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Friday, 24 February 2017

Swordwing Cogivore - Medium Humanoid (CR 11)

"Whilst the armoured fighters of their kind held us at bay, slashing and ripping into us with savage and precise effect, the slightly smaller ones darted here are there, dodging out of the way of our archer's fire, and unleashing unseen bursts of crushing psychic power. What had started as an ambush, quickly dissolved in abject chaos, and then a rout, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was part of that mindless, panicked retreat."

- From battle report of Undurgoin Khozzakar, Daelndorin Warlord. 

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The Swordwings come in a number of varieties, apparently evolved to fulfill different roles in either day to day life, or in defense of their hives. The cogivore is somewhat smaller than their warrior kin, and over all is substantially less of a threat. However, they wield potent psionic abilities, and can easily destroy an enemy physically and psychically, although their role tends to be to hang back and to snipe at enemies whilst their more physically potent brethren tear into them. 

The Illithids of Arbel'Verdnaniss have tried several times to control these things, in order to use them as watchdogs or even the hosts for their foul larvae.However, these have always ended in disaster, as the beasts are immune to any kind of magical or psionic control, and their distress was somehow sensed by the rest of the hive, who sent soldiers to rescue their lost brethren.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Swordwing - Medium Humanoid (CR 18)

"I grow increasingly irritated with my peers and their short sighted unwillingness to consider the evidence. Contrary to prosaic ideas, there is plenty to suggest that the Settari, Daemonori and Ael'Shar were not the first races, and that they may, in truth, have been either travelers to this universe, or creations of the true progenitor races. 

"I have not only found impossibly ancient fragments suggestive of a truly ancient race (or races), but have also encountered contemporary species that seem to echo the form and mindset of those pieces. For example, the "Swordwings" of the deepest umbra; a race as alien and strange as any, which are clearly of this world, and yet, not so. I believe that they are the product of one of these true ancient races - soldiers or guardians perhaps - that have endured and thrive, unknown to most, in the deepest and most hostile regions of our world."

- From the personal Journal of Eskarr Rhammoth, Adventuring Mage

"Overgrown bloody bugs were after me' axe. So, I gave it to 'em."

- Brundor Trullslayer; Vengeful Cleaving Axe of Thorduin

"Hello? Is this thing turned on? This is then worst smart phone I have ever used."
Swordwings first  appeared, to my knowledge, in 4th Editions' Monster Manual. They were aberrant humanoids from the deepest reaches of the Underdark, that looked like Scyther on crack, and had some nasty powers to punish the more mobile 4e classes. To be honest, I never really got past their pokemonish looks, and so, never really thought about using them. 

However, my campaigns are writhing, tentacled things, that often burrow and reach into spaces I had never envisioned (And - DM Hint - this is both ok and cool), and suddenly I am aware that these guys (for I am dreaming up a number of variants, including the deadly Cogivore and monstrous Executioners) could be very useful....veeeery useful.....

Anyway, in my worlds they are largely unknown, for they occupy places so deep and forbidding that they make the lightless delves of the dwaer'syth, dwaerdorin, suben'duun and dismordiir seem airy and close to the surface in comparison. They may (or may not) be a creation of the true progenitor races (assuming they existed), and may, or may not be waiting for something to "come right" before they fly forth and make their presence known. 

This particular beastie is designed to be more than a little "tanky"; High AC, lots of hit points, and a butt load of ways to prevent enemies from getting away from its withering and accurate attacks. Throw a couple at your players whilst squishier, ranged monsters do their thing, and watch the carnage unfold. 


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Vial of Shared Fates - Very Rare Wondrous item (Requires Attunement)

Vial of Shared Fates (Very Rare Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement by up to three living creatures): This item resembles a finely crafted crystalline vial, which is stoppered at both ends with graven seals of bloodstone, transientum and Vitalwood. 

From one end protrudes a fine needle, which easily enters the flesh of any creature applying even the slightest amount of pressure. If an attuned individual does this, magic draws a single drop of blood from them, which is suspended within the vial. If only one creature does this, then the item has no effect, for it needs at least two creatures to add their blood, in order for it to function.

When more than one creature adds a drop of their blood, their life force (in the form of hit points) become combined, meaning that instead of having their own separate hit points, they add their totals together, and any damage they suffer comes from that shared pool of hit points. This means that should the pool be depleted, all connected creatures are rendered unconscious, and begin to die.

Healing works in the same way, restoring lost hit points to the pool.

Whenever any hit points are lost from the pool, all connected individuals feel it as pain. They may, as a bonus action, attempt a D.C. 10 Wisdom ability check to see if they can determine who has been wounded.

Temporary hit points still only benefit the one gaining them.

