Using My Monsters

Using My (4e) Monsters...

Two things to bear in mind (with all my monsters)

1) The defences assume you use the Escalation Die rules from 13th Age. If you don't, I would drop them by 3

2) I use Chris Perkin's damage expressions (base average damage value of Monsters Level +8), so my beasties do quite a bit of damage. You will sometimes see monsters (brutes mostly) that have poorer attack mods, but that inflict a lot more damage. You have been warned! My minions also deal quite hefty damage (starting at 9 points per hit for a 1st level minion and increasing by +1 at every odd numered level thereafter, so a 25th level Minion is hitting for 21 damage, 42 on a crit)

3) You need to add half the monster's level to the ability mods to get the total score. So, Gustor's Strength mod is +23.

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