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Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Sons of the Accursed

Pre-Sundering 3rd Age:  (Standard; golden sunburst, surrounded by ten smaller versions. The main device has an inverted pentacle of red in its middle. Angelic scripts declares “Punishment, Judgement, Obedience”; Other symbols include broken swords, and a sigil very similar to the Helldazzlers “Final Sun”, only rendered in black and gold/copper).

Order of tainted Solumite Paladins who embraced one of the shattered God’s more brutal aspects. They are utterly remorseless  in their pursuit of “evil” entertaining a view that any kind of love for something other than their God is heresy, and proof that the individual must be cleansed by the “Sun’s Kiss” (fire or radiant energy). All have been blessed with unnatural strength and resilience. They ride huge mounts of silver, and both paladin and mount wear thick, heavy plate, inscribed with solumite script. All bear Vothniir swords, often blessed to deal additional fire and / or radiant damage, and all speak the primal language of Law.

Picture from
Pictured: "Lawful Good"

The order’s leader is High Lord Azlan, a being of cold, angelic beauty that rules from the white stone keep of Alar’Eatheria – built in what was once the Cyranoch Valley in Mid Fey.

The Order has a chapter of Witch Hunters, who routinely help "purify" towns and hunt "witches". In truth, for every genuine nest of evil they destroy, they eradicate tens of innocent settlements and hundreds of innocent souls.

Post Sundering:
The evil nature of the surviving Son's manifested, and they became daemonic reflections of what they supposedly were. The Order was officially dead, but bands of "brothers" still stalk the land, seeking to wipe away the taint of the invading dimensions and to establish their Brutal God's doctrine.

Taking of Lumor
: The Sons were one of the most active groups seeking to take back the Holy city, and held it a number of times. Each victory would be celebrated with the ritual purification by fire of the "heretic" Each occupation was short lived however, as normally unassociated orders would join together to drive them from the site - often then turning quickly on each other.

Sword of the Son (Very Rare Weapon; Requires Attunement)
Forged from Gothniir, and inlaid with runes of solar power, these blades can only be wielded normally by those with at least Strength 18, and Dexterity 13 (others suffer disadvantage on their attack rolls and damage rolls). Their base damage is 2d12 slashing, They have the Heavy property, and are Large weapons. In addition, they have the following properties when wielded by one to whom they are attuned.

* +2 to attack and damage rolls
* On any damage roll of 12 on the weapon dice, it is rolled again. This continues until an 11 or less is rolled
* Brutal 2 (re-roll damage results of 2 or 1).
* The weapon strikes as if it were alchemical silver and radiant damage (though its actual damage type remains unchanged)

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Grimslake - Large Monstrosity - (CR 6)

This beast is from Pathfinder and is in their SRD. I've never used them, but can see multiple ways they could be put in a wide variety of scenarios. To this end, I've converted it to 5e!

And you thought Vine Weevil larvae were bad....

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Powerful Rewards for Epic Difficulty

So, the following is cut and pasted from my notes for tonight's game.  As you can guess from the power of these items, things in that campaign regularly get hilariously tough, and indeed, are only going to get tougher as they try to track down and lay to rest the legendary Lich Gimble Brandersnatch (I was 15 when I named him - he's been a pain in the universes side for 27 Earth years). 

Long time readers might wonder what these guys are up to, and the answer is, moving towards the ultimate conclusion of their story's. Once the Lich is (hopefully) defeated, and the four major rogues guilds of the Northern Republic united under Llewellyn's rule, the party are going to be facing their final, and most epic, deadly and nigh impossible task yet - a task that will be taking them beyond 20th level in 5th Edition, and will let us test the DMG's suggestions, as well as some popular rules off the GM's Guild site. 

Anyway, here is the first ten minutes of tonight's game...

*    *    *

In recognition of their role in saving the people of Lorehaven, all those involved in destroying the necrotic anchors are publicly rewarded. All receive a platinum and electrum medal, forged by the artisans of the Bardic College, as well as the title of “Guardian of Lore”. The group however, not only neutralised two of the anchors, but slew the Thorynrr Death Knight, Ulshebb “The Spite”, as well as his retinue of Bloodletters.

