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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Swordwing - Medium Humanoid (CR 18)

"I grow increasingly irritated with my peers and their short sighted unwillingness to consider the evidence. Contrary to prosaic ideas, there is plenty to suggest that the Settari, Daemonori and Ael'Shar were not the first races, and that they may, in truth, have been either travelers to this universe, or creations of the true progenitor races. 

"I have not only found impossibly ancient fragments suggestive of a truly ancient race (or races), but have also encountered contemporary species that seem to echo the form and mindset of those pieces. For example, the "Swordwings" of the deepest umbra; a race as alien and strange as any, which are clearly of this world, and yet, not so. I believe that they are the product of one of these true ancient races - soldiers or guardians perhaps - that have endured and thrive, unknown to most, in the deepest and most hostile regions of our world."

- From the personal Journal of Eskarr Rhammoth, Adventuring Mage

"Overgrown bloody bugs were after me' axe. So, I gave it to 'em."

- Brundor Trullslayer; Vengeful Cleaving Axe of Thorduin

"Hello? Is this thing turned on? This is then worst smart phone I have ever used."
Swordwings first  appeared, to my knowledge, in 4th Editions' Monster Manual. They were aberrant humanoids from the deepest reaches of the Underdark, that looked like Scyther on crack, and had some nasty powers to punish the more mobile 4e classes. To be honest, I never really got past their pokemonish looks, and so, never really thought about using them. 

However, my campaigns are writhing, tentacled things, that often burrow and reach into spaces I had never envisioned (And - DM Hint - this is both ok and cool), and suddenly I am aware that these guys (for I am dreaming up a number of variants, including the deadly Cogivore and monstrous Executioners) could be very useful....veeeery useful.....

Anyway, in my worlds they are largely unknown, for they occupy places so deep and forbidding that they make the lightless delves of the dwaer'syth, dwaerdorin, suben'duun and dismordiir seem airy and close to the surface in comparison. They may (or may not) be a creation of the true progenitor races (assuming they existed), and may, or may not be waiting for something to "come right" before they fly forth and make their presence known. 

This particular beastie is designed to be more than a little "tanky"; High AC, lots of hit points, and a butt load of ways to prevent enemies from getting away from its withering and accurate attacks. Throw a couple at your players whilst squishier, ranged monsters do their thing, and watch the carnage unfold. 



  1. That thing is vicious! ....well, time to make 8 attacks a turn.......... here I come party, keep your disengage ready

  2. Haha! Glad you like it. More on the way!


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