Sunday, 23 August 2015

Neh-Thalggu - Huge Aberration (CR 25)

Continuing my run lately of converting stupidly potent monsters to 5e, I present the "Brain Collector"; a warped nightmare that has actually been around since D&D was in boxes. The version I converted was the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook's one - partly because the art is so good in that one, and partly because its potency is sick. 

In my games, these things are referred to by the few that know of them as the "Handmaiden's of Xix", an allusion to their distorted and insane form. In fact, the God of madness rarely makes use of these things, as he finds them too strong willed and hard to control. 

Anyway, if your group have really pissed you off, here is the monster to let them know. Combining Brains (not its own) and brawn - the Neh-Thalggu!

Why don't you find me attractive? Is it my lazy eye? It is isn't it. It's my lazy eye...

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  1. I appreciate the amount of effort it takes to make a creature worth a CR 25, but too much on this monster is resistances, immunities and other "gotchas" that detract from it's central premise; that of brain-stealing scavenger from another world. The strength of 5e is that monsters don't feel so overwritten as in 3rd, and this version just has too many things that add to its complexity without much payoff.


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