In recognition of this, and the fact that the group are seeking the ones behind the attack, the city has agreed to give them three of its sacred treasures. These are;

Thundersinger's Gorget (Legendary Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement by an individual that can use Warforged Components) Long believed to be an uncomfortable, heavy gorget, recent research in light of Veteran's reactivation has shown it to be an item forged by ancient Guild Artificers, intended as a weapon. Attaching to the throat of the user, it allows them, as an action, to emit a silent scream of devastating sonic energy, forcing all creatures in a 60ft cone to suffer 105 (30d6) thunder damage, half if they make a Constitution saving throw (D.C. = 8 + the user's Constitution modifier + the user's Proficiency modifier). Creatures that fail their save by 5+ are also deafened until cured. Once this power has been used, it cannot be used until 24 hours have passed.

Naturally this deadly item is given to the Veteran.

Holo-Stract (Legendary Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) Another ancient Guild item, this thing resembles a large cabochon onyx, with a number of crystalline lenses set around its curve. As an action, it can be activated, and thrown up to 30ft away. Once it hits the ground, it creates a perfect illusion of the one that is attuned to it. This illusion has all sensory components, and lasts either until 1 hour has passed, it is dismissed by the Holo-Stract's user (a bonus action), until it takes 100 hit points worth or damage, or until it is disbelieved (D.C 18 Intelligence saving throw). The illusion can be made to perform specific tasks by the owner (changing these is a bonus action), as long as they are within 100ft of it, and the illusion can wander up to 30ft from the Holo-Stract itself. The main use of this item seems to be as a lure or distraction tool.Once activated, the Holo-Stract cannot be used for 24 hours.

This item is given to Llewellyn.

Lifelight Torch (Legendary Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) The origins of this item are unclear, as it has been in Lorehaven's vaults for long and long. The artful craftmanship and beautiful design however, would suggest it is another guild item that escaped confinement in the legendary void vaults. Resembling a sconce of tempered electrum and silver, studded with fire agates, diamonds, sunstones and rubies, it is crowned by a cluster of what seems to be ever smouldering embers. These embers shine with an argent fire, and cast bright light in a 60ft radius (dim light for another 30ft beyond that). The torch has a number of uses;

  • It can be used as a melee weapon (attuned user is automatically proficient) that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls and inflicts 2d6 bludgeoning and 2d6 radiant damage per hit. As a weapon, it is considered to be made from both silver and cold iron.
  • The torch has 5 charges. At noon each day it regains 2 (1d4) charges. These can be used to manifest a number of abilities (activating each is an action unless otherwise noted).

1 charge: Silver flames surround the torch and for the next 10 rounds it inflicts an additional +10 (3d6) fire and +3 (1d6) radiant damage per hit. Furthermore, it scores a critical hit against undead, creatures from the plane of shadows and daemons of all kinds, on a natural roll of 19 or 20. Activating this ability is a bonus action.

1 charge: The wielder may hurl a blast of radiant flame up to 200 ft away. It explodes in a 20ft radius blast, inflicting 21 (6d6) fire and 21 (6d6) radiant damage to all creatures within. A D.C. 17 Dexterity saving throw is allowed to halve this damage, though undead, daemons of all kinds and creatures from the shadow planes suffer disadvantage on this.

2 charges: The wielder may cast a Greater Restoration spell

2 charge: The wielder may cast a Heal spell (70 hit points)

5 charges: The wielder may cast a True Resurrection spell.

If all the torches charges are used, it becomes inert and loses all magical abilities and properties until it regains at least 1 charge. Furthermore, at noon each day, when it would regain a charge, if it is not exposed to direct sunlight, it must roll a d20. On a 9 or less, it does not gain any charges that day, and must wait until the following noon.

This item is given to Ormid.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Death Shard (Medium Elemental) - CR 5

Closest thing I could find - surprising lack of "death shard" pictures about!

