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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Brain in a Jar - CR 4 (Tiny Undead)

It's heading towards Halloween, and that means spooooookiness and ghosty things. I've decided to focus over the next month therefore on more horrific material, including I hope, 5e conversions of a bunch of old undead, as well as a few new ones of my own devising. To kick things off, here is a beauty from Libris Mortis, a trope of both horror and sci-fi - a disembodied brain in a jar of strange fluids, that can strike at foes with its uncanny powers.

I'm a huge Lovecraft fan, so automatically find myself thinking about the poor souls in the brain cylinders in The Whisperer in Darkness, though I could also see these things being the failed attempts of an artificer or alchemist to achieve a form of immortality, a victim of an illithid attack that has somehow survived and been forced into their strange existence (likely on the look out for a new body), or even an unconventional phylactery for a defeated Lich, that has not been able to form a new body. 

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