

"Yarr, come ye and have a go, if ye be thinkin' ye to be hard enough!"