4th Edition's Monster Manual II introduced the so called Chaos Shards, sentient shards of condensed energy. The Death Shard is one I have converted, mainly because they are exactly the sort of thing the Dwaer'Syth would summon to guard their secrets....and I'm running a game with the Dwaer'Syth in it....


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Thanagorim (Death Giant) - Huge Giant - CR 17

Another epic level foe for your uber characters to deal with, the Death Giant was yet another of those 3.5 / 4e monsters on my "I need to use those dudes" list, that I never got to use. In my games, they are Adaric Giants who were once like the Adrai (Adrai'Gigorim or Storm Giants), but who fell victim to some kind of magical mishap - probably of their own making - and became the vile soul feeders they are today.

Rare in the extreme, some tribes have struck pacts with the Cold Lords of the Divenei Velonai mountains, as well as the Order of Ravens. Still others live in secret covens, hidden from the world. Most however have fled the physical plane, to dwell in their own fuliginous cities.

Anywho, here you go!

/r iamverybadass

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Death Lance - Rare Weapon (Requires Attunement)

I first remember reading about these things in Homeland, and then in Drow of the Underdark. The PUG are going to be tangling with the Dwaer'Syth soon (my world's drow), so I converted them to 5e so I could make sure their horror goes on. Here are the stats.

image at
Not exactly how I imagine it, but the closest I could find!

*    *    *

Dwaer Death Lance (Rare weapon. Requires Attunement)

This +1 (+1 bonus to attack and damage rolls) Lance is made from foul, mottled metals, and inflicts +4 (1d8) Necrotic damage per hit. On a critical hit, the Lance inflicts an additional 17 (5d6) Necrotic damage and the target gains 1d2 levels of Exhaustion (D.C. 16 Fortitude save allowed to halve the additional necrotic damage and to avoid accumulating exhaustion)

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Ring of Gathering Momentum - Rare Ring (Requires Attunement)

Ring of Gathering Momentum (Rare, requires attunement): These rings are typically spun from magically thickened mercury, and were originally created by the Synd'Aelwyn of Aeldas'Salviras, during their early wars against their kin in the Age of Loss, during the first exile.

An individual that is attuned to this ring finds that their initiative improves by 1 at the start of each round of combat. Furthermore, 1/short rest, the wearer can inflict additional damage with a single melee attack equal to the number of rounds that have passed up to that point (so an individual in round 5 of a battle would inflict +5 damage).

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Salt Mephit (Small Elemental) - CR 1

"Ak! Urgh! Oh GODS I hate these guys!"
- Me on encountering Salt Mephits in DDO

There are many, many types of Mephits (and Mephlings if you are a 3.0 / 3.5 type player), and as a rule they are all horrible. In DDO, you will battle countless Mephits at almost every level of play. You will grow to hate them. 

Pictured: Bastard

However, out of all the Mephits I encountered in that game, none had me roaring in fury more than the horrible Salt Mephit. Admittedly, in that game they could blind you, which always sucked. However, their D&D stats hardly made them any less monstrous, especially given their low CR (in both earlier, and as it happens, this edition). 

Anyway, it's time to make your players feel the pain. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Glitterdust - Level 2 Conjuration

Level 2 Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 130 ft
Components: V, S, M (mica dust)
Saving Throw: Dexterity (negates blindness)
Duration: 5 rounds

You conjure a cloud of sparkling motes, which stick to everyone and everything within a 10ft diameter sphere. Creatures affected by this spell are blinded for the duration of the spell unless they make a Dexterity saving throw, though they may use an action to clear their eyes and end that effect if they choose. Affected creatures have disadvantage on Stealth checks, and all invisible items and creatures in the area are outlined and become visible.

At Higher Levels: When you use a spell slot higher than 2nd, the spells area increases by +5ft and its duration increases by 1 round for every level higher than 2nd it is.

Spell Lists: Artificer, Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard

Save Failed vs Sparkly...