There are some limitations. If any creature is separated from the vial by more than 100 miles, the link is broken. Similarly, if a creature is on a different plane to the vial, the link is lost. No more than three creatures can be linked to the vial, and if any are exposed to any effects that can cause instant death, all linked individuals are similarly exposed to it.

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"Billy Bob? That vial o' yer blood ye giv me', be glowin' all spooky like agin!"

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Black Blade of Disaster - Level 9 Conjuration

I've been converting some high level spells from the 3.0 Magic of Faerun book, and thought I would share some of the results. Here is the first; a potent spell that conjures a mobile dimensional rift, which is under the casters control, and which can be used as a weapon with terrible disintegration powers.

It's tough, but it's also a 9th level spell.

Have fun!

*   *   *

Black Blade of Disaster
9th level Conjuration

Artificer, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 60ft
Components: V,S
Saving Throw: No
Duration: 1 Minute (Concentration)

You Conjure a planar rift shaped like a slender blade, and may use it to make devastating attacks. Using a move, you may command the blade to fly up to 30ft, and may use a bonus action to make it attack a target.

The sword gains a +4 bonus to attack rolls (use your spell attack modifier) and on a hit inflicts 2d12+4 bane force damage. It scores a critical hit (which ignores all Fortification) on a natural 18, 19 or 20, and on such a hit inflicts an additional 10d6+40 bane force damage. Creatures slain by the blade, and objects destroyed by it are turned to ash as if disintegrated. The blade ignores any damage thresholds, and can only be destroyed by casting a Gate spell upon it, or a successful Dispel Magic. Exposure to a Sphere of Annihilation also destroys the blade.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Quell - Medium Undead (CR 3)

Ormid and the gang are currently fighting for their lives against an ancient Lich (and former player character). One of this bastards legendary powers allows him to summon a number of undead, and in the next game, I suspect that a Quell - an undead originally found in the 3rd Edition Libris Mortis - will soon by getting called in order to deal with a cleric of Namaea'Isaala who is causing the Lich some headaches.

"Ok, ok, so can we please decide which of these I shall be known as, as I am sick of being known as the undead formerly known as Quell"

Quell appear as shimmering, floating humanoids, surrounded by swirling symbols which speak of blasphemy and disgust for the Gods. Though physically little threat, their true power comes from their ability to temporarily cut a deist off from the source of their power.

In my games, it is unclear where the first Quell came from. Some suppose they were forged during the Primal Wars, or that they arose from a great apostate or heretic of some ancient power. What is known is that they are rare, and are a menace to be wiped out at once - or bound and made use of.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Pile of Converted Items!

Hey, hey! So sorry for the lack of recent updates. As said before, we have a new baby and I work a full time job, so life is hectic to put it mildly.

Anyway, I have been converting some 4th Edition Magical Items from the Adventurer's Vault to 5th Edition, and thought I would share them.

Hope you enjoy!

*    *    *

Bracers of Bold Manoeuvring (Uncommon Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement): As a bonus action you can activate these bracers, which grant you a measure of protection against Opportunity Attacks. Once activated, such attacks suffer Disadvantage on the attack roll. This effect remains active for 3 rounds. Once used, this power cannot be used again until you have a short or long rest.

Bracers of Iron Arcana (Uncommon Wondrous item; Requires Attunement by a spell caster): As a bonus action you can activate these bracers, which, until the end of your next turn grant you a bonus to your AC equal to your spell casting attribute modifier. Once you have used this power 3 times, you must complete a long rest before you can use it again.

Cat Paws (Common Wondrous item; Requires Attunement) Once per long rest you can, as a bonus action, climb at your normal speed.

Gauntlets of Blinding Strikes (Uncommon Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) Once per long rest you can activate these gauntlets as a bonus action, and immediately make two melee attacks, though both suffer disadvantage on their attack rolls. If both attacks hit the same target, you have advantage on your next attack roll against them before the end of your next turn.

Gloves of the Beneficent Healer (Very Rare Wondrous item; Requires Attunement) Once per short or long rest, you may, as an action, expend as many of your hit dice as you wish, and use them to heal an adjacent creature you can touch instead of healing yourself. Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +1 bonus to AC after doing this.

Abyssal Adornment (Rare Wondrous item; Requires Attunement) This bauble grants you a +1 bonus when saving against the attacks and effects of fiends, and allows you, once per long rest as a reaction when you suffer acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder damage, to gain resistance to that energy type (halving the triggering attack’s damage). This resistance remains active for 1 minute.

Cloak of Distortion (Rare Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) Ranged attacks from 25ft away or further suffer disadvantage on their attack rolls against you whilst you wear this cloak. 

