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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

70C-70c - Duodrone Fixer (Medium Construct - CR 4)

Ormid and the gang came very, very close to a TPK last night, whilst tangling with the minions guarding the entrance to a legendary Lich's lair. I knew things were due to get tough, but man, they went horribly wrong. Fortunately, my NPC (Mother Yvara, chosen of Namaea'Isaala) had a single 7th level spell slot, and the Plane Shift spell prepared, and was able to get the them out of there before Azrael found them all.

And so, the group have been forced to rethink their approach to tackling the Lich, realising that such an ancient being is not going to simply let them walk in and destroy it.

To this end, they are looking at somehow forming an arcane trap, and using the Lich's true name to draw him in and capture him. To do this, they need to seek out an Aeon Stone - a fragment of the Crystal Barrier that separated the settled lands from the primal, wild magics of the Luminous Wastes in the 1st Age; shards imbued with unearthly power far beyond that wielded by even the most potent mages (actually a "corrupted" Aeon Stone).

More than aware of the power and value of such stones, the group have decided to visit the Crystal Villa again to see if 70C-70c (previously Toc-Toc) knows where one can be found....which brings us to....

Cute or horrifying? You decide.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Kazrith - Medium Fiend (CR 8)

In Monster Manual II (4th Edition), there hides a little fella' in the demon entry, that suffers from having some of the least inspiring artwork in the world....the Kazrith. It looks, on that page, like the pokemon Muk, had a baby with sadness and abandoned it next to the cooler looking demon with whom it shrugs.

Image from:
Actually, Muks can be pretty badass come to think of it

Anyway, in the PUG there is an order of Juiblex worshipers called "The Unseen", and in preparation for any kinds of conflict that may, or may not occur, I've been statting up some oozy enemies. The Kazrith seemed like a good fit in two ways - oozy (check) demon (check). And so, I have converted it, and made it a No, not that, but, you know, kickass. 

Image From:
...Mmmmmm seeexy...amirite?
Anyway, here it is. Enjoy. It also destroys weapons and armour and stuff now, so, you know....have fun!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Item Damage in 5th Edition?

llorendyr leapt back from the foul thing, his blade hissing where its slime still coated it.
'By the old ones! It's eating the blade!'
And it was, the fine aelwyn steel becoming dull and tarnished as the daemon's ooze fed upon the metal and magic it held...”

- From “Terror in the Foxfires” by Aaron Verit

Image from

I cut my teeth with AD&D 1st Edition, and learned the DM's craft in a system where your items were not safe by any means. This carried on until 4e, when items pretty much got script immunity, even against such horrors as rust monsters and green slime.

In 5e, there are monsters that will eat your items, and I am sure, hazards and traps out there that can smash, dissolve or otherwise trash your gear. However, there is no unified system for determining if an item gets destroyed, and this irritates me a little.

So, here is my house rule for dealing with situations where an item may, or may not, get destroyed.

When an item is exposed to an attack or situation where it may become damaged or destroyed, it makes a saving throw in the same way a player does. As in previous editions, if it is being held or worn by a character, it uses their saving throw bonus. However, if this is not the case, it adds a bonus that depends on what enchantment level it carries*. 

Rarity Save Bonus
Common +0
Uncommon +1
Rare +2
Very Rare +4
Legendary +6

What happens on a failed save depends on the situation. An item may be temporarily useless, or malfunction until it is repaired somehow, or it may become less useful – maybe accumulating some penalty or similar. In some situations however, a failed save may mean the end of the item !

* One of my players has pointed out that sometimes an unattended item may end up being more able  to save than one being held. I would be willing to allow an item to use the better of the two modifiers, especially if it meant the player's Vorpal blade may be about to get destroyed. Of course, this is up to you!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Potion of Adaptive Resistance - Rare Potion

Potion of Adaptive Resistance (Rare Potion): When consumed, these potions remain active for 1 hour. The first time the consumer is hit by an attack that would inflict Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Thunder or Radiant damage, they gain Resistance to that damage type until the potion expires. Once a resistance has been granted, that potion cannot grant resistance to another damage type.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

New Elf (Aelwyn) Sub-Race - Glwyrr'Syth Aelwyn (Shadow Elf)

Actually, they are not "new" at all. The Shadow Elves were the stars of a Basic D&D module waaaay back when race was the same as character class, and all maps used wiggly lines to represent curtains. My lads have recently been playing Shadows over Mystara and have been suffering the predations of the Shadow Elves, and I remember writing a bit many years ago about how they existed in some super deep realms of my world.

Clothing optional apparently....
So, what follows is the sub-race description for turning your elf PC into a Shadow Elf (or Glwyrr'Syth in my world)

*    *    *


Ability Score Increase: +1 Intelligence

Superior Darkvision: You can see perfectly in total darkness and shadowy conditions, up to 120'.

Born of the Deep Fires: The Glwyrr'Syth tend to live near areas of volcanic activity, and have an innate Resistance to Fire

Born to the Shadows: Glwyrr'Syth are naturally stealthy. They are automatically proficient with the Stealth skill, and may add twice their proficiency bonus to Stealth checks.

Cavern Born: Glwyrr'Syth cannot become lost in natural cavern complexes or similar areas, and always know which way is North.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Deep Flame - Uncommon Wondrous Item (Material)

Deep Flame (Uncommon Wondrous Item) In truth this is a naturally occuring crystal, found in regions of the world that stand close to active gates to Fey dimensions. In light, it appears to be a glassy, cuboid or prismatic crystal of deep blue or black colour. Light plays over its surface with a strange labradorescence, and its shadow is oddly morphic, having no real relationship to the shape of the piece casting it.

In darkness, how the crystal appears depends on the one seeing it. Creatures without dark vision see nothing but the darkness. However, those with darkvision see that the crystal emanates bright light, the radius of this being a product of its size.

As a general rule, for every 1 inch diameter of crystal present, it emits bright light in a 2ft radius, and dim light for 1ft beyond.

This crystal is highly prized by many subterranean races for illuminating areas – usually for cosmetic effects, though others make use of them as signals, boundary markers, and in combination with certain other spells and effects, defensive items. 


Saturday, 4 June 2016

Harsh Weapon - Uncommon Weapon (Requires Attunement)

Harsh Weapon (Uncommon Weapon; Requires Attunement): It is unclear who made these items or when. They are occasionally seen in the hands of adventurer's who like to live dangerously, or being used by unfortunates in pit fights they are not intended to win. They are fairly common in the markets of the Crystal Villa, and it is rumoured a large number began to appear in the hands of some Alliance soldiers during the Aelwyn wars.

Any kind of weapon can be a Harsh Weapon. All appear largely unremarkable, apart from having an objectively significant crack or split in them. However, when attuned to their wielder they bestow the following benefit and curse;

  • When the wielder hits a target with the weapon, it rolls twice its base damage dice, the additional damage being bane damage.

  • When the wielder misses a target with the weapon, they suffer 5 (1d10) bane damage.

Whenever the weapon hits a target, strange light flares from the crack or split and jags out towards them. When it misses a target, the light flashes back at the wielder with a snarling crackle of power.

Sometimes broken is...good? bad? errr....