Monday, 2 May 2016

The Tome of Cursed Utterances - Legendary Wondrous Item

Ormid, The Veteran and Llewellyn sought this vile tome, and failed to recover it, for the vyrleen was slain and Ormid lost his mind. It is a work of blackest sorcery, that serves only to corrupt and destroy. As it likely won't be seen in my games, I thought I would share it here for you now.

*    *    *

This nightmarish work of blackest sorcery was penned in the early second age by the Grand Pope of Tyrants, Vyroth Keth'Darkold. It details many foul spells, the way to create certain malevolent items, the true names of a number of dark and ancient entities and details of several cursed locales.

The first draft of "Twilight" was inked in human blood and written on vellum flensed from angels

The Tome contains the following spells;

Animate Dead, Call the Heart*, Chain Enervation*, Conjure Barlgura**, Conjure Hezrou**, Conjure Lesser Daemon**, Conjure Shadow Daemon**, Conjure Vrock**, Create Undead, Dark Empowerment*, Gate, Imprisonment, Spiritwrack, Torment, Vampiric Touch, Wither Limb

* Book of Lost Spells
** Unearthed Arcana - That Old Black Magic

The book also details six powerful daemons, the rituals needed to summon them, which all include blood sacrifices, the sacrifice of magic and often the formation of foul pacts.

The locations of ten cursed sites on Arbel are detailed, along with the rituals needed to draw on their power and warnings of the effects of doing so.

The book contains information on how to create the following vile items;

Devil's Blood (Very Rare consumable) Coated on a weapon, this loathsome oil causes it to inflict +7 (2d6) bane poison damage to targets with the next thirteen strikes. In addition, the target must make a D.C. 15 Constitution saving throw, or be Weakened for 1 minute (Disadvantage on all strength based ability and skill checks and attack rolls. Half damage with all Strength based attacks)*

Heaven's Thorn (Rare Consumable) As a standard action the bearer can use the Thorn to make a Strength or Dexterity based attack roll against a single angel. If the Thorn hits, it shatters and the target must make a D.C. 18 Intelligence check, failure indicating that it is stunned for 1d4 rounds (it may save at the end of each of its turns to end the effect early, though does so with Disadvantage)*.

Harrowheart Rapier (Uncommon Weapon, Requires Attunement by an evil individual): This barbed rapier grants the wielder a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and when scoring a critical hit against a good hearted individual or heavenly being, rolls triple the normal dice instead of double*.

Cadaveric Sweet Meats (Uncommon Consumable): Made from the flesh of sentient beings, it takes an action to consume a portion. None evil individuals must make a D.C. 20 Sanity saving throw or become Poisoned, Unhinged and Debilitated for 1 hour. They gain no benefits from this food in any case. Evil Characters gain 10 temporary hit points for 1 hour, and have advantage on all Constitution saving throws for the duration. If they are slain whilst under the effects of this meal, they have a 2% chance per level (or 2%x their CR) chance of rising as a ghoul at dusk that day.

* These are items from the 3.0 Book of Vile Darkness, converted to 5e.

The book also talks about a vile Great Scimitar called "Abiding Hatred" that can devour souls and conjure them as spectres under the wielder's command, though it has no mention of where it may be.

USING THE BOOK: Obtaining a single piece of information from the book requires 3d10 hours study. At the end of this time, the reader must make a D.C. 20 Sanity saving throw, failure indicating that they suffer a temporary madness. If they have failed a save before from the Tome, their Sanity score is permanently lowered by 1 and they suffer an Intermediate madness. A third failed save lowers the readers Sanity permanently by another 3 points, and inflicts them with a permanent madness from the DMG, as well as the following madness...

Tyrannic: You seek to bend all others to your will by subtlety or force, and care only for yourself. All others are nought but tools or obstacles, to be used or removed as needed. You have no empathy, no love and are never content with what you have. Only the strong survive, and in this universe, there is only one strong individual - you.

This madness cannot be cured without the direct intervention of a holy deity or their direct agents.

Finally, the one carrying this book has a +1 bonus to their AC and saving throws against the attacks of angels and other holy spirits, and is under the effects of a permanent Protection from Good.