Cloak of the Phoenix (Legendary Wondrous item; Requires Attunement) Once per day when you are reduced to 0 hit points whilst wearing this cloak, you vanish, and all enemies within 15ft of you suffer 17 (5d6) fire and 17 (5d6) radiant damage (D.C. 17 Dexterity save halves this damage). On your turn the next round, you reappear in the same place you vanished from (or the nearest empty spot if this is occupied), on full hit points and with all conditions removed. If you had any hit dice left when the cloak’s power was activated, they are removed as if spent.

Tattered Cloak (Uncommon Wondrous item; Requires Attunement): This cloak grants you Advantage on any Stealth check, or Charisma skill check made to appear as a commoner, pauper or transient. Furthermore, once per long rest as a bonus action, you can activate its magic to force all enemies within 25ft of you make a D.C. 14 Wisdom saving throw, failure indicating that they will not see you as a threat. This is a charm effect, and at the end of each of their rounds, they may repeat the saving throw to end it. If you attack a creature affected by this power, they may immediately repeat the saving throw with advantage.

Vengeance Sash (Uncommon Wondrous Item): Once per long rest, when you are reduced to 0 hit points, you may, before you fall unconscious, make a single attack, or cast a single cantrip at the enemy that has just wounded you.

Rogues Belt (Uncommon Wondrous item; Requires Attunement): Whilst attuned to this belt you can make a check to escape being grabbed, swallowed, restrained or any similar effect as a bonus action.

Pouch of Frozen Passage (Rare Wondrous Item): Once per long rest, as an action, you may sprinkle some of the algid crystals from within this pack into any fluid, causing it to immediately freeze solid out to a 100ft radius. Creatures at the surface of the fluid must make a D.C. 16 Dexterity (Athletics) or Strength (Athletics) check to escape begin Restrained by the freezing fluid (and may repeat these checks as an action on their turns if caught). The surface formed is thick enough to support up to 10,000 lbs of weight, and lasts for 4 hours unless somehow thawed. This pouch works on any fluid, even dangerous fluids like lava or acid.

Zealot’s Armour (Rare Armour [any]; Requires Attunement by an individual proficient with that type of armour): When an undead hits you whilst you are wearing and attuned to this +1 armour, they suffer Radiant damage equal to your proficiency bonus.

Veteran’s Armour (Very Rare Armour [any]; Requires Attunement): When you spend a Hero Point whilst wearing this armour, you may add an additional +2 to the result. Furthermore, once per day, you may spend a Hero Point to recharge one ability of another item as if you had been through a long rest with it.

Warsheath Plate (Rare Armour [Plate Armour]; Requires Attunement): Once per long rest, as a bonus action, you force all enemies within 20ft to make a D.C. 15 Dexterity or Strength saving throw (their choice), failure indicating they are pulled adjacent to you.

Stoneborn Armour (Uncommon Armour [Any Heavy Armour]; Requires Attunement); Once per long rest you may activate this armour’s power as a bonus action, gaining Temporary Hit Points equal to 10 + Your Constitution Modifier. If you spend one of your Hit Dice when activating this power, the amount of temporary hit points granted increases to 20 + Your Constitution Modifier.

Soulwarding Armour (Very Rare Armour [Any]; Requires Attunement): Whilst wearing and attuned to this +1 armour, you gain Resistance to Necrotic damage, and effects that deal Necrotic damage cannot reduce your maximum hit points.

Armour of Durability (Uncommon Armour [Any]; Requires Attunement): When you spend a hit dice whilst wearing and attuned to this armour, you gain twice your constitution modifier to each dice rolled instead.

Armour of Starlight (Very Rare Armour [Any]; Requires Attunement): This armour grants you +1 AC when worn, and once per long or short rest, when an enemy hits you, you can, as a reaction blind them. They may attempt a D.C. 16 Constitution saving throw at the end of each of their turns to end this effect.

Crystal Armour (Very Rare Armour [Any]; Requires Attunement): This +2 armour activates when you are at 50% or less of your total hit points, granting you advantage on all Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma saving throws.

Gem of Colloquy (Uncommon Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) This gem floats around the user’s head, and grants them a +1 bonus to all Deception and Diplomacy checks and the ability to speak and understand one language (chosen at the time the gem is created).

Cynic’s Goggles (Uncommon Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) Whilst attuned to and wearing these goggles, the wearer has advantage on all saving throws and checks to recognise Illusions.

Force Shield (Uncommon Shield; Requires Attunement) At the start of a battle, the bearer gains a +2 bonus to AC and Dexterity saving throws. This bonus remains until they are damaged by an attack that targets either AC, or requires a Dexterity saving throw.