Using My Monsters

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Lantern Weapon (Rare Weapon - Requires Attunement)

Lantern Weapon (Rare Weapon; Requires Attunement): Any type of weapon can bear this enchantment which forces those struck by it to make a D.C. 15 Dexterity saving throw or be wreathed in Faerie Fire for 1 minute (though they may repeat the saving throw at the end of each of their turns to end the effect early).

Monday, 21 November 2016

Umpleby - CR 4 (Large Monstrosity)

The 1st Edition Fiend Folio was infamous for the number of truly bizarre monsters it contained; products of British minds set free (we are not right). Amongst the curious menagerie was a strange, simple minded monster that simply followed adventurer's unlucky enough to encounter them; making a noise, accidentally blundering into ambushes, and generally causing chaos.

It was a weird "Bigfoot and the Hendersons" type thing; all hair and static, that charged up in its sleep.

That monster was the Umpleby.

"I just want a hug...but they all keep dying :("

So, here it is for 5e. I've done away with the sleep charging thing, to keep it simple, but have otherwise done my best to keep to the original version and its 2nd Edition incarnation.

Hope you like it!!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Abishai - Medium Fiend (CR 4-17)

Okay, so this is a big one, but I think, one a lot of you will enjoy. Abishai, in the core game, are devils from the first level of Hell, the domain of Tiamat. They are gargoylish things that come in five varieties - each corresponding to one type of chromatic dragon. And, like their reptilian counterparts, Abishai are of different strengths and have attacks that inflict elemental damage.

"Yeaaaaah! Second Edition Roooolz! I am Baatezu now!"

 I first saw these things in the 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual II, when they were one of many new devils and demons brought into the game. I used them a lot, enjoying their ability to summon more of their kind, and to turn a seemingly easy battle into something more horrific.

"He said I should 'get ahead'....geddit? A. Head? Yeah? No? Screw you guys"

Anyway, I was surprised when Volo's Guide to Monsters didn't contain these monsters, and decided to go and stat all five up. They are quite tough - and yes, the Blue and Red Abishai in particular are potent enemies for higher level groups to face. I hope you like!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Myrlochar and Elder Myrlochar - Medium and Large Fiend (CR 2 and 7)

The 2nd Edition AD&D book, Drow of the Underdark was a godsend to a 17-year-old me, who was drunk on tales of a certain purple eyed Drow, was running numerous games that delved in the Underdark (based on the 2nd Edition Dungeoneers Survival Guide and the additional odds and ends out of the Bloodstone adventures), and who tried to squeeze the drow into every damn adventure he wrote. It cast a dismal glow over the secret world of the drow, and it became one of my favourite books.

"Soon Guen, an army of Chaotic Good misunderstood Drow will enter this world, and our kind will be hated for a new reason. Now, let's dance!"

Since then my game world, like me, has grown up a lot. The Drow became the Dwaer'Syth, and certain historical events were created to explain why, in the later games I ran, few if any worshiped Lolth, and why some had ties to - if not the trust of - some surface organisations and even realms.

However, at present, the PUG is set almost 5000 years before those games, back in a time when the first rebellious rumblings of uprising are only just starting to show amongst the Dwaer, and Lolth still pretty much runs things. This has given me a chance to dance down long forgotten paths (though they are currently allied to a breakaway settlements where Lolth is not worshiped, and are helping to uncover agents of the Loth'Vari; traditionalist Dwaer who want to overthrow the "rebels" and install the rule of their dark Goddess and her minions), and in the course of this, I am getting to convert a ton of old stuff to the newest edition.

The +4 Leotard of Protection; sexy and shielding...or something...

Myrlochar first (to my knowledge any way) appeared in the original Drow of the Underdark, and were spider shaped fiends that could be summoned easily by the servants of Lolth, to serve as guardians, soldiers or to oversee certain rites and rituals. They were also found in the 3.0 Monsters of Faerun, where they lost some of their nastier abilities.

So, it's an undead looking spider daemon...that's know what? I quit. Seeya

I have done two versions. The lower CR version is based on the 3.0 one. The Elder Myrlochar is based on the 2nd Edition version. Both are going to be seeing use in my games very, very soon.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Shemhazian - Gargantuan Fiend (CR 20)

Don't be fooled by its vaguely puppy dog like face, the Shemhazian, a daemon from the Pathfinder game is a certified abyssal badass that will seriously ruin your day if you are not careful. A vast, highly perceptive daemon, it is often used as a guardian by abyssal lords and is prized for it formidable powers and might.

Who's a good boy then? Whooooo's a good boy? You is! You is!
There are rituals that can summon and bind these daemons, and their names are prized secrets amongst many orders of magi. A Shemhazian is said to guard each entrance into the House of Presences in ancient Pentas Demonica, the City of Stained Stones, presenting a deadly threat to those that would seek to plunder its evil secrets, and there are stories of these creatures wandering the world post Sundering, seeking every being that currently, or who may one day, know their true names.