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Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Creepy Extra Power for your Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing

This power might be useful if you have a seasoned band of players, who are definitely not going to fall for the old "Oh, it's just a rabbit or some lost gold on a tree stump" ruse. It's also quite creepy to have a wet, sticky tentacle suddenly leap through the air and yank your poor PC towards a yawning, toothy maw, gaping suddenly in the side of a "tree stump".


Some Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing can extrude adhesive tendrils from around their bases, which can be fired off to bring in more distant prey.

BONUS ACTION; Adhesive Tendril: One target within 15' of the Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing must make a D.C. 10 Dexterity saving throw or be hit by the tendril. Such characters must make a contested Strength check with the Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing, or be pulled into a square adjacent to it. The Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing gains advantage when making this contested check.

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